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Collection Of Top 15 Free Google+ Icons Pack

Collection Of Top 15 Free Google+ Icons Pack

The recent buzz around the web is all about Google+. It has created an enormous impact on people’s thought process and mind, making it suitable to hang out with friends in circles or group. However, from the perspective of a web designer or webmaster, it’s just another site that shall drive traffic to your blog. There are several Google plus icons available in the market out there and I’ve shared only a few of them in this article below. Check out the list below…

Google Plus Icons Pack 01

Google Plus Icon 1

Google Plus Icons Pack 02

Google Plus Icon 2

Google Plus Icons Pack 03

Google Plus Icon 3

Google Plus Icons Pack 06

Google Plus Icon 6

Google Plus Icons Pack 07

Google Plus Icon 7

Google Plus Icons Pack 08

Google Plus Icon 8

Google Plus Icons Pack 09

Google Plus Icon 9

Google Plus Icons Pack 10

Google Plus Icon 10

Google Plus Icons Pack 11

Google Plus Icon 11

Google Plus Icons Pack 12

Google Plus Icon 12

Google Plus Icons Pack 13

Google Plus Icon 13

Google Plus Icons Pack 14

Google Plus Icon 14

Google Plus Icons Pack 15

Google Plus Icon 15

I tried to keep the icons unique in the list above! I hope you enjoy the icons listed above and use the same on your blog as well. Share your opinions about the article via comments!

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  • Karen May Dy

    I love the Google+ icons. Just what I needed. Thanks!

  • Bhaveek

    Nice collection of g+ icon.. But I dont know how can i use them on my thesis theme..

  • Ji_Won

    Wow! Cool sets of Google+ icons! Thanks! :)

  • Jasmine

    Wow, these Google icons are surely good. Gonna bookmark these, I am sure I will need them for my designs in the future! Thanks.

    • Mukund

      Would love to see them live on your future designs! Thanks for the comment Jasmine:)

  • Shrinivas

    Nice collection of icons..

  • Sandeep Singh

    Google + is going viral to the core and every one will start putting this on their blogs soon. Nice collections as well !

    • Mukund

      Yup! Thanks for the comment Sandeep!

  • [email protected]

    Nice collection, will be very helpful for theme designers :-)
    Thanks for sharing..

    • Mukund

      Yes! Few are quite innovative! So, it should definitely be useful for web designers:)

  • Roy C.Chukwu

    Nice collection but could not download some of them.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Hope others will like it.


    • Mukund

      Just let me know which of the above links did not work. I’ll recheck and update the post if possible!

  • Himanshu

    really like the cool gplus buttons. will be using some of these for sure

  • aatif

    Nice icon pack !! i like 2 and 13 ..


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