Bluehost WordPress Hosting Discount With Free Domain

Bluehost is rated as one of the top hosting services for WordPress.  I have previously shared a beginner’s guide entitled How to Install WordPress on Bluehost.  Now let’s discuss some of Bluehost’s features, and at the end of this article you can grab a special Bluehost promo discount ranging from $3.49 to $5.95/month.


Bluehost Discount

There are only a couple of shared hosting services which have actually managed to impress me. Because I use the services of WordPress, I have used many different webhosting services including Hostgator, Godaddy, Dreamhost, Bluehost and others.

Bluehost always emerges as a winner for WordPress hosting, and the key to their success is the fact that their servers are optimized for the WordPress platform.

Bluehost is also one of the top recommended webhosting services for WordPress, by

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Bluehost Promo code: $3.95 for Two Years of Hosting!

Below you will find a discounted link that will allow you to grab a starter plan from Bluehost for $4.95/month for a 1-year hosting plan, $3.95/mo for a 2-year plan and $3.29/month for a 3-year plan. I usually prefer, and also suggest to new buyers, to grab the 3-year plan to save a fair amount of webhosting costs overall.

If you need a plan that allows you to host more than one website, I would recommend that you grab Bluehost’s “Plus” package which will allow you to host unlimited websites on the same hosting plan.

Note: If you ever need a more sophisticated hosting package, such as one that would include VPS or Dedicated, you can always upgrade your plan within your Bluehost cPanel, and your balance will be adjusted.

Bluehost 3.95 Discount Promo

There is no coupon required to get this Bluehost discount. All you need to do is follow the link given below to sign up for the hosting package of your choice.

Package details:

  • Starter:  Good for hosting only one site
  • Plus: (My suggested plan), good for hosting more than one website

Before I share the link to the Bluehost discount, I want to make you aware of some of the silent features of Bluehost:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited addon domains
  • Excellent customer support
  • FTP access
  • Shell Access
  • cPanel Hot link protection
  • Free Domain
  • Php5
  • Perl 5
  • One click WordPress installation

In short, Bluehost has everything you will need in a WordPress hosting package. I generally don’t like reviewing webhosting services.  However, while working with the WordPress set-up for many clients, I had the opportunity to work on Bluehost servers, and I have been impressed with the performance of the sites on their servers.

Grab Bluehost for $3.95 – 2/3 Year Term

You can sign up for a 2-year or 3-year plan which will allow you to grab your hosting from Bluehost for just $4.95/month or $3.95/month respectively. With every hosting package you will be entitled to one free domain name.

Here is a special deal for ShoutMeLoud readers to grab Bluehost hosting for only $3.95 and $4.95. This Bluehost discount will not last forever, so if you’re planning to grab a decent hosting package for your new site, grab your Bluehost plan now. Remember, you will also be entitled to a free domain along with your new hosting account.

Sign up for Bluehost

Grab the deal before it ends!

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  1. Simz says

    Dear Harsh,

    Is it recommended to buy the similar package from their Indian website or you still recommend the US website? Can you kindly point out the difference in the US site (plus plan) vs Indian site (Business plan).

  2. Nickk Bisht says

    Hi Harsh! I have a free WordPress blog. Now I want to buy a domain name and hosting too.

    You have explained in your post how to install WordPress on bluehost. Now I wanna know how should I get all my old content into new domain? Does it transfer automatically or there is any process we follow.

    Please help me out.

  3. says

    Hi Harsh,
    I am running a blogspot blog since the last one and a
    half year.
    Till now i have not been able to monetize it at all.
    However now I guess its high time I monetized it and it starts earning money for me.
    My blog is in self help/personal growth niche.
    I want to know from you….will I be able to generate revenue/monetize my blog faster if I switch over to Bluehost from blogspot?

  4. Ritesh Manral (RiTs) says

    Hey Harsh !!
    I want to host many domain..
    so which host best and cheapest for me ??
    1) BigRock
    2) BlueHost
    3) DreamHost
    4) HostGator

    please suggest me…??

  5. says

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for the promo link, I have one question. I am planning to buy five domain names and one shared hosting solution. In this case do i get a discount on hosting only or on combined amount?

  6. manish kumar says

    Hey Harsh,

    I have taken a WordPress hosting from godaddy but now I am in problems because I am unable to get traffic in it. So I want to ask you that does traffic depends on hosting? Should I change my hosting from godaddy to another hosting company?

  7. Prakash Kanyal says

    Hello Harsh sir,

    I have a question in my mind. I am planning to buy 3 year hosting plan which is $3.95/month for 3 year hosting plan. So the total costs $ 144. So now about 56% discount, will I get discount on $ 144 or this cost is after discount?

    Please explain a little.

    Thank You

    God Bless You

  8. Pankaj Gupta says

    I’m using bluehost for more than 2 years and till now I never encountered any issues and downtime.
    They are better when we compare to Hostgator.

  9. says

    Well I guess. Bluehost is really turning out to be a better choice as compared to Hostgator, as the affiliate future and the system is a whole lot better in Bluehost. Whereas Hostgator does not count all of your sales :(

  10. Ashok Maruthi says

    Bluehost is the better among all endurance group of hosting companies. I think DreamHost,JustHost,HostGator are good hosting companies. But i prefer Bluehost for their relatively high performance hosting Uptime of my websites.

  11. Sangitha says

    Hey harsh , i have a Godaddy account where my blogs are hosted by i am little worried about them as there is down times coming to my blog.

    Now i want to shift to blue host , but just want the information that how can i shift my blog from Godaddy to Bluehost..

  12. Ashish says

    This is nice. I am already hosted at hostmonster but my hosting will soon expire. I was just wondering whether it would be possible for me to move from hostmonster to bluehost as they are both owned by the same Endurance Group you mentioned above. Will I still get discounts when I move in such a way?

  13. puneet says

    a really ggod offer….thank u very much but i want to know where they provide their servers because it really affect the credibility of the site if the servers are in some places that are known for spamming

  14. Animesh says

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for sharing this great information. I have a blog and I am using GoDaddy. I am planning to open a site. So it might be helpful for me. Thanks again!!

  15. Huzaifa says

    Thanks for the deal harsh,
    But as I am from India and I dnt have a CC,
    are there any alternaative ways to purchase Bluehost hosting for Indian user’s
    please help me

  16. Shruti says

    Bluehost, Pacifichost, Critex Hosting and Host V are very best hosting for a websites or blog to run with lots of traffic. Even some of them allow unlimited traffic.

  17. Nitesh says

    Hi Harsh,
    Which is a better option Godaddy, Bigrocks, Blue host, Hostgator, Dreamhost? Which one i should chose? I have just started recently with godaddy and bought one domain with hosting and am comfortable with the service. I don’t have a traffic now as it is yet in construction stage and i am learning, but hope to have a good traffic soon. I wish to buy another domain, which one is the best to go for?

  18. gaurav heera says

    thanks for the nice post. i am currently working with godaddy, but i would like to inform you all that their hosting services are really very poor especially in case with Blogs. blogs hosted on godaddy take very long time to open. my hosting plan with godaddy will expires in june and would like to shift it on blue host.
    Harsh, if you have any post on how to shift a blog to bluehost then plz share it.


  19. vkool says

    Maybe Bluehost will work for me. However, can you give more detail about what I will get with Bluehost?
    Thank in advance.

  20. Tech Honey says

    Hi Harsh,
    Awesome post…
    I am planning to move my website from Go Daddy to either bluehost or Host Gator as my website often runs very slow and sometimes I receive error 324 “The Server Closed the connection”. Is this problem with Host or WordPress?

    Thanks in Advance

  21. Mayur says

    Bluehost is better option for start up a blog.
    They have 3 year hosting plan $3.95 with one free domain.
    all the feature are really good and also great support from Bluehost customer care.

  22. sapna says

    Hi Harsh

    Before applying I want to know which one of the following is better
    1. Godaddy.
    2. Bluehost
    3. dreamhost

    Your response will be highly appreciated.


    • says

      Godaddy is good for buying domains as they offers many discount coupons.
      Bluehost is good for a medium traffic Website. I have good experienced with them for a Website getting up to 20000/visits a day.
      Dreamhost is cheapest option as with coupon “SML97″ you can get 1 year domain + hosting for just $22. Though, it’s for initial first year but for longer run, I prefer Bluehost or Hostgator.

  23. Rahul says

    very nice plan by this webhost plan we can save our money and bluehost is best hosting plan i am also using in my blog thanks for sharing.

  24. Kamlesh Nishad says

    My Hosting is going to over after 1 week. Thanks for this offer. I was wondering to get some best and cheap hosting that i got it from here. Thanks again

  25. Abdu ssamad says

    I am using bluehost hosting for a while.Till now I didn’t experience any problem with them even they given the account free for me.
    You can also give a try to bluehost since they are little cheap even while comparing with hostgator!

  26. Ravi Jain says

    Thanks Harsh for sharing such a low hosting package. I read your articles about hostgatar issue. What you think which is best shared host ? In term of quality and up time.

  27. Swashata says

    What do you think about their VPS hosting? I am thinking about buying a VPS with 500MB RAM. Can you share your experience?

  28. Ajay says

    Harsh, for how long will they give us hosting at this rate ? Is it just for the first month or a year or what ?

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