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Those who are working online from last few years, I’m sure you must be having more than 2 domains. In the last 4 years, I have purchased almost 50+ domains, and hardly 15 of them are live. I used to use different domain registration services to buy domains, until I started ShoutMydomain. One big problem which I used to face earlier with so many domain is domain management. I had domains on Namecheap, Godaddy, and on many other domain registrar. I used to wait for cheap offer like ($1 domain or free domain), from any registrar, and used to buy domains. This was a good idea to save some money, but turns out to be a bad idea later, as I keep forgetting about new domains which I bought from different domain registrar.

I’m sure I’m not the only one facing this problem, and many of you wanted to have such a domain management tool, where you can view all your domains, their status, expiry date, and get email or SMS notification before you reach expiry date. Here I will be talking about Dominder (Domain + reminder), which is a useful online tool to manage all your domains, from one place.

How to use Dominder to manage your domains:

Dominder is an easy to use online tool, which offers various feature. This service will let you monitor unlimited domains from one place, and you can find various details about your domain from here. Here are few of the features of Dominder:

  • Easy domain management : You can quickly check all your domain status from one place.
  • Domain record : Check what’s the record of all your domains from one place. If any record is wrong, this is a good place to find out.
  • Domain expiration reminder : You can set custom Email or SMS reminder for receiving notifications before domain expires. This will help you to save your self  “Oh crap!” moment.
  • Domain hosting monitoring: If your domain is live, and hosted on a server. It will work as website uptime monitoring. You can set it to notify you for site downtime.
  • Add notes to your domain : If you wish to add custom notes for any domain, this feature will let you do it.
  • Check your domain security  (Blacklisted or security loophole) : Check if your domain is blacklisted or if it doesn’t pass Google safe browsing. Very useful, if you are one of those who  have hundred plus domains.
  • Domain finances: You can also add how much money you making from a domain in a month. This will be helpful for niche marketer to decide, which website to pay more attention, and which one needs least.

Here is a screenshot of Dominder dashboard:

Dominder domain Management

Domain finances

If you are one of those internet marketer; who is running hundreds of Websites, you will find Dominder very useful. At the time of writing this service is completely free, and you get 5 free SMS notifications. If you need more SMS notification, you can buy additional SMS by paying little price. Over all, as a domain management tool, Dominder is one of the best I have seen.

Check out Dominder

Here is a quick video review of Dominder:

Do let me know which website or desktop software you are using to keep a track of all your domains?

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. David Smith says

    Great tool! Was getting VERY sick of all the spam from Godaddy, Namecheap and the like… but was useful so didn’t lose a domain. Good solution – appreciate it :)

  2. says

    Wow this is a great tool, never even seen this before. Just signed up and already loving it. Thanks for posting this. I have a lot of domains through namecheap, but with an interface like this, I might turn notifications off there and rely on this as it is much more user friendly.

  3. Hasi Haseeb says

    First of all I would like to say, this post is really helpful for those who owns multi-domains with different registrars.
    I have planed to buy Multi-domain hosting from an Indian company, so that i could add my other domains in Godaddy and other registrars to single account.
    Lemme know, What you have to say on this ?

  4. Dominder says


    Thank you for review of our web application. We hope it will help you a lot and let you save your time and money

    We make some fixes and additions to Dominder every day. We will add more useful and cool options in nearest future. You can check for our updates on our Facebook page

    Feel free to send us your proposals and questions

    Best regards,

  5. Amandeep Singh says

    That’s a great tool, finally I will manage all my domains in one place :)

    Although I have majority of my domains on GD, still will use it to collate all the information at one place… Thanks! :)

  6. Amit Shaw says

    Thanks Harsh For Another UseFul Tools :) Going to Add my all domain which i bought from HG, Godaddy, BigRock and Namecheap ;)

    • rakeshkumar says

      You are right amit, according to this article, this is a very good tools for all those people who have more than one domain name. I am also going to register myself here. Thanks to harsh for informing us for this wonderful tool.

  7. vishnu kumar says

    hi harsh!
    today onwards i am going to use dominder tool to manage my both ipage and bluehost accounts .
    i hope this will be helpful for many bloggers who are using multiple hosting accounts.
    thank your for this useful

  8. rupesh says

    impressive post harsh planning to buy TLD but stuck between public and private domain can you please help ?