DMCA Takedown Penalty Added as New Factor in Google Ranking

Plagiarism and piracy is something which is not new to Internet. Every day, we see lots of torrents and pirated content on the Web. For a Blogger, seeing their content copied somewhere is nothing new and we often file a DMCA takedown request to remove such content from Web index. Specially after First Google panda launch, plagiarism content become an issue and we have seen sites copying content ranked higher in many cases. In last one and half-year, Google have made major Search engine algo updates and changes and made their search engine smart. In fact, these days I hardly see any copy-paste bloggers to rank higher in search. Now, here is a good news for those Bloggers and Webmasters who are tired of seeing blogs copying posts from your blog and still ranking higher in search.

Google DMCA May lead to Domain level penalty?

In last 1 year, I have reported over 2000 links to Google to remove it from the Web. Here is an exact step by step guide to put a request to Google for DMCA takedown. Today Amit singhal, SVP of Google added about the latest search engine ranking factor, which will lower down the ranking of a site, if it has received a large number of DMCA request.

In an official blog post, Amit mentioned:

Since we re-booted our copyright removals over two years ago, we’ve been given much more data by copyright owners about infringing content online. In fact, we’re now receiving and processing more copyright removal notices every day than we did in all of 2009—more than 4.3 million URLs in the last 30 days alone. We will now be using this data as a signal in our search rankings.

This means, any site which is receiving lots of DMCA takedown request, his search engine ranking will be dropped. Specially pirated and warez sites will be badly affected with this new update and may lower down the percentage of pirated content we see in search engine. Though, I doubt if Google will lower down the ranking of Youtube (Google’s product), as Youtube keep getting pirated and copyright video takedown request.

DMCA Google penalized sites

To add the transparency of DMCA removal request, you can check out this page by Google, where you can see which all Websites have received DMCA removal request. A quick scan will show, that most of torrent, free file upload sites, mp3 sites have huge number of DMCA removal request and we can see their ranking going down in search engine. You can also check the list of pending and recent DMCA removal request by others.

What DMCA Penalty meant for you as a Blogger?

Most of the bloggers ignore when someone is copying their content, but it’s the wrong approach. There is no point of letting anyone taking advantage of your hard work and if someone copies your content, you can use Google DMCA site and report all such content. If you are not sure, how to find all such content, you can take help of plagiarism checker websites. Specially services like Copyscape will get a great boost with this new DMCA Search engine penalty, as it’s one of the best tool to check for copied content.

Here is another catch, Google usually don’t entertain automated blogs, who copies partial content and in such cases, you can use RSS footer plugin to add a credit link back to your site. You should also consider using TYNT script, which will also helps in getting free links for copied content. Since, you can’t take direct action against, partially copied content, using RSS footer and TYNT will be useful for you.

Also, if you have copied content in the starting days of Blogging (Common blogging mistakes), you should consider deleting all such content, to avoid getting penalized for copied content. You can simply delete all such content and using Google webmaster removal tool, put a request to quickly remove content from Web-index. Here is a video, I have done some time back. which will show how you can put a removal request for copied content:

If your site has received a DMCA takedown message, simply use the chillingeffects guide to initiate counter-notice.

This is a great step taken by Google to fight against piracy, as lowering down ranking will decrease the search engine visibility of your site. There is no denying the fact, that People use search engine to find pirated content (Movies, songs, software keys, etc..etc..), and by lowering down the visibility of pirated websites in Google search, download hungry users may head to other search engines like Bing ?

If you have been penalized for any past update, here are some of the guides, which you should n’t miss:

What’s your view about this update from Google? Do you think it will help making Google search better?

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Pranjal says

    Though, I was not reporting earlier for sites posting my original content but from now onwards I would start submitting to DMCA take-down request.

  2. Sachin Kundu says

    Nice Start by Google, i am happy there are lots of pirated domains movies sites ranked very high. One of my friend producing movie always being afraid of copyright issue over internet.

  3. Nizam says

    Using RSS footer plugin to add a credit backlink and TYNT script to get free links for copied content are good strategies to implement for automated blogs that copies partial content. And copyscape is really a great tool to check if the content has been copied and it is really useful. Thanks Harsh for this informative post :)

  4. Deepak says

    Ya harsh it happened once with my blog one guy was coping all content with the link to his site making URL changes. And I was shocked that he also had google ads though he was doing such activities. But i dint tried to do complaint but I talked politely with that guy and he removed all copied content from his blog. But since after that I decided that as mine blog will grow chances of getting copied will be more and I will be soon taking advantage of DMCA service.
    While this article is really informative.

  5. Chris says

    Sometimes our blog post considered as plagiarism by googlebot although we are not. Therefore blogger should use plagiarism checker before publish their post to remove duplicate sentence. Best plagiarism checker i think after copyscape. thank you