How To CRASH A Competitor Site and Dominate Search Engine

Getting highly targeted traffic to your blog might be a challenging task, but if you plan well with a blueprint system, you can really enjoy the traffic that comes to your site. In order to get high quality traffic to your blog, you need to identify the best traffic tool that can leverage your online business.

CRASH A Competitor Site

In this article you will learn the methods that are used by top affiliates and bloggers to drive traffic to there site. Below are methods that you can implement when driving traffic to you site:

How to Outrank Competitors Website with White-hat SEO?

(a) Article Marketing

Article marketing is still an effective method of driving quality traffic to a blog or a squeeze page. Recently there has been debate about article marketing that is no longer valuable in terms of web marketing. From my own experience I still believe that article marketing works and if done correctly it can have a great impact on your blog. This is how you should approach it:

  1. Write a pillar article with a minimum of 700 article words and a maximum word of 1000
  2. Your primary keyword should only appear three times within your article while the rest should be related keywords.
  3. Write original article that are custom to users only and not search engines
  4. Post your content to your blog not to some site

After you have followed the above ideas, I would recommend that you rewrite your original content and submit it using an article submission tool. I believe you can see that still article marketing works.

(b) Social Media

Social media is a strategy that you should not ignore in your marketing process. When Google updated there panda system, they suggested that social site will be a major factor in determine the quality of websites. This is because social sites are used to share information with other users. Below are some social sites that you can take advantage of:


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(c) Blog Comment

Blog comment is another marketing strategy that you should take advantage of. When commenting on blogs make sure to post unique content that will make you spam free. Currently most top bloggers are suspicious of spam comments. To succeed in posting comments, sign-up with only top and popular blogs and make sure to be on top 5 when posting comments. The reason why iam suggesting to be on top 5 on commenting, its because you can get 50-100 visitors just from blog comments and this will depend on the popularity of the blog.

(d) Forum Marketing

Another great way of exposing your blog to the masses is through forum posting.  Forum is a platform where people with particular problem go to seek answers for example a blogger can go a forum to search for the best article marketing tool. The real secret is to use your signature on the forum where you will put your keyword for SEO purposes then you continue to participate effectively for maximum exposure.


The above methods can really impact your blog by driving hordes of quality buyers to your site. If you are starting a new blog make sure to implement the above tips in your online marketing.

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COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. WpRack says

    Very useful tips. I try only some methods you mentioned like forum marketing and also blog commenting. But not much interested with social marketing.

  2. Maninder @ says

    Nice post, Bill though I don’t agree with the strategy you have mentioned in the blog commenting section. In my personal experience, I have been able to get lots of referral traffic from comments even when my comment was further down in the list. This was because of the comment content e.g. you may comment in the first 5 but if your comment is nothing more than a sort of – “great post”, “nice post”, then it will not attract many visitors. Moreover, what if the post itself (where you are commenting) is not that great then it may not be fetching good traffic, so in such case, even if your comment is in top 5, chances of many people getting through to your blog will be quite less. Instead, even if you are not in top 5 or even 10, try to find posts where see lots of comments already and comment there. Lots of already existing comments actually would mean that particular post has been getting a good traffic and is being seen and appreciated by many visitors already. So if you comment there (ofcourse, comment with some value addition), then you will be able to get much more traffic.
    Thanx for this post anyways.

    • Bill says

      Thanks Maninda i have read your comment and it has inspired me and your point is one of the blog comment tips. I will try it out and i will get back to you for any results.

  3. Jasmine says

    Great tips there! Hopefully this comment still appears within the first 10 comments. And since it is not within the first 5, I only hope I can get 30-50 referrals from it. Do you think it’s possible?

    Anyway, I have not been active in forums. Taking your advise, I think I should relook at my strategy and start visiting forums now!

    • Bill says

      Yes Jasmine its possible that you can make your comment to be on the top 5 and you should do is to sign up with a popular blogger newsletter so as to be among the first subscriber to receive new content from bloggers then you can comment on it and your comment will be on top 5.

  4. Fazreen says

    There are many articles like this and for sure each article has the values. I’m searching a post that sharing the traffic campaign blogger did.

  5. Sandeep@CuriousLittlePerson says

    forum marketing & article marketing are time consuming .. but will offer a lot of benefits if done correctly…

    Good pointers you’ve put down billie ….

  6. Roy C.Chukwu says

    Great tips for some of us that are just starting.

    Hope to see how far I can go with this article.


  7. Rahul Ghosh says

    getting traffic to your website takes time. This article covers all the areas to market your website but the two most important things for a successful blog are Good Content and Consistency.

  8. Ramakrishnan says

    nice tips bill,blog commenting increase the possibility of indexing by search engines. wonderful article.