Email Marketing – Has It Become A Dinosaur?

Once upon a time email marketing was a rage and then came the big daddy. Privacy issues started a wave of legislation and emails somehow lost their sheen. The spam button is now just a click away. Spam filters make sure that you are not inundated with Viagra lookalikes. Does it mean that emails are no longer a viable option? I feel there is a lot which can still be achieved through email marketing. Here is a bunch of ways  you can email your way to marketing success.

Value of Email marketing


Announcing launch of new products

Emails still remain an effective vehicle to announce launch of new products. Assuming you already have an email list of existing clients, it is reasonable to keep them abreast of your new product line. This strategy is in keeping with basic marketing principles – that of touching base with customers every now and then. You would be surprised at the response you will get from this email campaign. People are becoming busier and have very little time. If you can inform them about your exciting new line of clothing or an irresistible perfume, buyers would not mind experimenting if they have a good opinion about you. Reputation is critical to email marketing. If buyers know that they can rely on you and your mails are not mere spam, you can expect an avalanche of response.

Email campaigns must be occasional not regular

The trick in any successful email campaign lies in the periodicity. If you think you can send emails every other day and expect a humungous response, you are mistaken. Ennui sets in when people get emails from you on a regular basis. People tend to ignore such mails. This means your exciting offers will no longer excite your customers. Your emails should therefore be reserved for announcing genuine new offers. If you send an email packed with discounts and offers once a month , you can be sure that everyone will read it. The chances of your campaign’s success increase manifold with this strategy. Unfortunately, we tend to either ignore or underestimate the customer and concentrate on our products.

Emails must provide value

Bombarding prospective clients with emails used to be a common practice till the spam button came into existence. But many of us don’t realize this. Spam filters have become more intelligent and can differentiate between spam and genuine stuff. You have a unique product to sell and your email must highlight the value it will provide to your customers. This means focusing on your customers rather than the product. Are you sending emails to the right people or are you simply bulk mailing? This is an important question to be answered.


Email marketing is still valid in this modern era but has evolved over time. The dinosaurs of the past have now become more agile and better adapted to meet the expectations of modern customer.

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