How to Boost Chances of Your Content Going Viral

If you’re savvy about the internet then it’s likely you’ve heard about “going viral.” “Going viral” means your content goes haywire, it reverberates and goes wild like a bush fire and ends up becoming the greatest thing circulating the web. It’s when your content is shared, retweeted, commented on, blogged about, republished and talked about right from the streets of Brisbane through Mumbai all the way to Dallas and earns you so much views than your biggest dreams could ever imagine.

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It’s a very powerful web outcome that will catapult your brand’s reputation even if that brand was just you. However the desire to make your content go viral is more or less of an ambition and one you’d have to seriously work on achieving. Despite different strategies people employ to enhance chances of their content going viral no one has ever pointed to what exactly causes something to go viral. All you may do is focus on creativity and come up with something enticing, but also bearing in mind that for your content to go viral you’ll need a little more than luck.

Steps to Create Viral content for your blog or Website:

Appreciate that anything can go viral:

Web content, a photo or video can go viral, even your marketing efforts can go viral known as viral marketing. A blog, tweet, group, Facebook page can go viral and be shared on apps, computers, tablets and so on. When thinking of going viral don’t limit your idea of what can go viral or not. A dancing dog or self made video of someone leaping from building tops can just go viral. The next thing to go viral is unknown.

Know the limits of going viral:

It’s very important that you get your thinking in order before getting over excited about your content going viral. You cannot make your content go viral, but rather can position it to be at its best and wish that it goes viral. As one author Ann Handley puts it her book Content Rules,  you can pray, wish, poke or nudge it but the truth is that viral is a mere happy accident. Instead of controlling the viral nature of your content rather work on making it compelling, interesting, funny and moving such that it will reverberate with many readers. The decision on whether your content goes viral or not will depend on your audience.

Know what has the ability to trend.

One reason why something goes viral is that it touches people in one way or the other. People are always glued on the internet ready for information and something of value to them. They are likely to follow something that makes them feel good about themselves and others. Your content should inspire, motivate, inform, entertain and inspire readers. That way it will be shared across different platforms. Include quirky topics and the unexpected to boost chances of your content going viral.

Perceive value in your content:

Disseminate information that will help others improve their lives. Be up to date and know what people are interested in knowing. Include:

  • How To’s and tips
  • News
  • Things to avoid
  • Competitions, contests and freebies

Have an abundance of information. A few years ago information used to be protected and inaccessible to the masses. Today everything is about sharing information and not just any information, but useful, detailed and informative information set to help others. Your information should solve problems and improve lives. If the information you serve is helpful and doesn’t have an agenda such as pushing sales and promotions then people will respect and follow you.

Make your content easy to find:

Difficult and hard to find content won’t go viral, if nobody can find it then nobody will share it. Start off by having an easy to remember domain name and one that doesn’t require an elephant’s memory to recall. If your content is hosted on another site be sure to use YouTube, Flickr, Facebook or Vimeo etc. Make sure that your content contains what people are looking for and include the right keywords.

  • Use several search engines to search for your content and note whether it appears quickly or you’ve got to dig through pages just to find it.
  • Use social media to your advantage. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter and upload fresh content that will encourage sharing.
  • Categorize your content so that it’s very easy to find. Search engines love this.
  • Tag and keyword as much as possible. This makes it easy for search engines to find your content.
  • Add Social bookmarking buttons on your content page, to make it easier for readers to share.

Expose yourself:

Although creating viral content isn’t impossible, you can still encourage it further by exposing and publicizing yourself. Publicize your content through trusted sources and platforms. Place your content in more than just one site. Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and RSS feeds. You can also link through the profile pages and email signatures you’ll have created. Enter forums and leave meaning contributions with links to your masterpiece pages. Send links to your content to friends, family members and even colleagues.

Avoid over promoting your content:

Be very conscious of the way you encourage people to view your content. Don’t convince them to that every piece of content you come up with is the next best thing on the web because this will change their notion of you and totally shun your content. Be incisive of what you believe has the chance of going viral before publishing it.

Bear your timing:

Timing is just as important as anything in life and you’ll need to know whether the timing of your content is appropriate or not. If you are ambitious about your content going viral then patience should be among your greatest strengths. Don’t rush into publishing something unless you feel something or someone may get ahead of you.

Leave space for connection. Content normally goes viral due to its ability to create conversation. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you through IM, comment boxes, email, chat forums or even on Skype. Be attentive and prompt to respond. Ratings can also help other readers view what others are saying about your content. Be sure to employ them in your content.

Most of the people accidentally create viral content, and once you are one of those accidental people, you can easily re-create viral blog content back to back. All it takes is a right approach and your creativity. How’s your experience with creating viral blog content? What tips you would like to share with ShoutMeLoud readers?

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A former freelance writer turned blogger at Styledotasia, Josie has written over 400 articles and reviews in just a brief career. He writers blogs on making money, entrepreneurship, technology and also travels extensively where he gives tips and advice to fellow travelers. An economist by profession he offers consulting services in Competitive Intelligence, Market research, trends and an array of related services.


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  1. Afzal Zaheer says

    Hi Josie,
    Quality of the content matters a lot in helping the post go viral. On the same lines, it should equally be in an easy language which is easily understood by people.

  2. Josie says

    Thanks Roman, yep something ridiculous can go viral. As a blogger you should focus on quality and unique content and at the same time hoping something will go viral. There isn’t a recipe for that one. The artist is a good friend on mine

  3. Roman St. James says

    Hey Josie – Great article! I particularly like what you said about knowing the limits of going viral. I think some people spend a lot of time trying to come up with ideas for the next ‘viral smash’ thinking that it will take their blog/site/brand to the next level without realizing that there really is a lot of luck involved, and that even if they are successful, it may not provide the boost they thought it would.

    By the way, that’s a really cool photo! Who is the artist?

  4. says

    Hello josie

    A person stated lots of things which might be vital and truth is due to determine what could head out viral as people explained. Plus it seems great when any of your threads be a strike.

    • josie says

      Yes Nancy a lot of things may go viral, but nobody can be sure of what will go viral next. Great threads have the potential to hit the benchmark

  5. Uttoran Sen says

    hi Josie,
    yes, content marketing and making it go viral is very important.

    I agree with the author of huff post and you that rather chasing virality, if one just focuses on building content which is liked and shared by others, the overall effort will be more successful.

    I have had good luck with my content going viral, but then once you are featured on a big blog, the way up in virality is much easier,


    • Josie Moyo says


      I agree with you, getting featured on popular blogs increases chances of going viral

  6. Kuntal Banerjee says

    I like your writing style.It really made me feel motivated.It was a very good reading experience.

  7. Ankit Bansal says

    Josie , one word Awesome.
    You mentioned many things that are highly important and truth is you never know what can go viral just as you said. And it feels great when any of your posts become a hit.
    Thanks for the article.

  8. says

    Amazing points. And the one i liked the most was “You don’t know what can go viral”. That’s for sure, Articles we expect least from, sometimes produce the most traffic.

  9. gaurav heera says

    you are right josie, domain name is very important. if we have a domain which is easy to remember then it help a lot to create a huge number of regular visitors.

  10. Amal Rafeeq says

    Hey Josie,
    Let me say “You Nailed Your Guest Post”.
    Hmm, making your content easy to find! :) That’s the best one. Thanks a lot for the wonderful article and good luck to you.