EasyWPSEO 1.8 Plugin Fixed LSI Keyword Feature

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EasyWPSEO 1.8 Plugin Fixed LSI Keyword Feature

Last time when I compared EasyWPSEO with SEOPressor, I mentioned what made me kick out EasyWPSEO, and what made me install SEOPressor. From last few months LSI keyword feature of EasyWPSEO was broken, and finally after a long wait, Chris (EasyWPSEO creator), launched an updated version of EasyWPSEO, which fixed the LSI keyword feature, and it’s working now.

What’s new in EasyWpSEO 1.8?

The only addition in 1.8 version of EasyWpSEO is LSI feature is fixed, and now it uses the BING API to get the LSI Keywords for your target keyword. Here is the official PDF which explains how you can get free Bing API, or you can refer to my earlier guide on getting your free BING API. Once you have got your Bing API key, Go to EasyWPSEO > Settings > Keyword settings and add your newly created API key for EasyWPSEO.

EasyWPSEO Bing LSI Key

Click on Save changes, go to new post and start using LSI feature of EasyWPSEO. Those who have purchased the EasyWPSEO before, you can refer to my guide on how to update EasyWPSEO to update your plugin to latest version. I couldn’t find any thing else apart from this new feature of adding the LSI bing API key.

Now, many of you must be wondering which is best SEO plugin to buy: SEOPressor or EasyWPSEO. I would recommend you to read my review of SEOPressor, which will give you a clear idea of what all feature you are getting in SEOPressor. Now, since EasyWPSEO LSI feature is fixed, and is working now, let me put in this way:

Think of EasyWPSEO as a stripped down version of SEOPressor, where you will be using it for only On Page SEO, where as SEOPressor, offers many advanced feature like Over optimization check, Rich snippets and many more, which are SEO requisite for 2014. Though, if you are someone like me, who is accustomed with SEO, and using other plugins like Author hreview, WordPress SEO by yoast to add such feature, EasyWPSEO could be a good pick. But, if you are someone with very basic knowledge of SEO, you should look no further than SEOPressor for now. Price ways, EasyWPSEO is $10 cheaper than SEO Pressor for single site license, and $23 for developer license. I own both of them :)

Check out EasyWPSEO || Check out SEIOressor.

Have you updated your EasyWPSEO plugin to 1.8 version? Which WordPress SEO plugin you are going to buy? EasyWPSEO or SEOPressor?

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