Doshare Chrome Extension: Makes Google Plus Post Scheduling Easy

Despite of Google plus being one of the important Social networking site for Bloggers (It improves search engine ranking), I hate it due to lack of very few third-party applications, to automate the process. Earlier I have shared How to Auto publish blog posts to Google plus pages and today, I’m talking about Doshare chrome extension which will let you post anything from Chrome browser and also let you schedule status update on Google plus.

Using Doshare to Schedule Google plus Status :

Doshare is not like other third-party application like Hootsuite or buffer, which works on server-side. Means, when you schedule anything, your status update is stored on server and it will be posted at given time. Doshare chrome extension is a client site add-on and it works only when your chrome browser is open, you are connected to internet and most important you are logged into Google plus. For an internet user like me, who is always connected to Internet, this addon is very useful to keep my Google plus profile updated and active.

Here I’m sharing a quick tutorial on how you can post or schedule Google plus status updates using Doshare extension. Go ahead and download and install this free and useful extension from Chrome store. Once you have this extension installed, click on Doshare icon next to chrome wrench icon and it will open a post editor for Google plus. This addon also offers post scheduling to Google plus page, once you are on Post editor section of Doshare, click on settings icon and you can set your preferences.

doshare Google plus status updator

Now, you can easily change profile and also set the privacy level of status updates, like we normally do while using Google plus. If you need to schedule status update on Google plus, simply click on Schedule tab and add the date and time and your post will go live at the scheduled time.

schedule Google plus Status update

Once you have scheduled Google plus status update, simple share it and it will be published at the desired time. Now, here is interesting bit, you can also save drafts and you can edit them later and publish it. If you are on a webpage and you click on Doshare icon, it will automatically pull the article title, image and description and makes it easier to use.

Why you need to use Doshare Extension?

This is one of it’s kind of extension for chrome and there are very few such addons for Google plus. When you have multiple Google plus pages, it’s hard to manage and update them everyday. Doshare takes care of it and you can manage multiple pages and also your personal profile.

One of the key to get success on Google plus is by sharing interesting bits and updates, and doshare extension will make it easier for you. Here are Key points and features of this addon:

  • It’s free and works great with Chrome browser
  • Supports Google plus pages
  • Schedule status updates on Google plus profile and pages
  • Work on client site (No 3rd party login or interference)
  • Save posts/status update as draft
  • Distraction free Text editor
  • Supports multiple Google login
  • Reshare people status update using Doshare extension

Now, if you really want to make most out of this extension, work for an hour on a given day and schedule 2-3 status update/day on every Google plus page and profile you own and this will keep them updated and interactive. None the less, when you are reading any useful article on Web, simply click on Doshare extension and you can add your comment, opinion and schedule it for update.

I hope you will make most out of this extension and here are some more useful Chrome addon for Bloggers:

Why not, go ahead try Doshare extension and test it by scheduling this article on Google plus using it. Don’t forget to circle me on Google plus.

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  1. Kashif Minhaj says

    Hey ya! Thanks for posting about Doshare. I am going to try this extension now. I love Google Chrome!!!

  2. Chris says

    I think this extension should be considered to the list of SEO strategy not just for online share. thank you