How To Get CommentLuv Premium Plugin For Free

By looking at the post title” Get CommentLuv Premium For Free” I am sure you must be thinking that I will be giving you nulled version of Commentluv or sharing Premium version of CommentLuv Plugin with all of you. But you are wrong folks, actually I am going to share a cool trick with all of you by which you can enjoy the features of CommentLuv Premium For Free on your blog. But before sharing the trick let me tell you in brief about CommentLuv and how it works.

So What Is CommentLuv  plugin?

CommentLuv is a popular WordPress plugin which is invented by Andy Bailey. The main idea behind CommentLuv is to reward your blog commentators and readers by linking to their blog post. Actually there are two versions of CommentLuv i.e. Free Version and Premium Version. Both are awesome but the main difference between the two versions is the Incentives.

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Commentluv Premium is a collection of 8 plugins in one .It is made in such a way that it will help you in bringing more traffic and comments to your blog.It also gives you the ability to fight against spam (GASP), integrate twitter link, G+ shares,FB likes, add keywords and you can even show top commentators widget on your blog. Premium version also has ReplyMe plugin, whenever Author replies any comments, he gets notified by Email.

commentluv premium

For More Inforamtion Please Check CommentLuv Premium Official Website.

How To Use CommentLuv Premium Features For Free

As name suggests, Comment luv premium is a paid plugin, and it’s priced at $67 for single site, and $97 for multi-site license. Well, it’s actually a good idea for a newbie blogger to use this plugin to get more comments, and social share. But, not all can afford this price for a plugin. As a result they have no choice but to use free version of CommentLuv or use any other commenting Plugin on their blog. I am even using free version of CommentLuv on my blog.

Those who have money can buy the CommentLuv Premium and those who can’t afford to buy the premium version (like me) can follow the steps given below!!

That’s it you have installed main plugins which are included in CommentLuv Premium. Now you can enjoy the features of CommentLuv Premium For Free!!

Commentluv plugin

By the end, using the combination of all the plugins above, you can get the power of commentluv premium on your blog for free.If you like this trick then please do leave your valuable comments here and don’t forget to share this with your friends!! Cheers!!

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COMMENTs ( 34 )

  1. says

    Do you think the price for premium is worth it compared to the free one? I guess not as you found a work around… but even so, besides spam protection, are the other features that good?

  2. says

    Thanks Deepak, for sharing this great post. I am currently using the comment luv plugin but was not enjoying its premium benefits but now after reading your post, it will help.
    Thanks once again

  3. says

    Very good and intersting mathrd u share. i also wanna try on my blog any way thanks man. but one more thing 2 much plugin makes site loady and site cannot load faster as well i know. please give any feedback about this situation thanks..?

  4. says


    I read your article which is awesome because you have helped hundreds of bloggers plug in the premium version of Commentluv for free. What a great idea dude!

  5. Sahil Arora says

    Thanks a lot for this trick. You save my time and money. I am surely going to do what you said in above article but what I am worried about is the blog’s loading speed after installing all those plugins you mentioned! Will the blog speed affected as you told 5 plugins to be installed just for comments purpose and we have to install many other plugins as well. I doubt for the blog’s speed. What you say?

  6. Patrick Mahinge says

    I came across your post when I was looking for “Nulled CommentLuv Plugin” Great to know that I do not have to go for the nulled version. I installed all the plugins that you mentioned and boy! Am I loving the features. I eespecially wanted the ReplyMe Functionality as it adds to the pageviews and is very motivating to a person who has commented on your blog.
    Thanks for the tips

  7. Kenneth Sweet says

    Thank you for posting these tips. I installed all the plug-ins and seem to be getting the same features as the paid version of CommentLuv that I almost purchased. Your time posting this is appreciate by many of us.

  8. Subhash Bohra says

    Hi harsh

    In a comment you mentioned you are not using Commentluv plugin, then ???

    I am new to blogging or say lazy new !!! I am trying everything what I find. I am confused about to use or to not use the commentluv plugin for my website.

    Can you please help me out, I read almost all article of yours and other blogs and trying to be more consistence and slowly develop my website.


  9. Adesanmi Adedotun says

    Hi Deepak,

    I love your research and what you finally comeby on this issue. Commentluv premium plugin is a great plugin, the free version is also better though but with the premium things can be as it’s expected. Combining all these plugins will make one feel the sense of using Commentluv premium but for those who lack simple HTML, and PHP knowledge, this can effect it blog loading time.

  10. says

    I just read about this plugin yesterday in the process of getting a backlinks from their site. The plugins work in awesome way, needless to say if you need a quality backlink you need to put you effort to get it.

    So I want this plugin for my blog, but as already mentioned in your article that the free version has a limited scope and paid version has a heavy price, combination of all these will give you a premium comment luv plugin. Great thinking Dude !!!

  11. sahil sehgal says

    M pretty happy and glad to know about the information you shared about the Commentluv plugins

    Good article brother keep on updating us.

  12. Mark says

    I love Commentluv premium, but not enough money for buy! So thank you so much for your tips, with features of Commentluve Premium I think 5 plugin installed is not a prob! :)

  13. Stephanie says

    Hi Deepak,

    CommentLuv, and your way of getting a free premium version sounds like a good idea – I will give it a go – as my blog/site is fairly new there aren’t too many comments on there at present so I hope this will encourage visitors to leave me a comment!

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Philip Okechukwu says

    Hi, Nice one Deepak.

    In fact i call this one “How to save some cool cash”. But i some how do agree with Ankur Upadhyay. But all the same, thanks once more.


  15. Walter Pinem says

    haha, really useful. now I can taste the function of a premium plugin. thanks for the great info :D

  16. Raghav says

    In my opinion no matter how many plugins you install, the site speed can be managed by keeping a low profile..
    and no matter what, if the content is good and people like your blog, THEY WILL WAIT!!

  17. Jack says

    Hi Deepak,

    You are using CommentLuv Free Version at . But buy doing that you are not having the chance to allow your readers to comment also via Facebook or Google+.

    Even Harsh at ShoutMeLoud uses a plugin named Comments Evolved for WordPress ( ) , so he can receive comments from Google+.

    I ask you: wich is the best plugin to get comments from wordpress + Facebook + Google+ , which one do you advice to use?

    Thanks and congratulations for the post.

    • says

      I would anytime recommend Comment evolved for WordPress plugin. Comment luv is a great plugin to offer incentive for getting more comments, but I find it less useful in long run, as admin ends up adding many non-related links on a page. My 2 cents..

    • says

      Thanks for leaving your comment Jack, I would try to implement G+ Comments on my blog ASAP. BTW as you are giving more importance to social media therefore I would recommend Jetpack Comments. With the help of Jetpack comments you can integrate FB,Twitter and WordPress comments. For G+ Comments you can use the plugin which Harsh is using on Shoutmeloud.

  18. vikash shankar says

    This is really good to have premium commentluv free of cost. I will give it a try and will post my experience later.

  19. says

    Hi Deepak,

    Combining plugins to have the same effect is a great idea, but i have always felt that more plugins seem to slowdown WordPress. I suppose, its a cost that we have to bear when getting something for free.

    Hmm…this must be the cost of free goodies?


  20. Ankur Upadhyay says

    The main problem with this strategy is that adding too many plugins to a blog slows it down. Replacing 1 commentluv premium plugin with 5 different plugins will affect the loading speed of any blog considerably. Don’t you think so?
    It is a cool trick but has its disadvantages.

    • says

      Indeed I agree with you on adding too many plugins will slow down the loading time, but just to make it more authentic: Using too many plugins doesn’t slow down a WordPress website. Infact using unoptimized or outdated plugins slows down a site. If you are using a plugin which is coded following latest WordPress standard, in most of the cases it will now slow down your site. I have seen a blog running 80+ plugins (Yes 80+) and loading time is perfect…. If you want to read more about it, here is one detailed post:

    • says

      Too Many Plugins Slow Your Site,this is not always true .It depend on the type of plugins you are using on your blog.I am using more than 25+ Plugins on my blog.Remember it’s not the number it’s the quality of the coding that matters most.

      According to Mike Little (Co Founder WordPress) some plugins are slow,some are fast,some plugins have no effect and some even increases your website speed.

  21. Abhishek Taneja says

    Glad to know these tips on commentluv plugin. I have installed free version of this plugin and now i am gonna implement all this tricks to make it work like premium plugin..
    thanks :)