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    Compete.com: Check your Website Profile and Stats online

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    Compete.com: Check your Website Profile and Stats online

    How often we blogger wants to see the progress of our blog. There are many matrices to judge the progress of any blog, it can be Alexa rank, Google page rank and so on. Here is another site which I like a lot and this one is Compete.com

    Compete.com can be used to check your website status, Compare your website with other websites and so on. Somehow I find it better than Alexa rank. Despite of the fact Shoutmeloud current Alexa rank is almost 8000.

    ShoutmeloudSiteprofile thumb

    Site comparison between 3 of my websites

    sitecomparision thumb

    Though there are many features which can be unlocked by option for a Pro account, but I will suggest better hunt for some free counter part. Since there are many such websites which offer Website analysis for free.


    Which website do you use to analyze your website?

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    Sameer Manas

    Compete.com is not for new sites. And the paid option is not cheap either. For starter sites i think Google Analytics, Woopra will do enough reporting.

    Or alternatively we can use open analytics on our own server.



    Well,I prefer google analytics than compete.com bcoz its more accurate and most of all free.



    Hey thanks for the post. I’ve just added my site to Compete. Let me see how my stats turn up!


    Cebu Tech Blogger

    Some access to Complete.com requires a Pro account, which pretty don’t provide exact stats. Though I got my result, I would still prefer using Google Analytics.



    Yeah i do check this thing..because it shows the history of blog…Mean when your blog got sudden increase in se traffic etc.



    Good article Harsh. Just want to add that Compete.com considers only US visitors unlike Alexa.



    Compete.com is good for established sites. It doesn’t show any data for new sites.
    Of course Awstats and Google analytics are to be looked upon more than Compete.


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