CuteRank : Free Keyword Rank Checker for Mac & Windows

As I mentioned in my Authoritylabs review, these days I’m trying lots of SEO tools. We all know importance of Keywords in SEO, and how important it is to track Keyword ranking in major search engines. If you won’t be tracking your Keyword rank in Google or any other search engines, how would you know which Keyword needs more work in terms of Backlinks, Social signals? Where your site rank in search engine?

There are many websites to check Keyword rank, and earlier I have talked about Google keyword monitor software, which is free and available for Windows. Last year, I made the shift from Windows to Mac, and trying to find all good blogging software’s for Mac. Cuterank is a free keyword rank checker software for Mac.  It comes in free and pro version, and free version is limited for one domain.  I will quickly share my review of Cuterank, and show you how easy it is to use this software for checking keyword ranking. If you are not sure how to find what keywords you ranking for, refer to my Authority labs review, where you will find the step by step guide.

CuteRank : Keyword Rank Checker Software for Mac

I’m not sure why they named it as CUTErank, as it could be named as Speedyrank or something similar. First thing which I liked about Cuterank is, it’s blazing fast. More over, it offers feature which probably a paid keyword rank checker software should offer. (They do have a pro version). Here are some of the features of CuteRank, which made me write about them:

  • Instant rank checker
  • Keyword ranking performance
  • Schedule keyword rank checking
  • Keyword ranking history
  • Import and export feature
  • Nice interface and easy to use.
  • Free version support one domain.

There are many features which are available in pro version, but I’m using Cuterank free, so I will stick to features offered in free version.

How to use Cuterank for checking Keyword ranking?

Cuterank is available for Windows and Mac. You can download the latest free version from here. Free version will let you track unlimited keywords for single domain, and if you like upgrade to pro version anytime.  Once you have installed cuterank, first thing which you need to do is, create a profile for your site, and select search engines where you want to track Keyword ranking.

Cuterank Keyword Rank tracker

Click on Ok, and it will take your to your profile page. It will take some time to check your Keyword rank in all the search engines you have selected. There is one down-side of desktop based Google keyword rank checker software: If you are sending too many request from one I.P, it will ban your I.P for a while. Cuterank, offers one feature to use Google search API or bing search API.

Keyword Rank in Search engines

You can also set delay in keyword checking to higher number to avoid getting I.P. banned for too many requests. Cuterank supports Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo and supports use of Proxy. Everything for a price tag of $0, Cutetank offers great feature, and should be a part of your SEO tool-kit. You can also consider looking into their pro option, which offers many advanced features.

For a Mac Keyword checker, Cuterank is one of the best option out there. If you have used Cuterank earlier, do let me know your review and feedback. Also, which Keyword rank checker software you are using currently?

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Amrish Singh says

    Thanks for introducing cute rank Harsh . I am using Link Assistance’s Rank tracker to check my keyword in search . Cute rank is also like that .

  2. Kapil says

    Hi Harsh,
    I have to confess, I’ve come across a number of market research tools but cuterank surely wasn’t one of them. I’m keen to give this a try as Market Samurai (which is undoubtedly a great tool) does take time to present it’s results. Is it safe to say Cuterank pulls up results a lot quicker?

    • says

      Not really.. They are good but if you are not using Proxy, you will soon find captcha issue in Google search.. They are good but certainly not the best… But since they are free..nothing to complain about.. :)

  3. Krishna says

    This is fabulous info, I was making mistakes of doing hard job but in wrong direction bcoz I used to written posts without searching of keywords perfectly but from now I will use them after checking their Rank, and I wanna ask same which Avadhut asked that `Does it check the variation in search engines for a particular keyword`.

  4. says

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for the review. Does it check the variation in search engines for a particular keyword for a time frame say for 30 days or so?
    If yes, where’s that setting?

  5. Taswir Haider says

    That’s a great mention for SML readers. I am using CuteRank for the last 6 months as it is simple and superfast, whereas TrafficTravis is little bit slow and get my IP ban for few minutes quite often. However I have purchased Proxy Goblin couple of days ago, hope it will solve the IP ban problem.

  6. WPStuffs says

    Hi Harsh…I use Market Samurai Trail version which has a same feature(to find keywords) but let me try CuteRank.

    Also I am not subscribing the followup comments since I get email every time anyone comments on the post…So please use Plugins such as ReplyMe to send email only if the user gets a reply to his comment.

    • says

      Market samurai is undoubtedly one of the best SEO tool out here, as it offers you all the features one look in a SEO tool. Though, it’s not for everyone, as using arket samurai requires clear knowledge of SEO. Cuterank on the other hand is simple tool, and serves one purpose only. Try it, and I’m sure you might like it for the purpose of keyword rank tracking.

      I had a look at replyme plugin, but it’s outdated. Do you have any other suggestion for similar plugin?
      P.S: Here at ShoutMeLoud, we call each other by name. Kindly use your name, while commenting. This will help us interact in human way :)