5 Secrets To Constantly Create Good Content for Your Blog

How many times have you told yourself that you would up your content creation rate and try to ship more? If you’re like me, the answer is probably, MANY. The truth is, writing regularly is hard. Actually, it’s VERY HARD. Eespecially if you’re trying to create content of a reasonably high quality.

creating contentStaring at that cruel, blank, white, screen is enough to make even the most determined blogger crawl into the fetal position.

But have you ever wondered how the top website content producers still manage to write and ship more content than you do? Despite the difficulty? Even though they’re at the top of their game and don’t really need to ship at the rate they do, they still get up and write, with regularity.

These are people who have all the issues you do (probably even more) and all the excuses, insecurites that you have. But somehow, they still manage to stare at that blank screen and produce, CONSISTENTLY.

How do they Create content regularly?

Everytime I open up my feed reader and see a new post by someone, who has achieved more success than me, is busier, but still manages to ship more than me, it always leaves me in awe. In addition to awe, it also makes me curious. How are these people able to create content so consistently and at such a high level?

This question led me to emailing a lot of these people personally and asking them outright – what their ‘secret’ was, as well as researching their content for clues.

What I found was interesting. It seemed to be a mixture of two things.

Those were:

1. Momentum

The most productive bloggers seemed to have a momentum to their content production that they were very religious about. i.e. They regularly made commitments to post every x number of days and were very strict about not breaking that.

2. A distinct, undercurrent motivation

— That is, a motive that underlies the surface level motivation of wanting to create a successful blog.

The most common undercurrent motives were things such as, wanting to improve their writing, genuinely wanting to share valuable content and other more personal, internally motivated goals.

What I found most intriguing though, was the lack of any mention of wanting to make money as a motive. The motive always seemed to be somewhat personal or even spiritual (not to go all new-agey on you), in nature.

As though the blog itself was simply a tool for personal growth.

The fact that most of the people that I found to be creating content, weren’t (directly atleast) being motivated by money, probably comes as a surprise. But listening to lectures such as Daniel Pink’s, ‘Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us‘, it’s actually pretty easy to see how this is the case.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc&w=560&h=315]


Money on its own is a pretty poor motivator. We are, in general, more motivated by personal or spiritual goals than we are by money or other extraneous things. That’s why thing’s like, wanting to improve your writing, which comes from your internal motivations, seem to work well in getting you to want to produce content regularly. On the surface level, the goal is personal in nature. Therefore it leads you to ACT more than money alone would. And there is a lot of research to back this up.

Form writing habit

With regards to momentum, the power in it lies in the forming of a habit. Habits are extremely powerful. Eespecially when it comes to productivity. Once you set yourself a goal to post everyday, and you meet that goal for a month. Posting with regularity soon becomes a relatively easy task and one that does not require much thinking. Not to mention the fact that writing consistently makes you a better writer. Further increasing the regularity and quality of your output.


In order to creating content regularly and at a high level you need to have MOMENTUM. And that momentum, when mixed with a deep and personal motive that serves as your undercurrent, based on what I’ve observed, lights a fire under your productivity rocket.

I, personally have seen the results of approaching writing and blogging in this way and definitely think that it is an effective method for improving your content output. In short, it get’s you shipping.

Here are few more tips from SML archive, which will not only help you in creating content but also it will help in improve your writing:

Do you have any productivity tips that help you create content consistently? Let me know in the comments!

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COMMENTs ( 15 )

  1. says

    Article was good and I only accept that money is the only motivator in life for all and blogging is an hobby for many and they do not have much concentration on content, we should note that it is only for hobbiers..For Professionals it is not like that and also you article was repeated with the same thing at many from top to bottom. And I dont know what is meant by SML archive? Please clear me…

  2. hrmehrotra says

    as a part time bloggers like me its very hard to update blog continuously with impressive articles by own………

  3. Nizam says

    Well yes, momentum and motivation are the most important and effective strategies to follow for being consistent. Thanks Tapha for the wonderful post and for the awesome video :)

  4. Taswir Haider says

    Creating regular content is really a tough job after managing multiple blogs and backlinks. To produce X number of articles per day and strict with this rule- I like this idea. Will try to concentrate on this. Thanks.

  5. Ehsan Ullah says

    I don’t think creating unique content is difficult task If you’re a blogger because It’s blogger’s duty to serve their readers requirements and that a useful content.

    You have to make a habit of writing quality content in blogging. If you can’t do it daily than a perfect posting schedule and stick with it, whether it is daily or weekly.

  6. Earlyman says

    I couldn’t agree more. As a blogger myself, I find it also quite hard to update regularly and momentum might be the most important rule if you want to be successful with your blog (not just on monetary terms but also if you want to be proud of your work). It goes without saying, the content must be a priority and it must be relevant to your interests, whereas writing about stuff that doesn’t hold any relevance might result in dry, dull writing and it ends up damaging the whole work. So if you see that you can’t hold up to a really tight schedule, maybe it would be advisable to downscale a little bit in order to regain momentum.

    • says

      Earlyman, thanks for your comment.

      It’s a tough one. There does need to be some sort of balance in order to maintain content quality. But i would suggest that writing regularly, almost religiously increasing your ability to create high quality content consistently, even if initially that content is pretty sucky.

      For a great reference point that kind of backs this up. Check out The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. It was my inpiration for this post.

  7. akhilendra says

    It’s true that writing content consistently with high quality is really tough eespecially if you are targeting a niche because then over a period of time you start sounding repetitive.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    • says

      That is the downside of focusing on one specific niche. But i have found that finding your ‘signature move’ so to speak, or your favorite topic to write about, gives you endless possibilities with regards to what kind of content you can come up with.

  8. George says

    Thanks. I was actually stumped with writer’s block and was looking for some inspiration. Well one more thing is that those bloggers allow guest posts.

  9. says

    Hi Tapha,
    Well, I think creating unique content is the most difficult task to do. For content writers, writing contents everyday and also turning it out into a fresh and unique one is not an easy task to do. As, unique contents are most appreciated by readers, so all content writers definitely make it an aim to make their contents as fresh as possible. I like reading your post and yes, it is definitely very helpful for all the content writers. Thanks for the update!!