Psychology of Colours in Web-design : How it Affect Your Readers?

The issue of colour is one that is often overlooked when you get to the design of your blog. Often where the social icons are placed or where your opt-in box should go takes priority but you should really have a closer look at how your visitors will react to your use of colour.

I’m sure all of you have visited a website where you have instantly affected by the colour of it. Either it is far too bright and turns you off instantly or it is so plain that it just seems dull and there is no reason for you to stay around and even bother to look at the content.  The truth is you need a mix between the two and you have to use colours to affect how readers interact with certain elements of your site.

What Colours Mean For your Readers?

All of the colours have different psychological connotations and will affect people in various ways. Colours have meanings for people which have been evolutionarily and socially enforced. These colours have just as much influence on the internet as they do in real life.

psychology of colors in Webdesign

For example the most powerful psychological colour is probably Red.

Red has connotations of blood, violence, passion, love, stimulation, anger and aggression and you can use this to encourage people to take action on your blog. If you think about it all of these emotional responses require you to take action like anger requires you to either fight or to take flight both of which are very definite actions. So you should use red on areas where you want your visitors to do something, places like the sign up box ‘enter your email’ or perhaps near your Facebook like button have a red arrow pointing to it.

Suggested Niche for Red Colour Scheme – Relationship advice or dating website.

Blue –

In general blue tends to have connotations of calm, trust, coolness and intelligence. All of these things are character traits that you would probably want to have as well as emotions and so a great place to use this as a colour scheme would be your about page. Putting people at ease and projecting an image of intelligence and trust is usually what you are trying to do with the words in an about page so why not use colour to emphasise these features.

Suggested Niche for Blue Colour Scheme – Sales or sign up pages and Water sports.

Colors effect in Web-design

Yellow –

The effects of yellow are things like confidence, optimism, friendliness and extraversion. That would mean that this colour scheme would go well with a health and well-being blog or perhaps even a fitness blog. Anything where you are trying to encourage these traits from your readers. Also if you have any quizzes or questionnaires that you would like readers to complete, using yellow to instil confidence could help them to complete it.

Suggested Niche for Yellow Colour Scheme – Flowers, cleaning tips, health and fitness and quiz.


When you see white you will often think of things like cleanliness, purity, efficiency and clarity. This is the colour that you will want to use to focus a reader’s attention on your content area. Not only do readers expect words to be written on a white background but it is also a clean area where the focus is on the words and nothing else. It can also give the impression of added space and you might know from people painting the walls white in houses to create the illusion of space. This can also work on your blog showing that the content is taking priority on your page.

White is also good on pages of your site where you are simply trying to get information across to your readers as directly and efficiently as possible so things like the contact page will really benefit from the white background.

Suggested Niche for White Colour Scheme – Company, e-commerce and profile websites.

Next time you get around to adjusting your blogs design have a think about what you can do to help your readers perform the activities you want on your site, whether that is to click through to the next article, share it or buy something. Then monitor the results and watch the colours take the desired effect.

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