How to Create Social Bookmarking Site using Pligg

There are many free & paid social bookmarking sites and some are paid one too. Social bookmarking sites are usually those sites which allow submissions from user and community to rate the submissions. Some examples of such social bookmarking sites are: Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon and so on. Now, if you are one of those bloggers who have proved himself and community trust your choice and recommendation, it’s time to take another stage forward and start your own social bookmarking site. Create social bookmarking site using Pligg By this method, you can provide quality news and best of topics from internet to your followers. For this task simply start a Social Bookmarking column with your blog or you can create social bookmarking site.

Some examples of great social bookmarking sites are and etc. Many open source CMS are available for creating a social bookmarking site like Drupal, Hotaru and some WordPress plugins are also available. But I recommend you a smart one and free CMS – PLIGG.

Specially, being a blogger we read so many articles and many of them are interesting and you might be using various bookmarking tools to bookmark these pages. How about you create your own social bookmarking site and save your links and at the same time make money from ads.
The idea is simple, instead of using any 3rd party site for bookmarking your links, you can use your own social bookmarking site. You don’t need to promote it apart from setting up Pligg and adding your links. It might take years before your social bookmarking site will start catching some eyes but yes, you are making money for something that you were completely ignoring. And in future, you might allow user submissions and you never know you might have created one of the top or popular social bookmarking site.

Pligg is an open source CMS (Content Management System) that provides you social publishing software that encourages visitors to create an account and start bookmarking links on internet by submitting them. This is call submission and same submission will be shown to other users who can vote and promote that story to homepage for more wider audience. This is good for bloggers to get traffic and especially creating a social bookmarking site based on a small niche is a great idea.

Pligg is a powerful social networking CMS which comes with various features like: Groups, Private messaging, Commenting system, User profile, modules, Templating, and it’s also SEO optimized. In this article I’ll give you full tutorial how to install, configure and modify Pligg to create your own social bookmarking website. Follow these steps:

How to Install Pligg CMS:

1.  Go to and download the latest version of Pligg. You need a webhosting to get started, and I would recommend to start on Hostgator which is perfect for hosting your Pligg Social bookmarking site. Sign up for Hostgator here. (Use Coupon ShoutMeLoud25 to get 25% discount on your total bill).

Then go to your cPanel and upload it in any directory ( where you want or you can upload it in the web root ( if you want to convert your whole website into a social bookmarking site. Now extract it and open the address, where you uploaded it, in a new window.

Download Pligg


Extract Pligg

2.  Now you’ll see a screen with three links Pligg Homepage, Plig README and Pligg. Choose Pligg from them. Then follow the instruction mentioned in the page. Go to your cPanel and open Pligg directory. Rename ‘settings.php.default‘ to ‘settings.php‘ and rename ‘dbconnect.php.default‘ to ‘dbconnect.php‘.

3.  Then reload the page in which you are working and click on ‘Pligg Installer?’ and select your language. Now you have to play with CHMOD permissions. Change the permissions to 755 of the following folders, if they give errors then try 777 permissions:

  • admin/backup/
  • avatars/groups_uploaded/
  • avatars/user_uploaded/
  • cache/
  • cache/admin_c/
  • cache/templates_c/
  • languages/ (And all of the files contained in this folder should be CHMOD 777)

Change the permissions to 666 the following files:

  • libs/dbconnect.php
  • settings.php

4.  Afer changing the permissions when you’ll click Next you’ll have to fill the information of Data Base. So go to ‘MySQL Database Wizard’ in your cPanel and create a data base and fill its required details and press Next and fill your admin account details then click on Create Admin Account. The Pligg has been installed successfully .

Create Data BaseFill Data Base Information5.  Now again change the permissions of ‘/libs/dbconnect.php‘ to 644 because Pligg will not need to change this file again and delete the ‘/install‘ directory from your cPanel. Your social bookmarking site is ready to use. Login to your admin area and configure your site. You should make your account in Pligg Forums for better experience.

How to change Pligg template:

Changing the theme/template is not so much easy like WordPress but not so much difficult also. Make your account in Pligg Forums and search there for the latest themes for Pligg and download them. Then upload them in your cPanel in ‘/template‘ directory. Login to your admin panel, go to template tag and select ‘To change the template, please click here‘ option. In template section fill the template/theme name (which you already have uploaded  in the ‘/template‘ directory) in the ‘Value‘ text area. And enjoy your social bookmarking site.

Change Theme

There are many Pligg templates that you can search and install it on your Pligg based site to give a new look. You can also hire a custom Pligg template designer to create a template for you. For now, do let us know if you have created and free or paid social bookmarking site using Pligg or any other CMS ? How was your exprience with personal social bookmarking site?

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  1. roshan says

    while installing the pligg
    settings.php is not writable .please CHMOD TO 777

    libs/dbconnect.php is not writable.please CHMOD TO 777

    cache is not writable .please CHMOD TO 777

    lang_english.conf is not writable .please CHMOD TO 777.

    while i was changing permissions in ftp
    The error is getting is “command could not understood ”

    i was using godaddy hosting .
    please help me

  2. Barry Diamond says

    Hello Ankur,

    I’m glad I came across your post. I’m in the process of setting up a bookmarking site and have some concerns. When setting up the bookmarked post, you are able to pull a featured image from the Source URL article. This image is then used in the post as the featured image with the headline and a brief summary below. To read the complete article, you would click on the image, headline or summary (just like on DIGG) and be brought to the linked page. My concern is about using the image. Maybe I’m misunderstanding and since there is a link to the main article – its OK? But these are definitely not creative commons images in most cases so I’m concerned about doing this wrong. Can you advise your opinion on this?

  3. Worli says

    Hello Ankur,

    A very well explained tutorial! No wonder Pligg is best social bookmarking CMS and have seen some successful websites using this platform. However, the only problem i had faced while using Pligg was that the amount of spam submission goes out of control. You will start receiving submission from all sorts of languages.

    Limiting a user at one bookmark in 24 hrs also not solve the issue as most of the submission are done by the bots and they are capable to register, confirm ids and submit post with different user ids and Ips.

  4. millarmatthews says

    I have tried to create a social bookmarking site before but was not successful. But with this post, Ankur Rautela you have explained it in details. Thanks for sharing.

  5. subbareddy says

    Hello Ankur

    Recently i created a social bookmarking site using pligg. Traffic 600 visitors per day .Now i would like to add affiliate code .Please assist me how to add affilaite code to Pligg cms .


  6. Rajiv Kumar Sharma says

    Hey brother!
    It’s a nice post and after read this i made my own social bookmarking site on a new domain. Now please write a post on how to promote it and get good web traffic and make this site seo friendly.

  7. subbareddy says


    Iam Basically a freelancer doing SEO ,

    This Artical Helps Me lot for making a good bookmarking website

    Dear Ankur can i have your Skype id .


  8. Dave says

    I liked your article, I am looking for someone to do some occasional work on my pligg site. Can you give me an idea where i could find an good pligg pro?

  9. lotrix says

    nice article.. but the whole point of bookmarking would need your site to be famous enough like blogjunta or indibloggers…
    It would be just a waste of time building a pligg site from scratch.. if u dont already have a user base elsewhere…

    • Ankur Rautela says

      you are saying that pligg based social bookmarking site is waste of time and must have users like blogjunta or indibloggers but remember if these sites also had a thinking like you then how could they are so popular now days.
      You should take a initial and don’t fair to do hard work.

  10. Shubham pandey says

    really awesome post and helpful for making social bookmarking sites.I am also glad seeing this article because this is written by my best friend.Great article….

  11. Ashutosh Joshi says

    This is really helpful article. But is there any special plugin for WordPress by the help of which we can create bookmarking website?

    • Ankur Rautela says

      There is a WordPress plugin “TDO Mini Forms” throuth you can make your own Social Bookmarking. You can download it from here:
      You can make DoFollow Blog Directory through WordPress with “Article Directory plugin”.

  12. Madhav Tripathi says

    Thanks for this article, two month ago I launched a Pligg Bookmarking website. But installation process was easy because I sued Simple Scripts. Sop installation was just one click.

  13. Dev says

    Hey Ankur,

    Great tutorial for beginners. Pligg CMS is a great CMS for creating a social blogging community. I am already using and it works pretty well but I’d better recommend WordPress (+ BuddyPress).

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Ankur Rautela says

      Through WordPres(+ BuddyPress) you can convert your WordPress blog into a small social community but if we talk about Social Bookmarking site, Pligg is the better one.

  14. jayaar says

    Just Amazing, Mr.Ankur,
    Great hit to the boundary! What an article!
    This is really NEWS to me!
    You mean to say that it is working well with free templates!
    Thanks for the great information!