December 2013 PR Update : An UnExpected Christmas Treat From Google

Seems like Google always like to amuse people with their unexpected updates and launches. As for year 2013 Google page rank update, we certainly lost all the hopes to see an update, and surprisingly Google started rolling out a PR update just before the end of the year. On 6th December 2013, Webmasters around the globe started mentioning about the Page rank update, and to my surprise page rank of all my blogs got an update.

According to Matt Cutt’s earlier Tweet:

We were not expecting any more Page rank update this year, which was also mentioned in many SEO blogs around the globe. Seems like Google have fixed the broken pipe-line, and link juice starts flowing ;)

For those who are new to Page rank, it’s a point based ranking mechanism from 1-10 (I being the least and 10 being the best), which depends upon various factors. According to a case-study done by me few years back, Page rank is mostly dependent upon the links pointing to your website. More high-quality links pointing to your domain name, can help you to get better page rank. To ensure that your internal pages also have good page rank, you should use proper no-follow and Do-follow tag attributes to ensure proper flow of link-juice with in your blog.

Check Google Page Rank for December 2013 and Get Ready for next one:

If you haven’t checked your blog page rank, head over to these bulk PR checker sites, and check your blog page rank. If your page rank has gone up after last update, you are doing great. Incase if your ranking has gone down, its’ time to wear your action suit, and follow these methods to work on improving your Page rank. Do remember, page rank has no relation with your site traffic or search engine ranking, but a good page rank will definitely a good metric for your media-kit to get more advertisements.

December 2013 pr update

In case if you don’t see any Page rank movement for your blog, don’t worry! Here is a video by Matt Cutts, where he talks about Why isn’t my site Page rank updating:

Here are few articles that you can refer for improving page rank of your domain:

Do share what’s your updated page rank? Do you see an improvement or your page rank has gone down? If it has gone down, what are you doing to improve PR in 2014?

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. Anil Agarwal says


    I don’t want to hurt you anyway. I was really surprised when I see your blog moved from PR 3 to PR 6. So I started getting into details with the intension to gain some learnings about increasing page rank. Soon I came to know, Its all due to the hidden links that coming from the plugin around Pinterest badge which was created sometime back. You can get some details about how you were able to gain lots of links in quick time here

    WordPress team may have already disabled your plugin. You may soon face some penalty from Google soon as with this prtacice you will end up building thouands of links using the same anchor and all links are sidewide.

    I hope you will take my thoughts positively and will work in a way which will help you gain more trust from search engines in the long run.

  2. Reginald says

    Hey Harsh,

    Interesting write. I got to PR2 since my blog is about 5 months old. Lucky me but learned a lot from this algo change.

    Seriously lots of changes this time around.

    Thanks for sharing mate.

  3. Ryan Biddulph says

    Hi Harsh,

    PR 3 here for a long time.

    I will check now to see if I got a little boost.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Sagar Rai says


    Indeed, PageRank has already lost its relevance with the latest algorithm update.

    As before assessed, it only assesses the amount of incoming connections and does not have anything to do with rankings or search engine traffic.

  5. Mukesh kumar says

    Congrats for all.

    One of my blog got PR4, previously it was PR2. I am waiting page rank update from May2013 and don’t expected Google update its PR algorithm in Dec month, Before Matt tweeted “it would be surprised if that happened” when asked about pr update in 2013.

    see in screenshot..