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    Encrypting your files with Password Protection using Winrar 128bit

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    Encrypting your files with Password Protection using Winrar 128bit

    Today, virus vulnerabilities is a headache for the administrators and executives. Specially when a virus infected system start deleting your personal data. Symantec found some of these threats deleting your personal data. Threats are listed below:

    • W97M.Verlor (1999)
    • VBS.Krim.C (2002)

    There only purpose was to infect the .doc files, and Symantec finally got the resolution for these threats. But there are still many threats around us, which are infecting the systems, even today. Well an old fact says, Prevention is better than cure. There are many methods you can follow, for example you can take a backup of your files and folder on separate hard-disk, you can keep your files on cloud and so on. One common problem with keeping files without any encryption is, they can be infected with virus, and if you don’t password protect your files, they could be mis-used. So here I’m giving you a simple tip to protect your files and folder with Winrar 64-128bit Encryption system. You may follow the steps mentioned below.

    How to Encrypt your files using Winrar:


    1. Get Winrar application from Rarlabs.

    2. Install Winrar.

    3. Select the files you want to protect.

    image thumb

    4. Right click on the selected files and click Add to archive¦

    image thumb1

    5. A window Archive name and parameters will open. Choose Advanced tab.

    image thumb2

    6. Click on Set Password Button, a window Archiving with password will open. Enter the password in the field and confirm it.

    image thumb3

    7. Click Ok to save changes.

    8. Archiving Process will start and end depending upon the file size and number.

    9. After the process is completed, a Winrar archive will be created. Double Click to open the file.

    image thumb4

    10. Enter your password in the window to list your protected files.

    image thumb5

    11. Your encrypted files will be listed in the archive. Further you can open the files or extract them as required.

    image thumb6

    In above example, I have selected two files and encrypted them with a password using WinRar application. You can do the same with any folder on your Windows OS.

    I hope this tutorial will ease you with your file protection and prevention.

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    Aneesh Bhatnagar

    This is an easy trick but its an useful trick.

    Thanks for it.

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