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[CPANEL] Error from park wrapper: Using name servers with the following IPs [Solved]

[CPANEL] Error from park wrapper: Using name servers with the following IPs [Solved]

Last time I wrote a tutorial on How to create cpanel using WHM, though one thing happened with me while adding an addon domain to my cpanel account. And I’m sure this might happen to you , so this guide will help you to get rid of this issue.

The Error which I was getting was

Error from park wrapper: Using name servers with the following IPs

In short I was not allowed to add domains whose name servers resolve to other servers.  To resolve this issue you need to configure this thing from your WHM, if you are getting this problem into your shared hosting cpanel, you need to ask your hosting provider to configure it for you.

Login to WHM and click on Server Configuration >Tweak Settings

In the options search for options which says (usually 3rd option)

Allow Creation of Parked/Addon Domains that resolve to other servers (i.e. domain transfers) [This can be a major security problem. If you must have it enabled, be sure to not allow users to park common internet domains.

Put  a check mark on it and click on save.  This will let you add addon domains which resolve to other address.  So now you can add domains which resolve to external name servers without any problem.

This guide will help you once you move to your own managed VPS or working on WHM.

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  • KittyAddict

    Danny… because you have an active site on that domain already, and you want to MOVE the domain to the new hosting. To move it without any downtime this way you can add the domain, make every setting, configure everything, upload files, set up cron jobs, and change the DNS’s to the new hosting when you are ready. This way the site users will don’t even notice the server change.

  • Danny

    I’m confused — why would you want to add a domain that resolves to other nameservers anyway? If the nameservers for the zone settings of the domain isn’t pointing to your own, doesn’t that mean they won’t be pointing properly?


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