How to Download YouTube Videos on Safari

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How to Download YouTube Videos on Safari

Youtube is a user-content generated video sharing site, which is one of the largest and most popular video portal at the moment. There are plenty of websites and ways which we can use to download Youtube Videos, which will help us to save our bandwidth, as streaming costs us almost the same bandwidth as downloading.  Steaming of video has nothing to do with your internet speed, and let’s keep it out of the context of this tutorial. Today, in this tutorial, I will be talking about how you can donwnload Youtube videos on Safari browser. Though I know, Safari is not very popular browser among Windows users, but still you can separately keep Safari as your personal Youtube downlaoder software.
Download Youtube videos on Safari
There are a number of ways to download online videos. There are plenty of sites on the internet which allow you to paste the link of a YouTube video which will give a downloadable video link in return. Normally, these sites are riddled with ads and pop-ups and they also take a long time to convert the video into a downloadable file. This does not lead to a very good user experience.

Sometimes the quality of downloaded videos is not so great and sometimes the download fails before completion if the site does not run on reliable servers.

Today, I am going to share a trick with you by which you can download YouTube videos on Safari and virtually any online flash video in beautiful H.264 encoded .m4v or .mp4 format in the quickest possible way and without losing any video quality.

Tutorial to download YouTube Videos on Safari

To make use of this trick, you will have to use latest version of Safari web browser. The operating system needs to be Windows or Mac. You can download Safari from here and then follow this tutorial to download any flash files.

1. Go to and download ClickToPlugin Safari Extension.

ClickToPlugin Safari Extension

2. The extension should start downloading and will complete in a few moments.

3. After the download has completed, open the ClickToPlugin extension which will prompt you to install it in Safari like below screenshots. Choose to open and install the extension:

4. After the installation completes, when you open Safari Preferences and go to Extensions tab, you will see ClickToPlugin installed:

5. When you click on the checkbox titled “Click this checkbox to access the settings”, you will see a list of HTML5 conversion scripts listed for various popular video sites like below:

HTML5 conversion Killer Scripts.js

As you can see from the screenshot, almost all popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc are supported by this plugin.

6. Go to and make sure you are NOT participating in the HTML5 trial. If you are, choose to leave the trial. This step is essential because the extension works by converting flash video to HTML5 and hence if the video is already in HTML5, it will not convert and you will not be able to get the convenient “Download Video” button which I will describe below.

7. Now when you go to any video, for example, to Download Kolaveri Di video song,  ( you will notice that the video heads-up display (HUD) is different that what we normally find on YouTube. You now just need to right-click on the video and a new menu will popup which has the option “Download Video”. Just choose that option to download video and watch it download to your computer. :)

Download Kolaveri Di video song

That is all there is to this trick. No more wait times at lagging websites and no more popups and ads to deal with when you want to download a YouTube video. Just right-click on the source and choose to download. Cannot get any simpler than this! Whatʼs more?

For Chrome users, you can consider installing this greasemonkey script specifically for Youtube videos, which adds an option to download videos in .mp4 or .flv format. You can also download embedded YouTube videos on safari browser using the same trick. Hope you find this new trick to download YouTube videos very useful as I have. :)


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