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Create HTTP File Server in Single Click using HFS


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Create HTTP File Server in Single Click using HFS

Today we will be learning about how we can create HTTP file server using a tiny piece of software call HFS. When ever we talk about creating a Web-server it sounds like a Tech-Geek stuff but it’s not. Here I’m not sharing how to Install a website but how by using a simple software, you can create a web server on your system. If you have a private I.P, you can use it to run a small website or if you have your I.P on lAN, you can use it to create a file sharing server on LAN.

I usually used this software on my LAN to start file sharing. This software HFS, comes with plenty of options including let other users upload the file. Obviously you can password protect the upload options.

HFS Private Server 550x348 Using this small piece of software is too easy. All you need to download the software from here. Run the exe file and it will open HFS as shown in above screen. Make sure if you have any Firewall installed, you allow access to HFS to access network.

The best part is you can use Limits, user control and so many restrictions like

* Blocking IP’s
* Connection Limit
* User Control
*Number of Concurrent Connections

How to share files using HFS:

You can simply add any file which you want to share by dragging and dropping it or by adding it via menu. Now, all you need to do is give your I.P to your friend with whom you wish to share the file. If you have password protected the file, you can share the access name and password.

Sound Techy, well you don’t have to worry about it, If you simply want to share a file, Add folder and Give your ip to your friend. You are done. You can also check if your server is running or not by going to http://localhost in your browser. If you see a screen like this, that means you have successfully created you free HTTP server.


Do let us know if you have ever used HFS or any other similar software to create HTTP home server at your home computer?

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