11 Costly Mistakes That May Reduce Your Blog Traffic

Mistakes that reduce traffic

Being a Blogger is fun and the most interesting part is making mistakes and learning from it. When I started blogging, I made many mistakes which reduced my Blog traffic and hampered my Blog brand, thought I never let those mistakes stopped me as it’s part of life. When ever you start with something new and without much guidance, you end up making mistakes and over the time you learn from it and fix it. We have earlier covered many such silly mistakes which newbie Bloggers make and if you missed it, you can read about it below:

I know you love to read about new tips which help us to grow blog traffic but at the same time you should know what mistakes you are making which is making your blog traffic drop. Specially if you are making common SEO mistakes, it might lead to complete traffic disaster of your Blog. Let’s see some costly blogging mistakes which can affect your blog traffic. I am sharing my blogging experiences with you and I hope it will be useful for new bloggers

Common Mistakes which reduces Blog Traffic:

Reduced Blog traffic

1) Changing Permalinks Without 301 redirection

Permalink is one important element of SEO. At ShoutMeLoud, we can read about best WordPress permalink for SEO and if you are starting a new blog, it’s always wise idea to go for a clean permalink structure. Problem comes when you are changing permalink for an existing blog. No matter if you have few posts or many blog posts published on your blog, but if you directly change your permalink, you will end up doing a SEO suicide of your blog Of course, there are solutions to this problem. We can migrate one permalink structure to another using the permalink migration plugin. Choose the best permalink for your blog and don’t change after that.

Make sure to use any 301 redirection checker to check if Permalink is 301 redirected or you need to work on your .htaccess file. Make sure to regenerate your sitemap and resubmit it to search engines after permalink migration.

2) Missing Sitemap

We know sitemaps are important for blogs as it helps search engines to index your blog posts. Always ensure that you have a sitemap for your blog and it contains all post links. I am not using Google XML Sitemap plugin but am using the more popular WordPress SEO plugin for my blog. It creates a sitemap after publishing every post but a few days before, I checked my sitemap and it didn’t contain my latest post links. Then I unchecked the XML Sitemap option in WordPress SEO plugin after which I checked it again. Then, it showed all my post links. Although I am still not sure what the problem was, I learnt that I must always ensure having the latest sitemap for my blog.

ShoutMeLoud uses and recommends Google XML sitemap plugin which is simple and easy to use. You can also consider installing image and video sitemap plugin. Specially if you are using lots of videos in your blog posts, you should check out Yoast video SEO plugin. Also, make sure to add your sitemap link in Blog footer, as it will help search engine bots to find your sitemap file effectively.

3) Htacces file

As a solution for permalink redirection or Htaccess optimization, some bloggers suggest making changes to the Htaccess file. It is one of the most important file, so don’t make any changes blindly. Even if you want to make changes, take the backup of this file. Otherwise not only blog traffic even your blog could go down. If you are using any WordPress plugin like Meta robots to make changes in your .htaccess file, make sure to keep your cPanel or FTP credential to undo the changes.

4) Robots.txt File

It is another important file for your blog. Whenever search engines bots comes to your blog, it controls what should be indexed and crawled. Always keep better optimized robots.txt for your blog. Don’t disallow most the files or pages. Here are few resources which will help you to make most out of Robots.txt file:

5) Theme Customization

Whenever you do theme customization for your blog, please document the changes you have done so it helps to revert back in case of any serious problem. This is because some free themes will create issues with one of your “must have plugins”.

6) WordPress Plugins

Always use only the required plugins for your blogs because some unwanted or overuse of plugins may increase your blog loading time. Before starting to use the plugin, always read the reviews and check if support is available or not.

7) Seo Title and Description

Whether you are using the All in SEO plugin or WordPress SEO by yoast or any other popular plugin, you should give a proper seo title and Meta description for your blog post, otherwise you won’t end up on the first page of Google.

8) Changing Blog Theme

Don’t change your blog theme always. Choose a good free theme like swift basic for your blog or go for paid themes like Genesis or Thesis. I’m not going to get into debate of Free WordPress themes vs Premium themes, but using a Premium theme not only add more credibility but gives you many advantages. I highly recommend to avoid downloading nulled Premium themes, as they are hacked and can harm your blog.

9) Blog Security

If you are using free themes for your blog, always check it doesn’t contain any malicious code or static links which will redirect to some other URL. So keeping your blog more secure makes sure you don’t lose blog traffic. Check your blog theme with TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker) kind of plugins. And keep yourself updated with blog related security tips.

10) SEO Changes

Don’t keep on changing your SEO plugins. Whether you are migrating from one popular seo plugin to another or instead of a plugin, planning to go for paid theme; ensure that you are not losing seo title and Meta descriptions because this will make changes in blog traffic.

11) NO blog backup

Problem never comes knocking your door, it comes when you expect it lease. Setting up a proper backup plan for your bog will help you to restore your blog at the time of major diaster. There are many ways to take back up of WordPress blog and depending upon your blog, I highly recommend to set up daily or weekly backup of your Blog. VaultPress is a Premium blog security and backup service by Automattic and highly recommended now.

Most of these mistakes are very generic and you will find most of newbie bloggers making these mistakes. Now, you are aware of some of the silly mistakes which people make, you can avoid making them and never hamper your blog traffic and brand of your Blog.

Do let me know if you can think of other reasons which affects and reduces the Blog traffic? If you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to subscribe to our Email newsletter for more similar updates.

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  1. says

    Hi, the issue of changing theme is most know issue bloggers ignore. I have seen my friends who changed their theme and lost about 20% of search engine traffic just because of new theme does not supports breadcrumb functionality. Other reasons are really true listed in the post. Thanks for covering a nice topic.

  2. says

    Hi Mohan,

    Good post.. I have a doubt and hope you can resolve it..

    Few days back I noticed a certain thing in two of my projects..

    I saw when I was posting the blogs on both the sites, Google was giving me a good organic traffic to both of them..

    I stopped the blogging for few months and still the traffic was rising..

    Now I changed the niche for writing (like I was writing technical posts earlier and now started writing marketing related posts)..

    What I noticed is this time, Google dropped the organic traffic coming to my both sites and there is a sudden drop in ranking too..

    Could you explain me is this the normal thing that happens in cases like this and gets well automatically as time progresses..??

    Or is this a concern…??


  3. Nisha Pandey says

    Hi Mohan,

    Thanks for considering these useful mistakes. All 11 are very important to keep in mind. Even, I have done lot of at starting. Now, things are going quite well.


  4. Pratik says

    I’ve concerns on Point no 7 Mohan, I believe Google disregards keyword metatags completely and they simply don’t have any effect in our search ranking as of now.
    Some of my posts are having very long meta descriptions and still they have got good SERPs.
    May be I didn’t get the point…

  5. Tarun Bajaj says

    first few line are Inspirational!!! it forced me to read the whole article, i found 11 tips mentioned here are needful for a newbie like me. Though i have understand most points, and not all, but i would say THANKS!!

  6. Rohit says

    I have done 1st mistake you mentioned in the many of times..when i was new to blogging in many post i have even change my permalink 2-3 times..and suffer a lot

  7. says

    Hi Mohan,

    Thanks for sharing the useful information with us ,i agree that if we are focusing on what to do for our blog then equally we should think of what things not to do with our blog.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    (From Youthofest)

  8. piyush goyal says

    hi mohan
    great tips mentioned above n i hope i will never do these kind of Mistakes on my blog by which my blog traffic will come in danger.