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Engagio Addon: Bring Social Conversation to Gmail inbox

Engagio Addon: Bring Social Conversation to Gmail inbox

Being a Blogger, Social media presence is very important. There are many Social media monitoring tools but the downside is, you need to open a new account and use their dashboard to track the social conversation. Here I’m sharing about one useful service for all Internet marketer and Social media users to bring all the Social media conversations related to their Social account in Gmail. Though, it’s an independent service but yesterday, they( launched a Chrome extension which will integrate their service right inside Gmail. So lets, get close to another useful Web service for Bloggers and Social media users. If you are new to Social media, I suggest you to read:

What is Engagio?

Engagio is a free Web service which gives you an interface to monitor all of yours Social media account and Social conversation happening. For example, I have Twitter account, Facebook fan pages (6 of them), DISQUS, Foursquare and  many other Social networking account which I’m using. Though, I keep getting notification for the same on my Email, but tracking all of them at one time and replying directly via Email is not possible until I came across Engagio.

How good it would be, if you can reply to Twitter messages directly from Email or if you are running a Facebook fan page, you can reply to conversation directly from one place, and that’s what Engagio does. At the time of writing, they support following Social networks:

Recently they have added a new feature which will let you follow any friend on Social site and keep track of their conversation. As a blogger, you can use it for your own benefit by keeping an eye on the top player in your niche, and see how they are using Social media sites for promotion and for interaction. You can see one such example on my profile here.

Use Gmail as Social conversation Inbox:

Yesterday, Engagio rolled out a Chrome addon which adds their Social conversations tab in your Gmail inbox and you can track all social accounts and reply directly from Inbox. To increase your productivity, this addon is very useful. Specially, if you have been missing out to keep the conversation going on your Twitter and Fb fan pages, this addon is going to be very useful. Here is a screenshot of how it looks:

Engagio Social Conversation

Using this addon is easy and all you need to do is install Engagio extension from Chrome store and create an account at Engagio. If you already have their login, you can use existing login to access your Engagio account from Gmail.

For the first time user, you need to go to their account dashboard and connect all your Social networking sites. One it’s done, you will start getting updates directly inside your Gmail account under Engagio tab

Compose Social update from Gmail Inbox

Another useful feature of this service is, you can compose tweet from Gmail inbox or you can also update your Fb pages or any other connected account directly from Gmail. This will make sure, you not only engaging with your follower but you are also updating your social media profiles. I also suggest to look into Buffer for keeping your social account active and updated.

Here is a quick video review of by Mike Stenger, which will give you detailed overview of this free Web Service:

One of the biggest mistake people do in Social media is, they just start a conversation and they leave. Using this addon, and brining all social conversation inside your Inbox, will make sure none of comments will go unnoticed and unreplied.

If you are a power Social media user and using Gmail account, this addon is going to be very productive and if you are not using Gmail, you can directly use Engagio service on their site.

Have you used their service (It’s free) or any other similar services, which helps us to bring all Social media conversations into our inbox?

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  • Harleena Singh

    Sounds interesting Harsh!

    I guess if you can really find everything under one roof where handling your social media is concerned that’s a huge time saver! I need to check this out and get started :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • david

    Hi Harsh, – I didn’t know about the usefulness of engagio until I read your post. having the chrome extension would be very valuable for someone who wants to monitor all of that social communication. Thanks Harsh!

  • Amit Shaw

    Thanks Harsh for sharing this addon.
    Replying directly via Email its really sounds cool. All work from on interface :)
    Would love to give it a try.


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