Email users WordPress plugin: Send Email to All Registered Users

Yesterday I was searching for some useful WordPress plugin for community blogs and forwordpress multi—author blog and I found this useful WordPress plugin which let you send Email to all your blog registered users.

Email Users is one useful plugin which does the simple job by sending Email to all registered users of your blog. You can control who will receive and who will not receive Email.

You can write custom Email in HTML format for your readers, You can click on any post and send that post to all your blog registered users.

You can also use it as a way to send Email newsletter to your registered blog readers. Sending one Email newsletter with link to your best published post in last month will be a great idea.

For affiliate marketer, this plugin can be used to send monthly discount coupon. When I think of usage of this plugin. it’s endless, but you need to think out of the box to make most out of this WordPress Plugin.

Check few screenshots of this plugin usage and settings:



An Example of received Email:


Download plugin

This plugin has lots of potential and can be used for many purpose. I would love to know your reactions about this plugin. What do you think? How can you use this plugin?

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COMMENTs ( 15 )

  1. Paul Kim says

    Thanks Harsh,

    I was searching Google for a plugin like this. I thought I would have to import all the addresses into a bulk email software. Glad I found this.

    Best regards,

  2. says

    Hi Harsh,

    It looks a good plugin and does what it says. But what I’m concerned is the server load. Will it be suitable to send emails for a few thousands users when my blog is hosted on HostGator baby plan?

  3. Joynal Abedin says

    This is great plugin for multi-author wordpress blog. I am going to publish a new wordpress article directory. Thanks for the review abit this useful plugins

  4. Virtual Agent says

    Great, this will be very helpful!! I will be much easier to reach or spread the news I would like to send to guest bloggers.

  5. esoftload says

    nice plugin… i too going to offer guest blogging in my blog… this will be helpful after that…..

  6. Bharat says

    The plugin is really interesting.
    As an editor of the blog where i write, I would use this plugin to contact our guestbloggers for random reasons like expanding our network,promotion and a daily basis easy contact with them! :)

  7. Anup @ Hack Tutors says

    This is going to help the popular wordpress users where they easily send message to their writers! Thanks for sharing!

  8. MazaKaro says

    To how many users we can send emails using this plugin?
    If i want to send emails to 1000K users then is there any feature like this?