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    Download Thesis 1.8.3 : Review and Features

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    Today I have some good news and some bad news for Thesis users or who have been planning to buy Thesis. Thesis 1.8.3 is released today which bring couple of new features that we will look into it in this post. More over, most awaited Thesis2.0 plan is announced but expected date is unknown and the way things are moving I believe, it will take 5-6 months at least.

    Thesis1.8.3 review Download Thesis 1.8.3 : Review and Features

    If you are completely new to Thesis theme, Thesis is one of the best WordPress Theme framework in the market. I have already explained a lot about Thesis theme in my Thesis theme review post and how amazing and how SEO optimized it is, doesn’t need more explanation. Anyways, here I’m giving a quick Thesis 1.8.3 review and outlining some of the new features added into 1.8.3 version of this theme.

    What’s new in Thesis 1.8.3 WordPress Theme:

    We all know Google is paranoid about Page speed and it’s one of the factor in ranking. Thesis updated version takes care of this and comes with performance enhancement and some features which will let you lower down the HTTP request. Thesis1.8.3 design mode feature Download Thesis 1.8.3 : Review and Features

    Thesis design mode option:

    In new Thesis, they have added an option call design mode, which combine the layout.css and style.css into one and that lowers down the HTTP request to one from two and it actually helps in improving your page load score. Though, you can always use this feature using some plugin but having an inbuilt feature is really useful for non-tech savvy WordPress users.

    To use this feature, you need to download Thesis1.8.3, upgrade your Theme and then go to Thesis site options >Style sheet options > Design mode.

    Uncheck the option and now check your site load time using YSlow or gtMetrix.

    Thesis improved header and Favicon uploader:

    Thesis header Image uploader Download Thesis 1.8.3 : Review and Features

    Long time back Thesis added a feature which made adding header image and favicon super easy from the dashboard. In 1.8.3 version of Thesis, this feature got an uplift and supports drag and drop feature like we have for WordPress media upload. Just an additional feature but good to see it’s getting along with latest WordPress version.

    Thesis WordPress multi-site support:

    This is one feature which doesn’t interest me much as I’m running stand alone WordPress. In case, if you are using WordPress multi-site feature, Thesis 1.8.3 completely support multi-site feature & it created separate /custom folder for each site. So technically, with one license of Thesis, you can have different design for your every blog in multi-site environment. Something every multi-site user would droll about.

    Apart from that this updated version of Thesis also comes up with some performance tweaks and support for Gravity form (One of the best premium plugin for forms).

    How to upgrade & install Thesis 1.8.3?

    Upgrading your current Thesis layout to Thesis1.8.3 is dead easy and here I’m outlining some of the important steps which you can do to upgrade Thesis in seconds.

    • Login to your DIYthemes.com account and download Thesis1.8.3.
    • Take a backup of your current Thesis /custom folder
    • Backup of Thesis style and design option ( Thesis > Manage options>
    • Upload Thesis 1.8.3 to your server
    • Upload backed up custom folder to newly Uploaded Thesis folder
    • Change file permission for these two files
    • Layout.css to 666
    • /Cache folder to 777
    • Activate Thesis
    • Upload download Thesis design and options file.

    And your Thesis theme is upgraded to latest updated version. Don’t forget to  check other site options and design options and verify. Also, as I mentioned above Thesis design mode option, don’t forget to use this feature to make your Thesis blog faster.

    Buy Thesis Theme

    Why you should Buy Thesis 1.8* before Thesis 2.0

    Along with this, Pearson also announced about the Thesis2.0 which is work under progress and going to be out with some awesome feature or probably a complete new feature rich framework. Thesis 2.0 price is going to be higher than current price for single and developer license, but if you buy it now, you will be able to get free update of Thesis2.0.

    Anyways, I was getting worried with Thesis slow upgrades but again it make sense that even now, Thesis is one of the best framework and hardly 1-2 other framework which managed to impress me like Swift and Genesis.

    But after getting an official confirmation about Thesis2.0, I’m changing my mind and sticking to Thesis only, as we are using it in all of our blog network and needless to say how beneficial Thesis is in terms of search engine optimization.

    If you are completely new to Thesis, check out their pricing model here and in the end I will share some useful resources from past, which might make you opt for this awesome framework.

    Thesis 1.8.3 Price1 Download Thesis 1.8.3 : Review and Features

    If you are planning to use Thesis on only one site, you can opt for personal site license and for multiple site or for multi-site network, you need to download Thesis developer license and Payment option is PayPal.

    Download Thesis now

    Here are some useful resources from past, which will help you to get started with Thesis theme.

    More over you can check out our Thesis customization gallery and learn more about it.

    If you have installed and upgraded Thesis to Thesis 1.8.3, do let us know your first hand review and experience with it.

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    Ammar Ali

    I am using Thesis 1.8 for last 2 months. Its amazing for SEO. Now I thing i need to upgrade it to get better result


    Amit Shaw

    Wow Nice One. Finally Thesis Realse the update. Now i am confused which one will be best? Genesis or Thesis. Am using free swift and want to change it. Thanks for sharing Harsh.



    I am using Thesis 1.8 from last year, and I have setup this website from one of my friend, he got developer package, tell me how can I upgrade to the latest version ?



    Wonder Thesis theme is the best theme i know. But big sites like techcrunch not using it !!!
    Blogger can do better even without Thesis theme. I know it saves developer time etc.. Learning Thesis hope i get more..


    Dhasof White

    I still use Prosense. I’m not too interested in Thesis, because I think to get the SEO, Not only the look but the most important are content and backlinks.



    Unfortunately bro, I’m using Genesis on my blog and all blogs under my network. Had using Thesis before, but after did comparisons between Thesis and Genesis, I go for Genesis and happy and never regret. Wish you too bro… :)



    So finally they updated it !! Was thinking it will be Dead but Still people were waiting for 2.o and they have to wait for it ..



    Thesis 1.8.3 makes 2 http requests for stylesheets instead of 3 2 http requests. so we can expect more speed ….!!!



    thanks for shearing
    I am using Thesis 1.8 for last 2 months. Its amazing for SEO. Now I thing i need to upgrade it to get better result.



    So at this rate updates are coming out annually? Plus he’s hyped 2.0 for over a year. I’m already using thesis but will likely move to another framework soon as this one is about dead.


    Maher Singh

    well thesis theme if my mav wordpress theme this very customizable Theme for pro wordpress blogers thanks Harsh Agrawal for sharing this article.


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