Postloop: Earn Money Easily by Forum Posting

Postloop is one of the best way to make money by forum posting. Here I’m sharing my Postloop review and experience. I’m sure this will help those people who are looking forward to earn from forum posting.

Earning money online is what everyone is looking out for,It has the greatest advantage as it allows you to work from home. Finding the most legitimate and quick way to get some real cash is difficult. Today the internet is full of spammers who try to fool people in joining their fake program which requires money for registration and has lots of catches and you will find that one fine day it will disappear in thin air. Majority of the internet  users fall prey to  spam programs.


Here is a surefire way to earn .I’m not saying that this program will make you rich overnight but this will help you to earn some extra cash without much effort. Postloop is an automated post exchange program which benefits both forum owners and posters. The Forums owners get lots of quality posts in a short span of time while forum posters earn points which can be converted into cash. More over forum posting is a very renowned work and if you are a member of digital point or any such webmasters forum, you will realize many people pay to do forum posting on behalf of them.

How to get started with Postloop ?

Go to  Postloop and complete the free registration.once you complete the registration head over the portal and post 10 quality posts in their forum.After you have completed 10 posts it will be checked by the staff for quality and you will be informed in 24 hours ,whether you are eligible or not.If you get approved then choose your favorite forums and subscribe.You get points for each post or thread you start at any subscribed forum and you will also be notified if the forum is disabled temporarily via email

My Earnings Proof

I recently joined the program and by dedicating just 1 hour of my free time got me some money which is certainly not bad.It depends on you on how much time you want to dedicate,the more you do the better you earn.Below is the screenshot of my earnings

postloop earnings proof

You can easily withdraw money via PayPal.The minimum number of points you need in order to withdraw is 100 but it keeps fluctuating.So are you excited to try postloop ? Go ahead try this method to earn money from forum posting.

Sign up for PostLoop

Do you know any other service like PostLoop which let you earn money via forum posting?

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COMMENTs ( 30 )

  1. Mansoor Yousafzai says

    HI,find to the great method of earning,but i cant regester here..Human Verification: Spell ‘tsop’ backwards. how can give answer?pls anyon help

  2. Arlene Whiting says

    I finally became a member of PostLoop, and I got credit for a couple of post. Now that I know the forum moderator controls if your post are quality or not. I will approach my responses differently.

    I thought we were being rated by our peers. I have one question for Anish. Did you post one or two line responses on PostLoop? Also did you post any questions for discussion?

  3. VanBasten says

    Got rejected for poor Grammar – first time my quality of English has ever been doubted. Was not even informed about which post this alleged offence was committed in.

    As if that’s not enough, the rejection message indicated that I cannot apply for a “reviewal”. Come on, that’s a term used in funerals! Now if they can’t even get their English in their standard replies right, how do you trust them to do a good job at running the business?

    Totally appalling and unprofessional. I am done with them. Proceed at your own risk.

  4. Anchit Shethia says

    Will try this out today and let you know if it worked out for me.
    I have no earning source from my blog and i hope this thing me help me out

  5. moneyguru6 says

    This is legit.. Some companies are really willing to pay you for posting forums about their site. This is one of my online jobs now. I’d also like to share to you this revenue sharing program that allows you to earn 2% daily. You can have your free $10 loan upon registration. Keep posting!!!

  6. Manju Singh says

    nice way to make money, we can also make money by writting on our own blog, but here we can make sure money.

  7. Rajiv says

    Do you really think,this is genuine? After 10 post they will review and reject your application,so what you gain?nothing but forum gets 10 posts for no cost.

    • Cee says

      @Rajiv Yes, it is genuine, but you are rejected only if you have poor English. If English isn’t your first language, chances are you won’t get in. I wouldn’t waste my time, if I were you…

    • sravya says

      I have made 10 posts and my rating is 1.5 and today my application is rejected due to lack of skill in Grammar. I don’t know what to do.

  8. Abhishek says

    Some Windows related forums, blogs pay $ 5 – $ 10 per post, that info might help others wanting to make money. Tuts Plus network also pays for postings. In these the payment is flat rate. Write unique things and get money.

    Good post. I was passing by and saw this post.

  9. Enila Shah says

    I just found this amazing New Site – PostLoop!

    There are around 50 different Forums and you can sign up to any or all!
    Each post on the forum gives you a point and it is updated automatically every 5 minutes!

    There are a few requirements to withdraw though..
    *3 dollar minimum
    *4 star rating from 3 users

    ^I was able to achieve those 2 requirements in 2 – 3 hours

    With a 5 Star Rating you get a 0.50 point bonus! +more bonus depending on the quality of the post..
    I usually make an average of around 1.9 points per post!
    and the withdraw rate can change but its usually at 0.05 per point

    At the above mentioned rate..
    If you can do 100 posts on several different forums..
    100*1.9 = 190 POINTS!!!
    190*0.05 = 9.5 dollars EVERYDAY!!

  10. Zero Cost Business says

    This is new and unique information about earning money online. Thanks for sharing this article.

    But I guess this is not for me. Considering the average earning per post you have mentioned, it seems that we have to make at least 100 posts. Its not really difficult but I guess I can use that time in a better way elsewhere.


  11. Kunal @ AndroidHogger says

    Earning!! whatever form they come they are good and its really good if we are paid for the work we do free of cost like forum discussion. Now even forum pays. Awesome!!

  12. Atul Thanvi says

    @Anish After login it takes me to a welcome screen where it shows a message to post 10 quality posts in the forums but in which forum as I’m not sure ?

    There is a list of forums below that message but all goes to an external link and a lock icon is there (I’m not approved to post)

    Please suggest.


  13. Anish says

    @Kok Siong Chen – The current average is 1.27 but mine is 1.42 per post. This depends on the ratings you get from the forum owners

    @ashish Its essential friend,Because there are lots of spammers who just won’t post quality posts

    @Anshul The same way you would post in a forum. Be it threads or posts. Its counted.

  14. Tho Huynh says

    Posting on other sites cut off most of your time. I suggest spending that free time on creating awesome content for your website :)

  15. Anshul says


    What do you mean by 10 posts? Is that threads? As I am only seeing start a new thread option there.

  16. Isha Singh says

    Good idea. it can also help in promotion and earning. will sure check out in my free time.

  17. Krish says

    I also prefer to update my blog if i have free time rather than posting on other sites.
    But this will be good when you dont have a website, or your website does not have enough traffic, because the site will have too much quality posts which might be giving them a big traffic.

  18. Kevin says

    There are many programs online that you can earn some extra cash from, but as Basant has said, I still prefer build my own business from the scratch, which is hard at the beginning but is sustainable.

  19. Zohan says

    Nice news, easy way to make money online, will try this and thank you Harish for this post :)

  20. Kok Siong Chen says

    Hi! This seems like a good make money method. But, how many points that we can earn by posting one post? Thanks for information!

  21. khalid says

    Nice info buddy, will try to get some extra bucks by this method too.
    Thanks for sharing

  22. Anish says

    @hacktik Yes, it really works for both forum owners and posters.Its ideal if your are starting with a new forum.

    @windows Hosting India
    I agree, the Internet is filled with spam online jobs and finding a legit one is a tough job .Thanks a lot mate.I will post some more working ways in future

  23. Shubham says

    This is probably not for me :D Good way to earn though, for people who has good writing skills!

  24. hacktik says

    Am not sure about making good money from such activities, but ofcourse one can use this to get the required conversations for his/her own forums (as this program claims so)

  25. Basant says

    So, its just another way of earning online. But I still prefer to add content & enrich my own blog than joining somebody else’s forum to earn.