EasyWPSEO Plugin : Keyword Optimization Plugin for WordPress

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EasyWPSEO Plugin : Keyword Optimization Plugin for WordPress

One of the most common question which I have been asked by fellow Bloggers is how to rank#1 in Google and how to write Keyword optimized post. I already shared about this earlier: In post Panda SEO world, SEO includes many signals and you need to have an authoritative domain for higher ranking. Now, one of the most common tip which you will be getting after Panda updates and Penguin update is, to work on high quality content. Which is true and essential for higher ranking, but the question remains the same: How Google will figure out which Keyword you are targeting.

EasyWPSEO Plugin

For example, you writing a post on WordPress SEO and you give an example of Fish site, how Google will determine, for which Keyword you should be ranking for.  This is where, Keyword optimization comes into the picture. We need to write a quality post, keeping our target Keyword in mind and do a proper Keyword optimization.

We have already shared a handy guide on Onpage optimization but On page SEO score contains more signals like LSI words, Readability, Page load time, Image alt tag and many more. It’s like lots of things which you need to do to make sure, search engine bots will pick the right Keyword and rank your blog post accordingly. The real money is when you target a post for any Keyword and it ranks in the first 3 position in Google. Well, Here I’m talking about one plugin call EasyWPSEO, which I also mentioned in my Panda recovery post and right now, it’s one of the most essential SEO plugin.

What is EasyWPSEO plugin?

Easy WP SEO WordPress plugin is one of the best SEO plugin for Keyword optimization and On page optimization. This plugin adds a checklist in your post editor, where you can add your Keyword and it will show you steps you can do to make your post more search engine friendly. I will share my hands on review and a video, which will give you better idea and you can purchase the plugin, as it’s a premium SEO plugin. Before we move ahead, lets see what exactly is Keyword optimization:

Check out EasyWPSEO plugin

What is Keyword Optimization?

Keyword optimization is optimizing your post and pages for certain keyword and making them SEO friendly. When we talk about On page SEO optimization, it consists of many things: Headings, Image Alt text, Keyword density, Meta tags, Meta Title, LSI words, and many more. On page SEO is entirely different from Off page SEO. Off page SEO is mainly Backlink building and Social bookmarking, where as in On-Page SEO is complete content optimization. Rand from SEOMoz has shared a detailed information here.

Why most of the time quality content fails:

Now, we all know that Google quality guidelines suggests to write quality content for better ranking & it’s true. And people have been following it, but the problem with them is, posts are not targeted for any Keyword directly, and you will get traffic for long-tail or untargeted keywords.

Lets imagine 100 blogs write on a topic and all of the content are quality content, how will you rank each content. Lets consider a scenario: Imagine all 100 posts are quality posts with over 1000 words. Google doesn’t rank any post or page manually, it uses the machine language to determine the quality of content. Now, when it comes to ranking of these 100 posts on different blogs, Google will consider On page SEO as one of the ranking factor. There are many other factors like Domain age, backlinks, Domain quality and many other SEO factors. Among all On-page SEO & backlinks plays one major role and which I will show you by taking some examples from ShoutMeLoud old edited posts, but for now let me give you a review of Easy wp SEO plugin and let me show you how this plugin is going to change the way you blog.

How to perform Keyword optimize using Easy Wp SEO Plugin:

EasyWpSEO WordPress PluginI hope by now, you have an idea about what this plugin is all about. It’s a hard core SEO plugin for On page optimization and don’t misunderstand this plugin with All in one SEO, WordPress SEO by yoast or Platinum SEO plugin. If you know and heard about SEO Scribe plugin, this plugin works the similarly with some important additional feature and comes with a one time dirt cheap price.

Easy Wp SEO plugin is more like SEO analyzer WordPress plugin for your posts and pages. When you write a post, this plugin helps you to optimize your post for particular Keyword. This plugin shows you SEO score and Keyword density. Along with that, it will be suggesting you changes that will help you to optimize your content for better SEO score.  Here is a screenshot of how this plugin works. Below, I have shared a EasyWPSEO video, to learn how this plugin works.

Here is a screenshot from one of my old post, which I re-edited and optimized for Keyword “Broken link checker WordPress plugin”, which is ranking on the first page of Google.

Before I move ahead, let me clear something: This plugin works as a checklist and gives many options like LSI keywords, Readability level and many other score, which is essential for optimizing your post for Keyword. But, by the end it’s the quality of your blog post, which will determine your ranking. So, if you are one of those who writes quality article and still struggling for good ranking, this SEO plugin is for you.

If you are completely new to SEO and Keywords, here are two articles which will help you to understand things in detail:

Features of Easy WP SEO Plugin:

Easy Wp SEO Features

Here are some of the features of plugin, which will give you better insight about what this can do for you:

Optimize your post for multiple Keywords: 

Unlike other similar plugins, EasyWPSEO plugin offers you to add multiple Keywords and optimize it. That means, when you are writing a post, instead of targeting single word, you can target multiple Keywords.

LSI words:

This is one feature which let me buy this plugin Instantly. LSI words have gain great importance after panda update. These are those related Keywords, which search engine expect to see in your post.. If I will give you a very generic example, which I often give to my Consultancy clients:

Lets take Apple as an example:

  • Apple is a brand
  • Apple is a Fruit
  • Apple is name of my pet

Now, if you are writing a post on Apple, Google needs some words to determine what is this post about. For example, word like “iOS” explains, we talking about Apple company. Words like juicy, tasty, natural, determine the second apple. And words related to animal will categorize third one.  Now, this is a generic example, but when you are targeting competitive Keywords, there are many Keywords which should be a part of your blog post and EasyWpSEO LSI features, take care of it really well. Learn benefits of LSI words here. One of the reason I’m reviewing EasyWpSEO is, because of it’s LSI feature. Easy WP SEO uses bing API to suggest LSI words for your target keywords.


Reading level is another factor that Google consider while ranking your post. Google has already included reading level in Google search. EasyWPSEO, helps in checking the readability level of every blog post in different standards like Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease, Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, Gunning-Fog Score, Coleman-Liau Index, SMOG Index and Automated Readability Index. This WordPress plugin shows the readability level and if it’s in red, you can edit the article to increase the reading level of your article. Specially for Indian Bloggers and Bloggers from country where English is not primary language, this plugin is useful.

SEO analysis:

Now, this is the main feature of this plugin and it will show you how well your blog post is optimized in terms of Keyword density and over all Score of your post for target keyword.  This section is divided into 5 parts (Title, URL, Meta, Heading, Content). You can find detail about the same in my video below.

SEO analysis is the main feature of this plugin and it helps Bloggers and copywriters to optimize content for your Keyword. Once you are done writing post, add your target Keyword in the Primary Keyword option and click on save draft, it will show the current SEO score, Keyword density and LSI words related to that Keyword. Now, you need to follow the checklist and make changes in your content to make it more Keyword focused. This is not spamming, as you are not using any black hate or any other unusual practice here.

Apart from all the above features, here are some more options and feature of this plugin, which will help in further optimization:

  • Add rel=nofollow to all external links
  • Add whitelisted domains for external links
  • Automatically add Keyword into Image Alt tag
  • Automatically add target=”_blank” to external links (so URL opens in new browser window- Helps in reducing bounce rate)
  • Copyscape integration

Here is a video overview of EasyWPSEO WordPress Plugin:

This plugin cost $17 for single user license. I have been using this plugin since last year and it’s one of the highly recommend Keyword optimization plugin for WordPress at this moment. If you are using any other plugin like SEOPressor, You can easily import all Keyword to EasyWPSEO Keyword manager with one click. Here is a complete guide on how to use EasyWpSEO plugin. For now, learn more about this plugin on official Warriorforum listing:

Get EasyWPSEO Plugin for $17 [Limited time offer]

Some of the most common question asked about this plugin is:

  • Can you use EasyWpSEO along with All in one SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin: Yes
  • Is it compatible with every WordPress theme: Yes
  • Payment mode: PayPal
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • As soon as you purchase this plugin, you will get EasyWpSEO license and activation code, which you will enter in the plugin settings to activate it.

Well, this is one of those Premium plugin, which I have been using and recommending after using it for long time. If you want to see the working of this plugin, you can login to ShoutMeLoud dashboard and see how it works. Have you used Easy Wp SEO or any other similar plugin in WordPress? How’s your experience so far?

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  1. Akash Navi says

    Great post Harsh i think i should now try this plugin bwcause of LSI keyword feature in it for my new WP Blog

  2. says

    Wow! This is an awesome plugin with tons of great SEO features. It a great tool for on-page SEO optimization, one great feature is ability to add LSI keywords to boost rankings. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Manish Gupta says

    Thanks for this post, Harsh. I am using Easy WP SEO on my blog and it really provides a thorough analysis of the post. It has also helped my blog rank in the top 5 for a few keywords. LSI keywords are the one where i need to work hard But Once again thanks a Lot for such a nice and useful article for beginners like me…

  4. rakeshkumar says

    Dear Harsh, as the screenshot show the recommendation to optimise our post, but these features are now also available on yoast seo plugin, One thing that is not available in yoast seo is LSI keyword, Am i right ? If using standalone LSI keyword tool, than do you thing it is otherwise beneficial to purchase this seo plugin.
    if i install yoast seo and easyepseo both of them on my site, does it will conflict with another plugin?

  5. vinodh says

    I have this plugin. But it does not work in tandem with thesis.
    I mean the description meta,keyword meta in thesis setting for each post/page is not being detected by this plugin. hence seo measure is not calculated correctly.
    Does it work with genesis. whats the fix for thesis as above.
    pls reply.

  6. Jeweh kelvin says

    I just lost all my page rank to the new animal pengium, am working on a Nigerian news niche with a page rank on zero i realy wonder if this Easy_wp plugin will give me the much boost. Please how i purchase this plugin through paypal thankz

  7. venkata ramana says

    Hello Harsh,

    Upon your recommendation we have purchased the plugin.

    Hope it helps us secure some top rankings for our chosen keywords :)

    and btw, glad to meet you ..haha

  8. Jaseem says

    Hai Harsh,
    Is this plug in available for Blogger blogs? or any other plug in to optimize blogger blogs?

  9. Anuj says

    Hi Admin
    I want to know that which is better plugin for seo
    SEO by yoast or EasyWPSEO

    I Am using SEO By yoast Should i use EasyWPSEO
    or not

  10. Sudhir Shakya says

    Can i Use this plugin with thesis theme. Because thesis theme already providing SEO optimization. Is this plugin is better then thesis SEO.

  11. Zurker says

    I started using easy wp seo from a while and I am seeing around 40 percent of increase in traffic from search engines so I think this plugin really works great from SEO. Thank for letting me know about this otherwise I could have been dumped by Google.

  12. Hafeez Ansari says

    Awesome. Its not keyword research tool but helping on “on-page” optimization.
    Its a great plugin.

  13. Avi jit says

    I think it’s a great plugin to optimize the keywords. It is really going to help our blog rank higher in search results. Thanks for this informative post.

  14. Krishna@techmero says

    Harsh! I analysed that you are excluding “rel=nofollow” for highly authority websites like Wikipedia, Google, etc. My question is, theirs already a debate going, for giving much out much dofollow links to these websites also. I do prefer adding nofollow, to all external links including wikipedia and so. Does it have any bad effect, as I’m adding nofollow rel to those websites? hope to get your response

    • says

      I prefer to pass link juice to quality pages and it doesn’t have to be wiki or links to Google blogs…It could be your blog or any other blog, who have written quality articles..
      Use nofollow for ads, when linking to spam or sites which you are linking for reference but are not quality ways…

  15. Asif Khan says

    Thanks for this post, Harsh. I am using Easy WP SEO on my blog and it really provides a thorough analysis of the post. It has also helped my blog rank in the top 5 for a few keywords. LSI keywords are the one where i need to work hard.

    Thanks Again.

        • says

          This is not Keyword research and neither On site SEO optimization plugin. You use other plugin or simple Google Keyword research tool to perform a Keyword research… This plugin helps you to optimize your post for That keyword….
          That link which you sent me, that is for SEO optimization of a site ….
          In simple if I break down SEO of a site:
          Keyword research : SEMRUSH, Google Keyword research tool
          Keyword optimization (On page optimization) : (This is what EasyWpSEO plugin helps in)
          On site SEO (WordPress SEO by yoast, All in one SEO, RObots meta, Platinum SEO and others)….

          Hope this clear your doubts…..

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