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WordPress, no doubt is the best content management system for various reasons. The main advantage of WordPress is the huge availability of plugins for almost every use. Recently, I landed up on writing a product comparison post where I failed to create tables using the inbuilt HTML editor i.e., WordPress  visual editor. Although, I can write everything in HTML, it kills a lot of time and so I thought of finding a suitable plugin that fulfils my requirement of creating and inserting tables in WordPress posts. We have already shared about Windows live writer trick to add and insert table, which makes it easier.

There are many plugins which let you create tables in WordPress and few of them are WpTable reloaded, Easy Table and many more. Today, we will look into one such WordPress plugin, which makes inserting tables in WordPress blog post with ease.

Easy Table plugin: Insert tables in WordPress with ease:

Easy Table is the best WordPress plugin that allow one to create and manage tables in WordPress posts. Once installed, you’ll find it under Settings >> Easy Table. You’ve given an option to customize the CSS to suit your theme if you wish.

Easy Table WordPress Plugin

How to insert tables in WordPress Posts?

In order to create or insert a table, you should use the below format while composing the post.

1,Samsung Galaxy SIII,38k
2,HTC Sensation XL,34k
3,Sony Xperia S,28k


WordPress Plugins Insert table

That’s it! Once published, you’ll find the data you entered is automatically inserted into a table in your WordPress post. You can download this table WordPress plugin from official page below:

Download plugin

Another plugin which I suggest to give it a try it Wp table reloaded. This plugin, is more powerful and offer more options. Infact, with CSS you can style your table in any ways, and if you are working on a product based blog/site, this plugin will be very benificial. Here is a screenshot of table created using Wp-Table reloaded plugin:

Wp Table reloaded plugin example

Depending upon your uses, if you are in habit of adding lots of table (Price comparison, product comparison), you can use the EasyTable plugin and if you need to insert WordPress tables with CSS customization, you should try Wpreloaded plugin. Though, I hope WordPress might implement table insertion feature in coming days by default.

Do let us know what method are you using and if you are using any other WordPress plugins to insert tables in your posts?

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  1. Host99c says

    Q.: Can we optimize existing HTML tables to paste into WordPress posts?


    I built a 70-page web site in HTML using Artisteer to generate the HTML, and Front Page to edit the HTML. Firefox sees the pages; Ie does not, it thinks the pages are all files and tries to download them.

    So, two months work for nothing. I need to convert the HTML site to WordPress. I’ve already set up the WordPress.

    I need to know:

    Is there [a] a plugin, or [b] an online (or downloadable) optimizer that would take all my existing html table code and optimize it for WordPress, without deleting all my image and download urls that are in each table. I’ve got 6-cell and 9-cell tables, and each cell has an image and a link to a RAR file in it. I don’t want to lose all that. Would like to be able to copy & paste.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Hannah says

    I recently used Word to make a table. To my surprise, when I copied and pasted it into WordPress, it looked great.

  3. Ehsan says

    I was really looking for the same information and was searching for a plugin to insert tables. Thanks for sharing the information Radha Krishna

  4. Rahul kuntala says

    Thanks for this Radha. I thought that Harsh created that table on his “hosting reviews site” by himself!

    So, Harsh – you used a WP plugin :D Downloaded it just now. I’ll use it soon on my blogs. Thanks again.