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Do Blogs Need to Spend Money on Advertising?

Do Blogs Need to Spend Money on Advertising?

Advertising is one of the best way to let people now about your brand and getting more traffic. Though advertising is a costly affair and we have many options for advertising like Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising or direct advertisement. For a company or a service provider, advertisement seems to be a great deal but how about Blogs? It is often asked on whether blogs need to be advertised. In my opinion, the answer is, in some cases – yes.

Many will say that there is no point in advertising a blog. The internet today offers a lot of alternative to advertise your blog for free. One of the greatest way is through guest posts. Guest posting is the most effective way to let other people know about you and your blog. Other ways include commenting at popular sites and the search engine traffic is more or less targeted.

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Advertising: Waste of money??

So basically, the majority of blogger’s consider advertising a blog a total waste of money. Really?? I do not share your views.  Suppose you have an Entertainment blog – would you not consider advertising it on other similar niche sites or would you do a guest post? The tragic part is only blogs related to niches like “SEO”, “Blogging Tips” and “Internet” allow you to do guest post. Do you think you could do a guest post about celebrities (to SEO your entertainment blog) on these niche sites. Almost all webmasters will reject your post. Some blog niches simply need to be advertised after a certain stage.

It is important that we think of blogs in a broad state of mind, while reading this post. If you restrict yourself to whether niches such as “Blogging” should advertise then it will affect your thinking.

Advertising Myth?

There are lots of myths such as advertising is only required for those sites that sell products or offer a service.

This is all not true. Advertising your blog can help you a lot in branding and formally introducing you to a new set of audience. At the same time, even if people do not click on your ad – you can be sure that they have registered your blog’s logo in their sub-conscious mind. So when one day when they find your blog through search engine, you can be sure that you just got a new loyal reader who thinks you are a really popular blogger.

BUT – there are a few things you must remember while advertising your blog. The number one thing that you must remember is that your blog’s archive should be huge and your content must be quite attractive. Unless, your blog has a lot of good content that will keep your new visitor glued to the monitor then do not advertise. Advertising a blog is useless if you have a 5-month old blog which has 50 posts to date, it is better to continue growing your blog a status when you can finally show readers that your blog has a lot to offer.

Advertising your blog on various PPC network is useful, when you are selling a product like eBook or running a membership site. In short, you are spending money on buying potential customers.

Another thing to keep in your mind is landing page. Instead of letting your advertisement traffic land on Homepage, create a dedicated landing page with Welcome note and some of the best article from your site. Give subscription option a prominent space and let them know what they can expect in Email or when they subscribe to your blog. This will not only help getting more views on your top posts but also you will be converting that one time traffic into regular subscribers.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment and leave your thoughts.

This is a guest post by Vivek, who writes at CollegeFalllout. If you like to write for Shoutmeloud, do read: Shoutmeloud revenue sharing Program.

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  • Michael Aulia

    I’m always thinking whether I should use AdWords to advertise on my blog.. I mean, I got around $5 a day with AdSense..if I can get a few hundred traffics with it through AdWords..why not?

    But I never see a blog advertised on AdWords..

  • Rahul

    I saw some blogs as ads….i think they need sudden exposure…even you can try cpm ads for your blogs. Like bharat students do..

  • Chethan

    blog needs advertising if it is looking for a brand name

    • Vivek Krishnan

      Branding is the biggest gain out of advertising blogs!

  • Tushar

    well, if you do have some spare money, little advertising will not hurt

  • Vivek Krishnan

    @Suhasini- Thanks!

  • Suhasini

    Well the best mode of advertisement these days is Facebook and it is affordable too. Nice post Vivek.

  • NpXp

    Advertising is a must if you are looking for a huge growth and exposure. But for a normal blogger the money spent on advertising would be a waste.

    So my advice is that Advertising is to be done only when it is established and wants more user-base or to sell a product maybe.

    • Vivek Krishnan

      @NpXp- Yes, but if a normal blogger thinks that his blog is ready for advertisement, then he should advertise.


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