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    Complete Overview of New Features on Updated Facebook Fan Page

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    Just now I informed you about Facebook Page got a new design and I’m sure people will start talking about which is better Old Facebook page design or New Facebook page design. Though before you advocate old design, let me take you on a tour to new Facebook page design and it’s feature. The features which are added into new Facebook design is better than you ever imagines and new Features will make your Facebook page more viral and most important more control for admins.

    Photos at top:



    facebookfanpagealbum thumb Complete Overview of New Features on Updated Facebook Fan Page

    Facebook pages let you add images into your Fan page and if you are like me, you might like to take pictures from Bloggers meet, unboxing pictures and will upload on your fan page to bring more interaction. New page will showcase pictures uploaded by admin at the top and thus more views to your uploaded pictures. If you know Facebook profile picture hack, you can use this features to give more branding option and better look. You might also like to have a look into How to enable photo tagging into Facebook fan pages. As an admin you can also hide any photo to appear into your Facebook Fan page or lets call it blog Facebook profile page. Though fans can see the photos in the albums, but using this feature you can showcase only selected photos on your fan page home.

    Navigation link:



    navigationlink thumb Complete Overview of New Features on Updated Facebook Fan Page

    To make Fan pages similar to profile page, they have shifted navigation links on the left sidebar. Which is the default navigation for Facebook profile pages. In short now they are treating Facebook Fan pages as a profile page.

    Top posts view:



    toppostsview thumb Complete Overview of New Features on Updated Facebook Fan Page

    Now you can control if be default you want to show top posts by users and page or just by page. If you allow your users to post on your wall, probably you would like to keep it show top posts by everyone. But if you are not using your Facebook fan page for interaction, you can simply show top posts  by page. You need to go to edit page and under manage permission, you can configure this setting.

    Use Facebook Page as a Profile for commenting



    usefacebookpageasprofile thumb Complete Overview of New Features on Updated Facebook Fan Page This is one feature which I’m sure everyone will like in this new Facebook page design. Now you can use your Facebook profile page as a profile. You will get notified when a new user will like your page and also you can like other pages and comment with your Facebook fan page profile. You can enable this feature by clicking on the right hand side of your Facebook fan page. In my case I will click on “Use Facebook as ShoutMeLoud”. You can configure additional settings from edit page option.

    commenting thumb Complete Overview of New Features on Updated Facebook Fan Page Though in order to comment on other pages, you need to like that page.

    Overall this new Facebook Fan page features will make you shout it loud and like this post for sure. As an admin of many Facebook Fan page, I welcome new Features for my Fan pages.

    Though on social media front, many big companies will hire people for social media engagement and use Facebook fan pages to comment on other pages. Before I would end this detailed review of new Facebook Fan page, I would love to know your views and feedback for new features added by Facebook team. Also if you like this post, don’t forget to hit like button and share it on Facebook.

    You can preview new Facebook page design on ShoutMeLoud Facebook Page.

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    Vivek Parmar

    thanks for sharing this quick guide mess up with features of facebook


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your comment Vivek.



    I discovered it this morning and made a quick post on my blog before seeing it on SML. :P
    The new feature of using fanpage as profile rocks! Also facebook now supports twitter fanpage integration officially.


    Aniket @Pixaffiliate

    wow.. finally facebook changed their fan page design.
    hope this new design will rock :)



    I think the new design is great, and thank you for the overview/preview. Awesome update from Facebook!


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Harsh, well the news reached me a bit late since I was busy with one of the thesis project. Looks like Facebook team has done a lot of interesting changes to the new fan page design. Will check it out and I will share my experience for sure. Thanks for the update.



    I like new features. It make my fan page more professional


    Roseli A. Bakar

    Facebook Page new features are awesome. Thanks for sharing this Harsh.



    These added new features are definitely welcome and like you, I found it to be very cool that you are now able to use your Page like a profile and comment with it. Good stuff


    Vincent Chow

    I find it troubling looking for suitable photos for the new layout. For tech blogs, most of our images are screenshots and they aren’t very pretty in thumbnail form.



    Well said Harsh Facebook forced us to shout loud. Using page as profile provide enormous amount of potential for beginners to promote there Facebook Pages.

    Now the Facebook Pages looks like brand.



    I just upgraded my fan fan page. Thanks for this guide.



    Can you tell me if I like a page through my fan page if it shows up as a new person liking the page on the page I liked? Does that make sense?


    Nishant Goyal

    @ Harsh- One feature also change now, which is that now page admins can change their Page’s category. Which is also useful incase admins wish to change their page category, Facebook has added this feature after lots of demand. So mention this feature too in this article. Thanks.



    Hi Harsh, thanks for making these screenshots. It’s nice to see what is looks like to comment as a Fan Page. Makes a lot more sense now after seeing this. I just did a post with a video tutorial on this topic, so I added a link back to this post in one of my comments. Thanks again!



    Thanks for sharing this.

    I haven’t checked out this new feature yet. Will check it now.


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