E-Commerce, Affiliate Marketing & Consulting: Make money Online Weapons

I am sharing some of the tips to monetize a blog or site. I have read many interesting articles on this topic and It’s easy to make money online with any good blog or site with quality content.


If your blog has a large and interactive audience then why can’t you make a sales pitch through your services or product. So if you have a product or service to sell make a sales pitch while you have their attention, attract your blog audience to buy products or services from your blog by throwing discounts and freebies.

No problem if you don’t have your own stuff to sell, sell others stuff behalf. If you are a blogger who blog about mobile phones, you can contact Nokia or their distributors to offer a special deal on your blog for a particular product. Once if you receive an order and if you process the payment, you can easily pick the stock from the particular distributor and dispatch to your customer. There is no risk or investment required in carrying the inventory.

Like this if you are a auto-mobile blogger than you can sell the auto parts or accessories and if you are a travel blogger then you can sell travel packages at prices better than the others, and also you can offer Ebooks on discount. You can also setup a full fledged online store, these all depends on what you can gear yourself to manage. And finally there is no need to offer the stuffs to match your content.
One important thing which you need to understand is what ever product you are going to sell, it should be relevant to your blog niche.

Affiliate Marketing

This is another best option to make money online. If you are unable to tie up with vendors or distributors and fulfill orders and manage books of accounts? Affiliate marketing should be your choice.

In affiliate marketing you are going to tie up with an online merchant like a computer store or a webhosting provider or a mobile phone merchant etc, and you will get your affiliate link which you going to put on your site via blog post, advertisement banner or via Email marketing. When ever your blogs visitor clicks on these ads and if he makes a purchase with the particular merchant, you will get a handsome commission. So this is also a working way to earn money through your blog. We have already shared two tutorials on ShoutMeloud to get started with affiliate marketing:


If you have established yourself as an expert in a particular subject, why not you can get paid to help people and organizations with your knowledge and experience. A lot of professional bloggers have seen success and income rise in consulting to their clients who read their blogs. Many people who created successful blog offer consultancy service which is usually per hour basis. Starting with a blog consultancy service is easy. Prove yourself as an expert in a field, add a page with your service or page for blog consultancy. Mention all the rules/details like per hour charge. You can start a blog consultancy with a skype ID, or you can grab a Google voice number.

In recent days Blog consultancy is one of the best way to make money with the help of blogging. In this scenario your blog will work like a portfolio and people would love to pay for expert opinion.

Are you using any one of above mentioned method to make money online? Do share your views and expert advice.

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    Congrat mate for your first post on SML. You have given a very good
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