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    Email bookmarklet : Share Web page With One Click

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    We come across lot of stuff on the web, let it be a funny video on YouTube, or a really nice picture on Flickr, what ever it may be we just love to share some good stuff with our friends.

    gmaillogo1 150x150 Email bookmarklet : Share Web page With One Click

    If you want to share it via email then here is a smart bookmarklet with passes current web page title and url as the subject line and post body to your desktop email application window.

    Drag and drop this bookmarklet in your browser bookmark and click on it , when

    Email to a Friend - Bookmarklet

    Simply drag the above bookmarklet to your Firefox bookmark bar and click it when ever you feel like sharing a web page with your friends via email.

    What’s the difference between simple mailto: link on a webpage and Email to a Friend bookmarklet?

    A simple mailto:?subject={page-title}&body={page-url} link on a webpage will only pass the page title and url of that page, but Email to a Friend bookmarklet will do the same for any web page you are currently viewing on your browser.

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