10 Dropbox Addons To Get more Out of Free Cloud Storage

Dropbox Addons

I’m not sure if anyone out here is not aware of Dropbox cloud storage service. It’s a free online storage service to share files between various devices and access it from anywhere. Dropbox is one of the most popular among free cloud storage services and now Google Drive and Skydrive is geared up to join the league. Anyhow, in this post we will not talk about Dropbox competitors but we will look into the awesome world of Dropbox Addons, which will enhance Dropbox user experience.

Dropbox has lots of Add-ons and useful hacks, which further enhance its functionality to a great extent. Now, let’s go through the list of Dropbox Add-ons, to know the hidden power of Dropbox and all features they offer.

List Of my favorite Dropbox Addons

Below mentioned a list of my personal favorite list and they are most popular one too. Though, if you feel I miss out any of useful Dropbox add-on, you can let me know via comment. Before we move ahead, also check out: Best ways to share files for free.


Want to collect and save all your E-mail attachments to a safe place(Dropbox)? SendToDropbox is a mighty service that upon configuration, can save all E-mail attachments to Dropbox. Not only that, it can save your E-mails if you want to. Just connect the two services, grab the E-mail address assigned by them and you are all set to save E-mail attachments to your Dropbox account.<Link>



DropTun.es Dropbox addon is the service for music lovers which allows users to sync their music files stored in Dropbox account, now which can be played using the web service, DropTun.es. It fetches all the audio files(mp3, m4a, ogg, wav) from the Dropbox account connected, which can be played using the HTML5 media player. Make sure, you are all set with the latest modern web browser(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera). iPhone users can download the app to enjoy their tracks on the go, Android app is yet to make it to the market.<Link>



DropPages is a service for the beginners, want to get the most out of Dropbox, by using it as a web host to host a simple static HTML websites. Not only the beginners, but small business owners can also consider it as the best and the cheapest option to host their websites to aware the people about their business and can market their product without having to shell extra money over web hosting and stuff.<Link>


Consider JotForm as the best alternatives to all those contact forms or Contact form WordPress plugin. You can create, tweak the form the way you want them to be. Not only that, using JotForm, users can also upload/send a file up to 300 MB. Apart from usual functions and buttons, text fields, JotForm also allows users to embed payment(PayPal, Google CheckOut and more) buttons to their forms too. Rather than flooding your mailbox, you can configure it to send all your files and emails to Dropbox. Try it out. Available in both(Free and Paid) variants.<Link>

CloudHQ Dropbox Addon


CloudHQ can be considered as a perfect friend for corporate people or a management team working on a project. CloudHQ syncs all your documents to Google Docs and Basecamp in real time. CloudHQ is featured with bi-directional sync reflects the changes made in one service into another. CloudHQ can sync all your data to multiple web services including Dropbox, Google Docs and more. Users can even edit documents stored in Dropbox using CloudHQ. Another must try, paid or free, your choice. <Link>


There are very few Dropbox addons for Mac are available, and this is one of those addons that I believe will be handy for Mac OS users. MacDropAny allows users to sync any folder on their computer system to communicate with Dropbox cloud storage. MacDropAny is compatible with Snow Leopard and Lion (from version 1.6), and may run on older systems too. To sync folders, one just have to drag-n-drop the folder on to MacDropAny icon, or simply run the service to do the rest for you. <Link>

Dropbox Folder Sync Add-on

Another Dropbox folder sync Add-on, but this for Windows PC users, similar functionalities as that of MacDropAny. Apart from Dropbox native folders, you can simply feed in the new path of the folder that you want to synchronize with Dropbox. Pretty intuitive user-interface, along with that users can simply Sync or UnSync folders right from the right-click context menu. Make sure, the folder is a part of NTFS partition, on Windows XP(SP 3), Vista and Windows 7. It also requires.NET framework too. <Link>



DropitToMe allows other users to upload files to your Dropbox account without hampering your Dropbox account security. Register for an account there, connect the two services by granting the access. Once you are done, you are offered a link, which you can distribute to the users from whom you wish to receive some files along with the upload password that you set at the time of registering your account. 75 MB is the file limit, which you can request from others users to upload it to your Dropbox account. Pretty nice start-up. <Link>. Learn how to use this useful Dropbox add-on with your account:

Dropbox Automator

Dropbox Automater addon

Do you want to impose some functions to the file or content you upload to your Dropbox account? Dropbox Automator allows users to impose pre-defined constraints to the content they upload on Dropbox cloud storage service. Its a massive service and handles lot of functionalities like converting some document to one form to another, sending it to Google Docs, Kindle Fire and more. If you use Dropbox to store your photos and other albums, you can automate process including uploading the photo to Flickr, Picasa, and other editing tasks that can be imposed on photo/images. The list is endless; it’s all up to you how you use Dropbox Automator. Must try Dropbox Add-on. <Link> Learn how to use Dropbox automatic with this video:

TheNextweb has written other useful list here and above are some Dropbox add-ons, using which you can get the most out of your Dropbox account. May be I’m missing the one, that you are using, please share that with us. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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