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I have already shared about Jetpack WordPress plugin, which is one of the essential plugin for your blog. Jetpack is single plugin, which is developed by Automattic (WordPress parent company), and offers different modules to enhance WordPress features. Some of the notable features of this plugin is:

These are just few of the features offered by JetPack, and there are many more features that you can activate using this plugin. Today, I was working on optimization of my WordPress blog, and first thing I did is: I used P3 plugin profiler plugin to find out, which plugin is taking maximum resources from my server. I already told you, using too many plugins will slow down your blog, and if you are aware of plugins I use at ShoutMeLoud, you would realize that I’m making most out of memory offered by my VPS hosted on SSHVM.

Why deactivate unused Jetpack plugin module?

Now, here is a screenshot of P3 plugin profiler plugin, after running the test with few unused modules on.

Jetpack module memory resources

And this is the report generated by P3 plugin profiler plugin, after deactivating all non-essential modules.

After deactivating Jetpack modules

You can see, after deactivating few Jetpack modules, my plugin load time, plugin impact, and MySQL queries decreased, and on a medium or high traffic websites, it’s a notable difference, as server load decreases. So, I believe this makes it clear, how much essential it is to disable unused Jetpack module.

How to disable individual Jetpack module:

You need to go to Jetpack settings, and from there you an activate or deactivate the modules directly. Simply hover over the modules, and for activated modules you will see an option to deactivate and for deactivated module you will see option to activate.Here is a screenshot for the same, and after that list of modules which I’m not using:

deactivate Jetpack module

Here are the list of modules, that I have deactivated:

  • Publicize
  • Notifications
  • Jetpack comments
  • Post by Email
  • Carousel
  • Sharing
  • VaultPress (Not using it, as I use managewp to take my site backup)
  • Gravatar Hovercards
  • Contact form (I use another contact form plugin)
  • shortlinks
  • Tiled galleries
  • Custom CSS
  • Beautiful Math
  • Infinite scroll
  • Photon
  • Mobile Push notification

I know that’s a big list of modules, and if you are using latest Jetpack WordPress plugin, I will suggest you to check your Jetpack settings once, and deactivate unused modules. Here is a quick video for better understanding:

If you have any query regarding Jetpack plugin, feel free to let me know via comments. If you are looking forward to further optimize your WordPress blog, I recommend you to look at WP optimize plugin.

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  1. says

    Nice article Harsh, we’re using Jetpack comments that we find more User-friendly, but as you pointed to, there are a lot of modules that we find useless but slowing down the time load.

  2. Sonia says

    Thanks for sharing this article i also deactivated these modules now from my site. thank alot because this is the blog where we can get solution of our all problems.