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    EverNote : Notes Taking Application

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    I’ve always found myself looking for a handy app that would help me store the random ideas or information that keeps flowing in. More so, since the time I started blogging. Evernote delivers a perfect solution and I am more than pleased by its features.

    evernote1 520x317 EverNote : Notes Taking Application


    The tagline “Remember Everything” says it all. So often it happens that an idea flows into our mind and we jot it down on the nearest scratchpad we can lay our hands upon. And you are never able to lay your hands upon that piece of paper. Specially when you think you most needed it.

    Evernote is a free service that lets you save everything you like or see. From text and pictures to bookmarks. And you don’t have to be sitting opposite your computer every time you need to make a note. Evernote is available to access from your phone as well as online from any public computer. Best part is that all your info is synced to one account.

    What does it do?

    You can jot down a piece of text or clip a web page. Paste a photograph or even take a snapshot of your screen. Best part is all your entries are automatically indexed and available for search. You can add tags for easy referencing in the future.

    What could I use it for?

    Been to a mall? Like something but don’t wish to make the purchase immediately? Click a snap and ask your friends or do a market research later. Use it so save your meeting notes. Click a photo of the text your boss scribbled on the whiteboard. And have it handy the next time he asks you about it.

    captureeverything art global EverNote : Notes Taking ApplicationThe uses are countless. You could even save notes right off Twitter.

    Still not convinced?

    Evernote has image recognition for your pictures. Be it receipts, bills, address card, notices, printed or handwritten text. Evernote indexes everything and makes it available for search. This saves me from so much of manual entry. Just shoot with my iPhone and done.

    What devices are supported?

    evernote devices EverNote : Notes Taking Application

    evernote devices1 EverNote : Notes Taking Application

    Well Evernote already has a wide array of platforms available for you. From Windows to your Mac computer. Popular phones included as well.

    How do you get started?

    • Create an Evernote account here
    • Download the app for your devices here
    • Associate the devices to the account you created and you’re ready to go.

    The free version of the service allows you upto 40MB of fresh monthly uploads. Personally I use a maximum of 25 MB per month. So, I think most of us are good with that.

    Personally, I would advise all my fellow bloggers as well as the other readers to go and give this application a try in case you already haven’t. Bloggers would greatly benefit from this. Keep storing all your ideas and as soon as you have enough you could use it to create a post.

    Do check it out and let us know how you like it. I shall cover more ways to utilize Evernote in my forthcoming posts, if we have enough listeners on this one.

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    The thought of taking note is great especially for bloggers. I find that we must find ideas anytime, some great ideas come to us accidentally and keeping them is an essential task. These ideas will then be used to write new posts or brainstorm for some awesome resource lists. Follow this way, we don’t afraid that there’s nothing in our minds to blog.



    Userful post and I love the idea of making notes because it really helps.


    Rajat Kumar

    the best part people is the archiving and indexing feature. you take a pic with your phone and you can search for readable text in it.


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