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Download at work is a useful site for those people who works in office. Usually office firewall blocks the download type of certain file extensions. Usually, this is done to stop unauthorized downloads at work. Dlatwork is a useful website which will help you to download files at work in different file extension. This way, your office Firewall, won’t be able to detect what kind of file you are downloading.
download at work

dlatwork is a great website which let you download any file in an environment where most of the file extensions are blocked. Download the original file by changing the extension and once finished downloading change the original extension.

Unfortunately, this service is no more up but it doesn’t meant you can’t download files at work. You can use torrent to search your desire file in different file formats. Here are list of  Torrent search engines. You can also upload your .exe file in different format to your Gmail account and download when you are at work. After downloading, change the file extension and you will have your .exe site with you. As soon as an alternative site to dlatwork will be available, I will update this page.

Underget is one such alternative site to dlatwork, which is still working. It works the same way as dlatwork. Check out Underget here.

In case, if your office has blocked file downloading based on site and not file extensions, you can use Ultra Surf to access all such blocked sites and download anything. Here you can read my guide on How to use Ultrasurf

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  1. sami says

    There is a similar but better website at:

    It can not only rename the file you download but can optionally encode it so it bypasses proxies better.
    It also allows unlimited download size.