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Customize Google Plus with Google+ Ultimate

Customize Google Plus with Google+ Ultimate

Google+ is still not perfect, but a lot of people are using the all new social network, mostly not the female kind. It has gained users super rapidly, hitting the 10 million mark in just about 20 days. The reason people like Google+ so much is because of it’s simplicity and clean looks, less spam and scams and ads. However, if you happen to be one of those users who’s already bored with it’s design, then you can improve the functionality and customize the looks of your profile with Google+ Ultimate. We’ve already told you about many other extensions and tricks, so here’s another one.

Google+ Ultimate is a Google Plus extension for Chrome, which will help you customize and add more functionality to your simple profile. All you have to do is install and enable this extension on your Chrome browser.

Google Ultimate thumb

It adds quite a few improvements and customization options, for instance:

  • You can make the Streams and the complete Left-sidebar floating.
  • Change the background of your page.
  • View your Notifications on any website and not just Google sites. A new icon will appear next to the address bar.
  • Move the Chat bar to the Notification bar on top, make the notification bar floating.
  • Reduce the size of images displayed in streams, gives a cleaner look.
  • Some other experimental features that you can try out, makes up for your Widescreen display.
  • Makes your profile look much more better. Check the screenshot below.

google theme thumb google ultimate screenshot thumb
Doesn’t it look much better than before? I really like this new styling, it’s much easier to navigate and you’ll always get your notifications on any website. However, this is still a beta extension, and will keep improving. The developer also intends to integrate GMail notifications, newer layouts and more features in future updates.

Download Google+ Ultimate.

Tell us if you liked this extension and if you’d like to use this for your profile.

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  • Kavya Hari

    Today, almost of the people are using Google + in the web. So, i have to try it :) Thank you so much for given great explanation on here :) Great effort :)

  • Sahil BJ

    it is quite boring, and i think , soon spammers will fly high in this social networking project

  • Riten Jain

    I am yet to join google plus with this post me excited n will surely join n try out this extension

  • Ruchika

    Seems to be a nice Google+ extenstion. Will give it a try. Indeed, the current visual interface of Google+ is quite boring.


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