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Twitter is all about connecting with like-minded people and having a meaningful conversation. Though, with the rising number of social-networking sites, and with so much social media noise, it’s becoming really hard for anyone to find like-minded people. There are many tools which will help you to find and follow like-minded people, and today I will be talking about one cool twitter web tool call Embedle, which will not only help you to find Twitter users with same interest, but you can also engage in a meaningful conversation with them.

Meet Embedle: A True Twitter conversation starter

When we meet a stranger on Social media or in real-life, we try to find the common string. It may in terms of passion, games. movies, interests or anything which help us to start a conversation. When it comes to twitter, it’s hard to break the ice with 140 character, so the first step is to find people you know of or share common interest with.

From a marketer point of view, If I know somebody likes to talk about SEO or social media, I could talk about it hours with that person, but if the person has serious interest in guns and space travelling, I might not find myself as a perfect fit for such topic. How about you get a chance to find and talk to people who shares the same interest?

For example: If you are reading about one topic like ( Blogging for money guide), and you want to see what are the reactions from other people on Twitter world about the link, Embedle will quick let you find all the conversation happening for the same page.

In simple words:

Embedle is a web service which will let you find Twitter conversation happening for any webpage. This will also let you see Klout score, and you can quickly retweet or reply to the person tweet. 

Embedle offers various ways to follow the Twitter conversation of a Web page:

  • Embedle button: You can add simple Embedle button on your bookmarks bar, and see the whole conversation.
  • From Embedle Website: You can directly paste the link of a URL, and see the Twitter conversation for the page. You can try this right now here.
  • Chrome Extension: If you are a Chrome user, here is an official Embedle extension to help you.

For me, I’m using old school boomarks bar to use Embedle on my Safari browser. Here is a screenshot of Embedle in action:

Embedle Twitter tool

From a blogger perspective, it’s one of the easiest way for me to see what readers are talking about any particular article. I could also reply to their tweets with single click, and I can thanks them for retweeting the article. Embedle helps in solving the major problem with Twitter by letting you find the like minded people based on webpage you are reading. As a blogger, you can also embed the code on your website to show Embedle Twitter conversation button, as it will help you to build a strong twitter community of like-minded people around your blog. You can get the embed code from here.

There are few more great features about this useful Twitter tool:

Embedle Schedule Tweet settings

  • You can schedule replies
  • You can manage schedule updates
  • You can also brand your page with custom message

Also if you are a Klout score fanatic, According to Kirsten, Embedle will help you to push your Klout score up.

Overall, Embedle is a handy Twitter tool for any blogger who is leveraging Twitter for their blog or for people who love to find like-minded people talking about the webpage they are reading about. Go ahead try this useful Twitter webapp, and let me know your view about it on Twitter @denharsh.

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