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    How to generate Dreamhost Promo code & Promote Affiliate Program

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    In my last post I talked about Make money online using Dreamhost affiliate program, and I promised that I will be sharing post on how you can promote Dreamhost affiliate program. Dreamhost is one of those affiliate programs which worked for me, and using it I made good passive income. Income proof with Dreamhost affiliate>

    To get started with, if you have not joined their affiliate, you can join now and it’s free.

    Join Dreamhost Affiliate Program

    So I assume by now you have an affiliate account with Dreamhost and using your credential, login to dreamhost panel.

    dreamhostaff thumb How to generate Dreamhost Promo code & Promote Affiliate Program

    How to Create Dreamhost Discount code for your Blog readers?

    One of the best method which you can use with Dreamhost aff. Program is they allow you to create a promo code, using this you can offer discount to your readers. You can generate maximum discount up to $97. Though I suggest create discount coupon for $50 maximum as this will help you to make money.

    Once you are inside Panel, click on rewards button at the right to create a promo code. Click on Create your own promo code at the bottom of the page.

    createpromocode thumb How to generate Dreamhost Promo code & Promote Affiliate Program

    Click on Create a new Promo code. You can also see all the promo code which you have created till now:

    newpromo thumb How to generate Dreamhost Promo code & Promote Affiliate Program

    Addingcoupon thumb How to generate Dreamhost Promo code & Promote Affiliate Program

    First thing which I would do is create a promo code with Meaningful name. In the past I  have created SML50, SML97 for Shoutmeloud and so on for other blogs. You  might like to use some name, which you can easily recall and related to your brand.

    You have option to add extra goodies like extra domain name, private IP and so on. Though this will decrease your affiliate income.

    Dreamhost let you get a maximum of $97 commission every sale. So if you are giving a discount of $50, for every sale you will be making $47. I usually support creating a promo code for $50 discount.

    Once you have entered all required field, click on Create this promo code now. You will see Promo code successfully generated message or if that promo code already exist, you will be asked to select some other name.

    Linking Promo code to your Affiliate link:

    When you will login to your Panel and click on Rewards tab, you will be seeing your affiliate link.

    affiliatelink thumb How to generate Dreamhost Promo code & Promote Affiliate Program

    So in this case my affiliate link is http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?467570. Now all I need to do is add my promo code after my Aff. link. So for Example to link my SML50 promo code, which offer $50 discount, I will use this link:


    So now when ever a user will sign up this  promo code will be used and he will get $50 discount on Hosting. So all you need to do is, after your aff. link add |promocode

    Why $50 Promo code?

    Some time back I created Dremahost $97 discount code which is the maximum discount one can offer. Many ShoutMeloud readers signed up with that code (SML97) to get $97 discount but they received only $50 discount.

    Dreamhost Customer care guy added that for certain region maximum possible discount is $50. So instead of creating a false alarm for your readers, create $50 discount code as Dreamhost guys are not revealing which countries are eligible for $97 discount and which countries for $50 discount.

    How to promote Dreamhost Affiliate Program

    So by now you know how to create a promo code and add your Dreamhost promo code into your aff. link. Now to promote Dreamhost program:

    • You can share discount coupon via blog post. <Example post>
    • You can add banner on your sidebar
    • Send it via Email Newsletter

    Dreamhost also offer free 15 days trial, you can use that as one of the best marketing mantra to promote your dreamhost affiliate.

    More detail:  How to signup for Free Dreamhost Trial account

    Most effective way is via Blog Post.

    Affiliate Payment

    Users who are in other countries except India can receive money via Paypal or via Check but for Indian affiliate users, only option is via Check. Though I have received my check within time every month.

    If you become a premium affiliate, you can check out money ever month. ( I’m one icon smile How to generate Dreamhost Promo code & Promote Affiliate Program )

    What Next:

    I have shared one of my top money-making formula and I hope it’s going to help you too. Make sure you take help of tutorial and make some big real money and add it into your monthly income report.

    Sign up for Dreamhost Affiliate

    Here is a quick video on generating promo code using Dreamhost Panel:

    Do let me know if you have any question regarding Dreamhost affiliate program. I would love to answer your questions.

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    Joynal Abedin

    Thanks for your nice explanation on DreamHost affiliate program.



    Never knew before that we can create our own discount coupon for dream host.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Even I had no idea about this 2 year back but yes you can..Make sure never use your promo code to buy hosting for you.. It’s against their affiliate TOS.



    Thanks for providing step by step guide for beginners. And I need to get clear my query- If you provided 97$ discount code means for every referral you will receive 0$ ? And another query 97$ discount is eligible for Indian customers?


    Harsh Agrawal

    Hey Vijay
    Yes you got it right.
    $97 Discount means $0 commission for you.
    $50 discount means $47 your commission.
    One of ShoutMeloud reader signed up for Dreamhost using our $97 discount code but he got only $50 discount and when I pinged their live chat for support on this, they confirmed that for many regions $50 is maximum possible discount.



    Hi Harsh

    Incase of $97, $0 makes no point .. Is there any other benefits ??


    Harsh Agrawal

    Hey Swamya
    Technically in terms of Profit you might win your readers heart else offer $50 Discount, this will benefit your readers and you as well. :)

    Nirpendra Patel

    actually i registered from your link and too happy, they billed me only $24.40 for full one year. thanks for your discount coupon “SML97″



    DreamHost are the best hosting and excellent service, Their Affiliate program is also awesome. Harsh I will register to Dreamhost Affiliate program immediately.


    Harsh Agrawal

    I won’t say They are The best but yes they are one among the Best. I already compared Dreamhost with Bluehost and Hostgator here:
    The thing is with the price like $69 with unlimited hosting + Free Domain name, I believe it’s a great deal for first time hosting customer.



    Hi Harsh, Thanks for providing a wonderful tutorial. I am using Dreamhost affiliate program for 3 months, but I didn’t have any success still now. Hope I will earn some money from their affiliate program soon. Thanks again for writing an useful Guide.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Hey Sathish
    Some time it takes time to start making money with affiliate marketing and once you reach that point, you will never look back.
    Best of luck!



    Harsh the same here, Me too didn’t made money from affiliate marketing. And you didn’t said me that for Indian customer can get 97$ coupon? To say the truth my hosting on fatcow is going to complete one year and I am not having more money to renew my hosting. :( So only asking about the dreamhost 97$.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Hey Vijay
    When I wrote about $97 discount code, I had no idea that Indian customer can’t get $97 off. It’s when one Indian user signed up and informed me about the issue.
    Meanwhile how’s your experience with Fatcow? Never heard good review about them.
    If you have just single domain, move to Hostgator hatchling plan which is also cheap else you can sign up for Dreamhost with $50 Discount + 1 free domain with coupon code: SML50

    Tech Maish

    Harsh really this is wonderful way of making decent amount of money. I never heard about this before. Thanks for sharing this, i will try this.


    Anup @ HackTutors

    Very comprehensive post. I already created post to promote my affiliate link on my blog :)

    Thanks for the good information :)



    Success mantra’s are always kept secret, but I’m feeling so good to read a post where a person has revealed his money making idea so well.
    Well everyone dont share their way of making money, felt really good to read your this post.



    Affiliate marketing !! well never works for me, sometime i have to try it when i get large user base :)



    Hi Harsh,
    I have been hosting my site with dreamhost but dont know about the Affiliate marketing.Now only i am trying to work around Affiliate marketing. Thanks for the post.Have created my first affiliate link

    When do we receive our check from dreamhost?Is there any minimum amount to reach.




    Hi Harsh, can you please help me that how to use the promo code which i have created from DreamHost affiliation program. Can you please share some in detail guideline. Thank you.


    Nizam Khan

    Awesome and much useful post! Well, Dreamhost is one of the best hosting service, however I didn’t know about the $97 can only get $50 discount as you mentioned it’s not clear which countries are eligible for full $97 discount. So, I agree it’s better to create a discount code of $50. Thanks for making it clear Harsh and tweeted :)


    Tarun Kumar

    Hai harsh, I am looking into dreamhost affiliate program. So, Can I get paid through paypal now ?


    Tauseef Alam

    Hi Harsh

    I’m new to Dreamhost affiliate. Last month i started promoting them and luckily made approx 20 sales, But still no commission is being showing up in my account. I contacted their support team and they replied that commission takes 15 days time to reflect in your account.

    Now 15 days period has also been over but no commission. As per your experience with them, how long does it take to get the commission credit to your account after the sale.

    Tauseef Alam


    Harsh Agrawal

    In that case get in touch with Dreamhost Affiliate and ask them for a clarification. So far I never had any such issue but if it’s happening with you, I believe there must be some mistake. Do let me know the results..



    hey harsh,

    I have a question, lets say i created a coupon and someone used it to buy hosting and then he created coupon and another person buys from his coupon, will i be able to get small rewards like in other programs ??




    While I started with Fatcow last year, it was not good enough. But now it provided more features and layout design to help customers. They are interacting with customers with helpful ideas too. They newly launched the serviceman to help wordpress users too. Enjoying $ is problem for me else I will remain the same for next year too. After this renewal I survive my blog like an empire king to hit top 5 Indian bloggers list if I joined with you..waiting :)


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