6 Secrets to Consistent and Creative Content Creation

Content marketing is more important than ever – eespecially since Googles’  Panda and Penguin updates! Producing content on a regular basis, distributing it online and being consistent with it has proven as one of best SEO practices. Unfortunately, in my experience it is impossible to be creative and productive at all times. At some point you run out of ideas for your next article.

I myself write for several blogs. I’m writing for my own and also I’m staff blogging for a few others. It is hard to keep the ideas coming, to keep the content up to date and up to a certain quality standard. So over the past 2 years I trained myself to be consistent and to also stay creative.

World of creative content creation

How to keep producing Creative Content

For a beginner in SEO and blogging it might be quite challenging to even come up with ANY idea on what to write about and how to write it. And if you are a chaotic person – like me – it will be even harder. One minute I have a thought and in the next it is already gone and I can’t – no matter how hard I try – remember what it was I had been thinking. The same happens with me when I write articles.

In the middle of my second sentence I would suddenly be hit by a great idea for another article. I then open another word sheet and start writing on that.  The same thing happens again and again. I have learned that this is rather unproductive, because I never end up with a full article. So here are my top 6 secrets to consistent and creative content creation (of one complete article ;))!

Do one thing at a time

Write one article at a time! I can’t prevent my thoughts from wandering off. I have tried and failed. But I have learned it is easier to finish off one thing first. If I happen to have an idea while writing, I make a barely readable note in my notebook and leave it then. This is just to capture it (because otherwise I’d forget within the minute). I don’t go back to my note until I am happy with my initial article.

Take breaks:

Seriously, take breaks! Working throughout the whole day and night won’t do you any good. And it will most likely reflect in your posts. Take “power breaks” as I call them – 10 minutes of doing nothing, getting your mind of blogging and just relaxing. What’s your take on “breaking”? ;)

Get inspiration from other bloggers:

Find some blogs from your niche and follow them. Check their latest posts out frequently. In that way you stay up to date and you will get inspirations. If you find one article particularly interesting, mention it in one of your posts, link to the blog and let the author know about it. Not only is this approach helpful for inspiration, but also to build relationships to other bloggers in your field!

I’m bilingual:

German is my mother language, but I live in South Africa now. So I speak English all day and it comes more naturally to me to write in English nowadays. However,  I blog in German also. If you speak more than one language fluent you should consider writing in those languages – on different blogs. Of course, this only makes sense if you want to manage several projects. For me it has proven helpful.

Find your unique angle:

Ok, this might need some elaboration: If you write about something a lot of people also write about you are at risk of just repeating what everyone else writes. And who would want that, right?! Being unique is more than just writing about something new. If you want to cover a topic that has been covered before – go right ahead! But find your take on it, your angle. Choose to write from a different perspective!

Use your daily experiences :

This can be the most rewarding inspiration! You know why? – Because you live your life and yet keep blogging. Bloggers seem to have a reputation to be geeks with no life. Well, that’s not true. Writing about what happens in your life will make your blog posts unique and more interesting. So don’t be afraid to be personal – Tell stories that really happened to you!


You don’t have to follow each suggestion that I gave you. You will most likely already experience an increase in your content productivity if you apply 2 or 3 of these creative secrets. Try it out and see where it can take you! The only thing which you need to remember is : Read a lot and keep writing.

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My name is Stefanie and I am currently studying Business Administration and working for a web agency where I am responsible for different SEO tasks. Additionally I'm running my own projects. Online marketing and especially SEO is my passion and I enjoy talking and writing about it. Integrating my general passion for marketing with my particular field of interest let me discover new angles on SEO and how to successfully integrate it in all sort of online marketing efforts.


COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. says

    Hi Stefanie,

    I am new in blogging and one of the main difficult part for me to write content for my blog. I am not getting ideas to write blog post. Here, You have given some awesome tips to get some awesome ideas for write content.

    Thanks for the nice blog post.

  2. Samir Jain says

    Fresh and real content wins always, I really like Get inspiration from other bloggers concept very much. Idea’s from pro bloggers are always good.

  3. Derek says

    Really good blog post. You hit all the good points that are very familiar to me. lol

    I tend to have a lot of sticky notes all over my desk with 2 or 3 work phrase’s on them. Sometimes have no clue why I wrote the phrase down but I do end up getting the one blog post done what I orginally started working on.

    • stefaniestp says

      Hey Derek – I know the sticky note issue (and also the part where I have no clue what I meant with what is on them). But sometimes they end up giving me a new idea. Creativity is triggered by all sorts of things. Even sticky notes that seem cryptic later on ;) I like how everything can become an inspiration!

  4. Ramesh Kumar says

    like the way you write the article.. i also copy your way dear.. one point i like your article is break break.. means take a powerbreak.. is powerbreak is only of 10 minute…

    • stefaniestp says

      Thanks Ramesh!
      Oh ya powerbreaks are the best! 10 Minutes can be all you need to fuel up again ;)

  5. says

    Hi stefaniestp,

    Nice post dear , very interesting.
    Blogging is all about consistency and ideas.Time comes when blogger run out of both the things.There may be many reasons for this, it may be lack of motivation,lack of ideas etc.

    I like your point of doing one thing at a time.Making alot of stratergies and task at the same time make it hectic as well as mind diverts which leads to inconsistency.

    Taking break is also very important.Many bloggers think that working day and nite continously is consistency, but this is not.Making a schedule and working on it is consistency by not diverting from the schedule.So take break in between your schedule and work accordingly.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

    • stefaniestp says

      Thanks Shorya!

      I must admit, I myself struggle with taking breaks. But I discovered that it really helps when I force myself to just relax a few minutes in between blog articles, link building, etc…

  6. Rahul Jain says

    I really like Unique angle point, I a unique content always attracts everyone. Inspiration from fellow bloggers are one another point to get new and creative idea. thanks for sharing your great thoughts.

    • stefaniestp says

      Thanks! Yes true, inspiration from other bloggers can be great. Then you just have to make it your own with your own and unique take on it ;)

  7. Rahul says

    really awesome tips!!! it is very necessary to take focus only one thing thanks for sharing this useful information..