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Download Facebook for iPad: Video Review

Download Facebook for iPad: Video Review

Facebook for iPad is one of those iPad apps, which all iPad users were waiting eagerly. Though Geeks who already have a jailbroken iPad, they were enjoying Facebook for iPad from long time using a small Cydia tweak. Like earlier tweaked version of Facebook for iPad, this version also allows you to login to multiple Facebook account at once. Anyways, finally Fb for iPad is out and available for download from app store. If you were already using iPhone version of Fb on your iPad, you can simply upgrade the app from App store and start using iPad optimized version.

Facebook iPad

Though this app has already created lots of buzz before launching and not all in good sense. Developer who created Facebook iPad app, already left the company as he finished the app months back and Facebook didn’t show any interest in launching this app. More over, it’s clear from the interface of the app, that it’s not matching the latest most popular stories and recent stories changes on Facebook homepage. Something, which is quite visible when you are using Fb app on your iPhone.

Anyways, none the less, wait is over for all iPad users who were dying to get a dedicated iPad app for Facebook. This iPad optimized version can do almost everything excluding many things which any dedicated Facebook user would like to have. For example: Facebook Video chat is still not available on iPad version and this is one of those feature that I would like to see on my iPad. for now there is no direct way for now, to use Facebook video chat on an iPad.

As I mentioned above this app on iPad allows multiple Facebook login, but you can access multiple fb account at one time. It saves your account login ID but you have to enter your password every time when you switch your account. This app also gives you flexibility to make changes in your account and privacy settings.

Also Facebook already have messenger app but in this iPad version, you can access Facebook messages from any page, which will give you feel of using Facebook messenger app inside Fb for iPad app.

Here are some of the screenshots of Facebook for iPad:

Here is a video tour of Facebook app for iPad:

You can download Facebook for iPad from official App store or here is a page on Facebook where you can click on get App.

If you are a Facebook addict, I’m sure you would love to have this app on your iPad. With the iPad touch screen, you would love browsing more on Facebook. Apart from all other popular iPad Blogging apps, this is one of the app which I use on my day to day life.

I hope Google plus is keeping an eye on this development from Facebook, as they have not released any iPad optimized version of Google plus. Do let us know if you have tried Facebook app on your iPad and how was your initial view and reaction on simplicity of this app?

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  • jayaar

    Accessing multiple accounts at one time is really a great feature.
    Thanks for the article, Mr.Harsh Agrawal.


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