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Easy Virtual Credit Cards for Indian Bloggers and Freelancers

Easy Virtual Credit Cards for Indian Bloggers and Freelancers

Bloggers and Freelancers often have to make payments online for goods and services like web hosting and advertisements. Debit cards are not accepted everywhere and owning a credit card is a must in some scenarios. Moreover, with the upcoming changes in Paypal terms, one can’t keep received funds in Paypal account for long.

Virtual Credit Cards

If you have always believed that availing a credit card required stringent approvals at the bank’s end and lengthy documentation procedures then you are only half right. With the arrival of new Easy Credit cards and virtual credit cards the process is no more as difficult as it used to be.

Difference between Easy and Virtual Credit Cards:

Virtual credit cards are the safest and best option for most needs. It is basically an online service linked to your Netbanking account. Whenever you need to pay online, just login to the online portal and create a credit card for the required denomination. (usually limit is between Rs. 100-50,000 for most Indian banks)

Kotak virtual credit card

The virtual card is safe because it can be used only once and expires automatically after 24 hours if not used. The card has a prepaid limit so your merchant cannot overcharge you. Also, you can use it at places you don’t quite trust too, without any worries as the merchant can’t reuse your card credentials after first usage.

Instant credit card

Easy or Instant Credit card is a service from some banks where you get a real physical card from the bank after you pay and maintain a fixed deposit with them as security money. Normally, the minimum amount of fixed deposit is INR 20,000 and up to 80% of the amount can be utilized for credit.

Which Card is best for me?

The need varies from person to person. If your needs are mostly like paying bills online, buying webspace and booking tickets virtual credit card is enough for you. There are no fees attached and unused money is deposited back into your account. The only limitation of virtual cards is that you cannot use it in places other than online merchants. For example, you cannot use it over the phone to book tickets or pay bills. Similarly, if you use it for buying music or Apps from iTunes store you will have to update card info everytime you purchase.

If you need to use the card over the phone or physically at merchant establishments you must go for an Instant Credit Card. Same applies for those who buy a lot of content from the iTunes App store or PlayStation Network Store.

Which Indian banks offer these services?

I have personally used Virtual credit card services from both HDFC(NetSafe) and Kotak Mahindra Bank(Netc@rd) and they work perfectly for all online needs.

Instant Credit Cards are offered by ICICI bank and Easy Credit Cards can be availed from AXIS Bank. Both of these cards Instant & Easy have same features though.

What are the first time charges?

For virtual credit card, no extra charges at all. You just need to maintain a Savings account with the bank in case you don’t have one already. The minimum balance for the account is usually INR 10K.

For easy credit card, AXIS bank requires you to have a minimum Fixed Deposit of INR 25K and a savings account with minimum balance of INR 5K. So, that’s INR 30K in total at the time of account opening if you don’t have an account already with them.

Similarly ICICI bank requires a minimum FD of INR 20K and saving account of INR 10K. In total first time deposit of INR 30K. These deposits are fully refundable once you close your account. You can increase your credit limit upto 3 lakhs by increasing this deposit at the time of opening or later.

So decide your needs and then apply for the card you require. If you have more credit card related questions feel free to ask us via comments. In case you are already using one of the above do share your reviews with our readers.

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  • harish

    Can we use vcc for apple development fees payment..??

  • Hemendra

    Does any bank in India provide a card with international transaction without using cvv ? I want pay AWS (Amazon Web Services ) bill. They don’t have a process to handle cards with cvv.

  • Piyush

    Update the post Harsh.
    HDFC has stopped NETSAFE service since APRIL

  • Bodhisatta Banerjee

    how to get a virtual credit card from UCO bank?
    reply to this urgent.

  • rajan

    Entropay Virtual cards are also quite good.

  • Utkarsh

    As u may know SBI provides VCC, but it doesn’t works for outside India websites, can u tell me which banks’ VCC work for international buying.

  • Navneet

    Hello Harsh There!
    I have a new ques. and its related to HDFC VCC. Suppose i have hdfc debit card and i wanna create VCC with HDFC Debit card but when i will create it will ask me account no. as on debit card,pin , but what to enter in expiry date as on debit card there is nothing like that.
    Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PalBoard

    Thanks Rajat
    I will have to follow one of your suggestions due to Paypals limitations for Indians.

  • Rahul

    Thanks a lot for the information. By the way which AXIS bank credit card is affordable and good for online hosting/domain bill payment ? (interest wise). I see there are three card – platinum, platinum advantage and gold. So which one to choose ?

  • Atul@OceanOfWeb

    Nice Article But just a tip for u. I think u sud not disclose ur Card’s Front portion in this way…


  • ram jain

    Sir i Have a question if a make a virtual debit card for paypal with the limit of 50$ will it be transfered on my PayPal account or it will display the amount which i have set on my netsafe card please help

  • Abhishek

    I was looking for an alternate for Paypal and Virtual CC is going to solve my Problem.Thanks for info..

  • Anubhab

    Great am also trying to get one for me…Will really need it now as paypal is gone for purchasing.

  • techie

    I use hdfc virtual card,its safe and works for me..

  • Rajesh

    i have 10 dollar balance in my paypal account.
    so how can i retrive into cash?

    • Mahesh

      Withdraw it to your Bank Account !

  • Rajiv Kumar

    Check info: ICICI virtual card doesn’t expire. Though you can set your monthly limits to be at the safer side.

  • siva

    best information, i am expecting these service, but icici bank is not offer without primary credit card holder. really i fed up their service then i decide to open hdfc a/c.


    Pretty cool Info. thanks for sharing…

  • Kunal @ TechHogger

    It can help Indian bloggers after paypal’s restriction. I don’t think it will very effective for all as you mentioned for Axis Bank that you need to have a FD also. I don’t have FD but have a Axis Bank saving account. This means I will have to make a FD first to avail this feature.

    • Jagan Mangat

      Yea Just 25k and freedom of buying anything worldwide.

  • Nihar


    Thanks for sharing it. It is good because from March no one gonna use paypal…

  • Usman@FirstHosting

    virtual credit is really required these days, as due to paypal limitations as well.

    I don’t know why paypal has such a rude decisions every time. :(

  • Vincent Raja @ Tech2Hell

    Wow this was i expected these.. days.. here after no messing with Credit cards…. this will be an alternative for most of them.. it ill be usefull to all :) freelancers and Bloggers :)

  • Mahesh

    Hello, I would like to know, What are the fees or minimum deposit amount for HDFC Bank NetSafe card?

    • Rajat Kumar

      none. its linked to your existing debit/credit card.

      • Jagan Mangat

        Yea linked to the debit card.
        I want to add more info.
        HDFC in urban areas allow credit card only at the condition when you have saving account with minimum blnc of 10k and 20k FD,in Rural areas they give credit card only when,in saving account there is minimum of 5k blnc and a FD of 25k+80% credit usage allowed in both cases.Soon getting a credit card from them.Nice Help post Rajat Kumar.

  • Kamlesh Kawadkar

    Hey, Thanks dude :) You Solved the problems of many bloggers..

  • Irfan | RealTimeTricks

    Thanks for the post, useful article it was, from now after reading it one will surely use online services without any hassle.

  • tushar

    thanks rajat..this post will help a lot of new bloggers who could not avail financial advantages due to lack of credit cards

  • Tim@Internet Income Rant

    Thanks for that post RaJat, it’s much appreciated. Please I have a question though, I’m a Nigerian and Paypal doesn’t accept my country. Is there a way I can benefit from these?
    Moreso, how easy is it to open an off shore bank account with an Indian bank? Just thinking if it’ll be possible to have an indian bank account and maintain from there without leaving Nigeria. Thanks. I’ll await your reply.

    • PacificMarine

      You could use entropay to create a virtual credit card.

  • Sujith

    Nowadays getting a credit card much easier. I am using SBI Gold credit card. You can get it against FD with 80% credit limit. Application process is also very simple.

    • Jagan Mangat

      But SBI is really really crowded always,for work like this you have to stay in that crappy place for much time+ SBI don’t really rely on guys like me (aged 20,with not employment yet)+SBI don’t provide credit cards in Rural areas with ease,you need to be a employee strict condition.

    • Amit Sharma

      what is the minimum amount to be put in FD for availing SBI credit cards?

  • Vijayraj Reddy

    thx, this will help those bloggers who don’t have credit card…

  • Anand Kumar


    Thanks for sharing such an informative post
    Is their any public sector bank offering Virtual Credit Card (VCC). I found none, till now!

    • jhilam

      SBI offers VCC .It can be availed from your SBI online bank accout.

  • Ankit

    Hey thanks for splendid article.Now I can easily pay online without any worries.


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