Before You Make Money Online : A Development Plan for Pro Bloggers.

Blogger Development plan

There is one sad truth that everyone who wants to make money online has to accept:

What you don’t know can HURT YOU.

When you’re brand new to blogging it can be very overwhelming and stressful.

You see this expert screaming this tip.

Then that expert recommending something else.

What’s a wanna be pro blogger to do?

When I say pro I mean professional as in Derek Jeter not Hulk Hogan. No dis to pro-wrestling but, let’s keep it real. 

In order to make it long term you cant depend on a gimmick, shticks only last so long. 


However, just because EVERYBODY is on the internet (except North Korea) and everyone know’s how to find stuff on Google somehow people think they’ll instantly jump from nothing to an income earning psudo-celebrity blogger overnight.


What you’ll probably end up doing is bouncing around all the “how to blog” blogs and one page sensation websites that won’t let you leave.  

Then you’ll likely end up trying all sorts of Guru “secret techniques” until you get burned out and quit.

Meanwhile your email inbox fills up with messages like “HEY, this is the last reminder about the EXTREME ULTIMATE PLATINUM TITANIUM BLAH BLAH BLAH…”

Then, at this point you’ll usually post comments somewhere about how you can’t make money online and how it’s all just a scam.

Well, maybe it is.  


Maybe your skills aren’t fully developed?

Like an unborn baby who’s heart is beating but it’s just starting to form it’s little arms and legs.

Maybe you’re still a ZIGOT?

In terms of your blogging skills and abilities. Ha haa!

If you want to reach your true potential you need to make an investment to gain the knowledge that you don’t currently have.

You have to humble yourself to the point that you realize if you already knew what to do and how to do it then you would already be successful.



Writing is the number one thing that you will spend a tremendous amount of time doing as a professional blogger.

Are you seriously still trying to get by with that two finger chop stick technique?

I don’t care that you’re “good at it”, stop playing and learn how to type like a professional.

Imagine how long it will take you to write that 600 word article if you can type 60 words a minute?


This is so important I had to list it twice.  It goes with typing but it stands on it’s own.  You need to learn all you can about writing effective articles:

  • How to write titles that get attention.
  • How to write posts that people share.
  • How to find good ideas for new articles.

Sorry, reading a few “how-to write” blog posts won’t get the job done and just telling stories and hoping for clicks is also a bad plan.

If you want results that you can be proud of I recommend you research the best books about article writing and read them.

If you have a favorite blogger find out who they recommend for writing advice and read their stuff or attend their training courses.

What ever you do don’t stop until you’re proficient in researching, editing, and writing interesting articles.


Yeah sure, I know plenty of people will say they “know” how to use WordPress but how well do you REALLY know it?

Would you consider yourself an EXPERT, ADVANCED, MEDIOCRE, or NOVICE?

  • Do you find yourself FRUSTRATED at how your content is formatted?
  • Do you feel dependent on your webmaster?

Stop playing and really learn how use WordPress proficiently.

If a blogger was a carpenter then WordPress would be their Skill-saw   You can’t be a good carpenter and not know how to use your #1 tool.

The same goes for bloggers and WordPress.

Adobe Photoshop.

If you have plenty money and you don’t care, go ahead, keep hiring people like me to make your little banners that take me 5 minutes while I charge you $200.

Or, you could buy Photoshop and learn how to use a program that will pay you in saved expenses for years to come.

This gift just keeps on giving as you will get better at using it over time.

Meme’s are all the craze these days on social media.  

If you know how to use Photoshop you can do better than just typing text on top of someone else’s image.

Remember Quality > Quantity.

Read how-to books on Amazon or complete highly rated free online training courses until you feel your skills are at the point where you can do some real damage with Photoshop.

Email Marketing.

The best email marketing management systems come with a monthly fee so you don’t have time to waste trying to “figure it out” on your own.  Stop playing and grow up your skills in this area asap.

Email marketing should be at the core of your online business plan.

Research and learn from the best of the best until you feel proficient and confident in this area. You need to understand the fundamentals, intermediate, and advanced techniques to be successful, like what times are the best to send your emails, etc.

What to do:

  • Read the books in Amazon on email marketing with the highest reviews.
  • Sign up for email marketing training courses offered by your favorite bloggers.

How much would you pay to know how to make money online?

Making an investment in these 5 disciplines will not only save you money in the future but it will give you a confidence and swagger that others will also notice.

Here are the benefits:

  1. You’ll have access to new streams of income as you can now freelance as a writer and even help people with simple graphics tasks.
  2. You’ll cut your own content production costs as you won’t have to hire a graphics designer or buy quality articles.
  3. Your quality of content will increase as you can come up with graphics quickly that will attract more visitors.

I always say if you knew better you would do better.

Now it’s over to you.

Have you created a development plan for your blogging self?  What skills above do you need to develop most?

This is a guest post by Darnell from YourOnlineBiz. If you would like to write something original, check ShoutMeLoud guest posting criteria.

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