5 Proven Tips to Help You Connect with Influential Bloggers

Connect with Successful Influential bloggers

Every blogger wishes to connect with superstars, but few know how to do it. The desperate blogger goes about connecting with pros the wrong way; no, you cannot impress a successful blogger by desperately pitching your guest post, or be begging them to accept your guest post. To receive the immense benefits of becoming friends with an influential blogger, you must woo these folks in the prosper fashion.

If you want more traffic than you can ever dream of you must think through your relationship building strategy to impress these folks. You can connect with a superstar blogger by following these 5 simple tips.

How to Connect with Successful Influential bloggers?

Comment – First point of connection

Comment like crazy to meet more bloggers and expand your presence online. If you are quick to connect with many bloggers you eventually start to meet superstars of the blogging world. This is not some magical, mystical secret, how to meet top shelf bloggers. Simply post comments on many relevant blogs each day. Make each comment valuable. Drive-by’s like “Hi how are you great post!”, are not going to impress people. Use 1 to 2 full paragraphs to make your point. These type of comments solidified my rep in the blogosphere. I no longer leave such lengthy comments only because I have too many guest posts, articles and post for my blogs to write.

Share Posts Aggressively

I am known for sharing posts like mad, both my own and posts by others. If you want to succeed in catching a popular blogger’s attention you better promote the stuffing out of yourself and your buddies. By promoting you, folks see you believe in yourself. By promoting other people you grow your readership quickly because many of the people you promote return the kind act and promote you in return. This is a big reason why I have over 24,000 followers on twitter. I retweeted people aggressively for many years before I saw these sizable numbers. Whatever you want, give it away. Do you want traffic? Help people to get traffic, and you will find yourself meeting more superstar bloggers as your influence and reach grows.

Guest Post like Mad

I write 1 guest post daily. I used to write 3 guest posts daily. Writing guest posts helps you strengthen relationships with superstar bloggers. Like I mentioned earlier, I met Amal by guest posting on his blog after leaving a few comments on his website. This relationship blossomed because I took the time to write a guest post. I have submitted guest posts to many authority blogs because I know the power in creating value for a large, targeted audience. It would probably take me a long time to grow my business through my blog alone but when I decided to guest post, well, things happened quickly. I met more people than I could have imagined because I was exposed to hundreds of thousands to even millions of readers when you count how many guest posts I have written for some seriously big audiences.

Become a Superstar Blogger Yourself

OK, this one is difficult for many struggling or inexperienced bloggers to grasp. To meet a superstar, you need to become a superstar yourself. This means doing superstar type stuff. My superstar resume:

  • I have written up to 24 blog posts in 1 day.
  • I have created over 1000 youtube videos – yes, they shut down my account – in only a few years.
  • I estimate that I have written over 100 guest posts.
  • I have easily created over 3000 posts on my blogs. Probably closer to 4000 posts.
  • I have achieved all of this within 3 years.

Superstars are driven. Superstars push themselves and never rely on other people to make them a superstar. Sure, you might receive a nice break, such as an endorsement from a star, but if you really want to catch people’s attention blog like crazy, network like crazy, meet more people and you will become a star in your niche, quickly. Looking for more tips? Here are 5 more effective ways to connect with professional bloggers. How do you connect with superstar bloggers? What tips can you add to this list?

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  1. says

    Great article Ryan! As a new blogger I have been looking for all the advice I possibly can get. This article is one of the best I have read so far! Keep up the good work!

  2. Ashwani Gaat says

    Hi Ryan,
    I have seen many bloggers and many guest posts.This post is really a different one.
    I had observed one thing in my life
    ” Take Advice from only those people who are successful ”
    But if we don’t know successful persons to take advice , then we will sure not achieve that much we deserve.
    A great way explained to remain in contact with successful bloggers.

  3. Karan says

    24 blog posts in one day, really thats a great effort by you. I agree with you, it very necessary to connect with top bloggers and to participate in those discussions they participate in. This will help us to make some sort of identity in their eyes. And after that if we want help sometimes then they will definitely help us.

  4. Rajendra Dhanotiya says

    Hi Ryan,
    I really liked the way, You explained everything. Inclusion of an example was just awesome. I haven’t opted all of these methods yet . However, I will try them now. Thanks for your helpful article.Thank’s for sharing

  5. says

    To ensure that visitors to be able to really feel an association with you, and also for your blog to show into a community of like-minded individuals, you should look at how typically you happen to be calling all of them. At their most rudimentry levels, this translates to how usually an individual revise your blog.

    This is the good tip you mentioned absolutely correct ….

    Thanks for the good information to bloggers keep share some more information ryanbiddulph.

  6. Hirak says

    Hi Ryan, really nice tips on becoming a superstar blogger. Your resume that you posted at the end is something to die for. I just had one query, I know blogging is about writing but then the reality is that blogging is also opening to everyone, its more like the “American Dream” clichĂ©, so we can also be someone who is not a natural born writer. What do you suggest for people like us, who have the ideas but aren’t writers with flair?

  7. Liton Biswas says

    Yes, I like commenting most of them. Another nice thing of commenting is that you can share your ideas in a short form without writing a full article.

  8. Ravi Kumar says

    Awesome article bro. I really liked the way, You explained everything. Inclusion of an example was just awesome. I haven’t opted all of these methods yet . However, I will try them now. Thanks for your helpful article. This post really deserve lots of sharing.

  9. says

    Hi Ryan, i really love this article. Connecting with a super star bloggers is not an easy task as its takes time though its worthy of being achieved.
    In life, every connection do start with a spark. In the field of blogging, i think most connections do start with commenting, guest posting in super star blogs and other stuffs like that. Another thing is, to connect with a superstar blogger, we need to promote them, share their stuffs e.t.c.
    Thanks for the article.

  10. says

    Hi Ryan,
    You are right to be successful one needs to interact with the successful people….They are like the inspiration…and to connect with them one needs to set a value for himself/herself too…as the successful people always have tons of despo followers, and he/she needs to be standalone….your article is great in deed, as you mentioned important areas and explain it with utter simplicity….

    There is a popular saying “Live and Let Live”….and in the blogging world its like as Amol mentioned “Help and get Help”……

  11. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says

    Hi Ryan,
    My love for reading you brings me to this blog today!!
    Though it is an extremely popular Indian blog, I havent commented here too often.
    But seeing you here, I just had to come!! :D :P
    Its great to know that you wrote upto 24 posts in a day.
    But you know WHY & HOW you were able to do that?
    That was because you write about things you KNOW.
    And you dont have to refer to the internet sources like most of us when you sit down to write.
    When I bare my heart out while sharing my freelancing experiences, it takes me only 30-40 minutes to write a 1000 word article as compared to the 2 hours I need for a usual write-up!
    That makes all the difference! :)

  12. says

    Hi ryanbiddulph,
    The way you’ve written the entire article is amazing. Blog Commenting is the great way to attract attention of others. Having a good relationship with other bloggers will be always helpful. :) Thanks You !! This post really needs a loads of Shares. Total credits to you Ryan. Cheers!! :)

  13. says

    This post is great. But a little doubt, while commenting how to ensure that our comment is not a spammer one. One of your blog post about “writing great blog comments” suggest that we should not add links to our comments, Got It. But, recently I commented on a blog. I didn’t add any links into it, I just praised the post. When I commented my comment appeared but when I checked the post again after sometime my comment was not there. What could have been the reason for this?

    • Ryan Biddulph says

      Idris I have no idea dude. Could be one of many reasons but if you just leave good comments most bloggers can see this ;) Thanks!

  14. says

    HI Ryanbiddulph,

    Thanks for sharing the information , you seems to be very dedicated . Idea is good to be very fast but some time you write alot of articles which have no value , then its not worth . I believe that be fast but never leave quality in your post or work.

  15. Amal Rafeeq says

    Hey Ryan,
    I was rushing to this Guest Post here on ShoutMeLoud after seeing your post on Facebook.
    And I knew it would be another Great Article like you always do. But thanks a lot for mentioning about me. You always try to be the Example while teaching something.

    And about your way of writing with quantity without compromising the quality, that was what helped me to burst through my Writer’s Block which was haunting me for about a month.
    I think I’m the one who started calling you Mad Guest Poster! hehe :D But I’ve heard so many people name you that on Discussions and Social Networks. Now that’s some Super Power. :)

    Help and Gain help!! Right?

    Again thanks a lot for that wonderful post bro! I will really give it a try to connect with Awesome Bloggers. By The Way, I’m pretty sure this ONE Guest Post on ShoutMeLoud will be far more worth than all other Guest Posts you’ve done. Let’s hope that way. Good luck :)

  16. says

    24 blog posts in one day? Now, that is amazing :)
    Thanks for this inspirational post. If only I had more time, I would become a superstar blogger too :) (dreams away)

  17. says

    Thank’s for the easiest way to connect top bloggers.
    i am following this list from many days and working like awesome.
    i think this post will help many newbies to get connected with top bloggers.
    thank’s for sharing it……..