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One of the beautiful minimalist responsive WordPress magazine/blog layout. Elegant design that says less and does more.

When it comes to selecting a WordPress theme, we have plenty of options. There are numerous free & paid themes out there, and for the peace of mind, Paid themes are anytime better than free WordPress themes. Here at ShoutMeLoud, we have already seen some of the popular WordPress theme marketplace, and also featured many upcoming theme clubs like Swift, Elegant theme and so on.

With time, technology is changing, and many new theme clubs are coming every day. Today, I will be sharing about one such premium WordPress theme which I have been using for a while, and it’s usability, look and ease of customization made me write a review of this theme. Don’t let my words fool you, but let the features and other details help you to make your mind.

Codilight theme, is the brainchild of Famethemes. If you haven’t ever heard of Famethemes that might be because of  their re-branding from WPshit. The author of the theme is Toan Nguyen Minh. His themes’ specialty is that he has a knack for minimalism and his themes can be seen as directly inspired from the Zen philosophy.

If you are looking for the coolest Magazine layout for your WordPress blog, look no further to Codilight theme. This is one of the themes I would personally recommend to everyone looking for minimalist yet powerful magazine layout. The points are seriously meant and all the information here is my insider information after spelunking into the theme all by myself. So no false claims whatsoever!

Okay, now let’s not get into the appraisals much and without further ado I introduce you to ‘Codilight Powerful responsive Blog/Magazine theme’.

Codelight WordPress magazine theme

The Design Part : Codelight theme


So, let’s get started from the design viewpoint. The design of the Codilight theme, as I have previously mentioned is inspired from Zen philosophy. ‘Less is more.’ Codilight theme is a powerful responsive theme which is a perfect fit on devices of all builds and shapes. The design not only looks good but feels great and works like magic.


Codilight Theme on iPhone

The responsiveness of this theme is perfectly build and I have personally checked it on various devices including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, S3 and Desktop. The responsiveness of this theme is clearly visible at the moment you zoom in and zoom out of your browser.

Powerful Navigation

The catchy point of this theme is the top navigation bar. If you take a look at the navigation bar, this isn’t just embedded at the top. It is a CSS3 based scrolling navigation bar. The navigation is pretty powerful with beautiful display of categories, tags, search, follow and share. All the good things packed into a bar that floats on the top. This adds more power to the blog’s like-ability and makes sharing content easier then ever. This navigation has increased the sharing on my blog three-folds.

Featured Posts

The front page of the theme features a featured posts zone. It gives a shout out to the important and latest posts. The layout is well structured and again, you need not worry about how it might look on mobile devices. It works brilliantly. The post displays a category tag and the color could be changed to whatever that appeals to you.


The footer is designed by keeping SEO in mind. The blog makes use of SEO footer and it is minimalist and keeps the footer least cluttered. I personally do not prefer a columned footer, eespecially given the fact that the mobile users have increased seriously.

Everything’s said and done about the design. You can also see it for yourself.

Now let’s move on to the most important factor – The functionality.

WordPress tech blog magazine theme


Now that the functionality cannot be experienced before you buy. I will give you a detailed breakdown of how everything works.


Codilight theme comes with two basic modes. The modes can be switched with the click of a button. One mode is a magazine-style homepage layout. If you happen to dislike the magazine layout on the homepage you can change it to a blog layout. The blog layout simply shows your posts as in a blog with no display of featured posts.


The theme comes with extensively packed widgets that are widely used. Nothing more, nothing less. The theme comes with 10 Built in widgets. The details of the widgets it comes with:

  1. Custom Video Widget
  2. Custom Flickr Widget
  3. Custom 125 x 125 Ad Widget
  4. Custom 300 x 250 Ad Widget
  5. Custom Tabbed Widget
  6. Custom Recent Posts Widget
  7. Custom Popular Posts Widget
  8. Custom Subscribe Widget
  9. Custom Twitter Widget
  10. Custom Facebook Widget

Famethemes WordPress Theme control panel


The review system is beautifully designed and the working is simple and elegant. The review system also provides an option for the user submitted review. Now let your users also jump into the action and rate what they love.

Archives and Page templates

The theme comes with a pre-structured archived pages. Now you can delete your archives plugin on WordPress. The archives is built beautifully showing a list of your recent posts, popular posts and the monthly archives. It does the amazing work of saying a lot with a visual appeal.

Theme Customization

Codilight comes with extensive Theme customization options. Lots of shortcodes to make use of, easily changing your typography, 15 theme colors, custom logo, custom favicon. The theme options is heavily focused and you can change almost everything.

Child and Parent theming

Codilight comes with a child and parent theme. If you haven’t yet heard of parent and child themes, a child theme lets you easily modify the site design without losing your data when a latest theme update is released. Here is official doc from WordPress codex to learn more about child themes.


You can easily make your blog available in multiple languages to your global audience easily. A little tweaks to your wp-config.php file and your site will support multiple languages within a few minutes.

Baked-in SEO

Codilight has in built SEO settings. It allows you to specify an article’s featured keyword, SEO title and Meta description. So no need to worry about more SEO plugins. The in built SEO does exactly what’s just needed and nothing more.

Cross Browser

The theme is cross browser compatibility and tested on all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8 and 9.


Codilight theme comes with in-built ad-spots that displays the ads by just copy pasting your ad code. It has three ad spots. One on the header beside your logo. One below the featured posts on the homepage and unlimited ones on your sidebar by adding widgets as your wish. Specially if you are non-technical person and looking an easy way to integrate AdSense on your blog, Codelight WordPress theme will make things easy for you.

Loading speed

Codilight drastically reduces the load time on your blog. This would also boost your rankings as Google takes site load speed seriously.


If you are looking for an up to date and beautiful looking magazine WordPress theme for your tech/news/sports blog, Codilight is a perfect choice at the standard price tag of $29. If a minimalist and beautiful magazine layout is what you need for your content, look no further to Codilight theme.

Theme page and demo : Famethemes/themes/Codilight

Do let me know if you know of similar beautiful looking minimalist WordPress theme for a content oriented blog. Also, share your views about codilight theme?

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One of the beautiful minimalist responsive WordPress magazine/blog layout. Elegant design that says less and does more.
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    What a theme.. it’s just awesome :)
    Planning to add this theme to my blog.This is just perfect for using on a how to tech blog. Many useful features are prebuild in this theme.. can you provide any discount on the price. It would be very helpful.

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    Wah…What a theme.. it’s just awesome :)
    Planning to add this theme to my blog.
    Onething i shoud say that “There may be many themes, but after reading this article every0ne wants to use this theme.” .
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    hey, just added codilight responsive theme for my blog.
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    Just bought codilight theme before 3 months. I don’t have technical stuff since I am in to marketing. All the in-built features available in the theme is making to customize my website very easily without any techie guy support.

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    It good theme but we can’t customize it to much extent in terms of external development of theme. If we want to change anything on the template then we have to change the whole visualization of the theme :( which is really so time consuming.

  7. saiyam says

    I have a code light theme installed but there is a problem that
    cUrl_exec () has been disabled in theme update notifier.php
    How to recover it?

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    I got here via the Fb share on page of SML. Well i wanted, I was planning to choose a theme, how is codelight as compared to other frameworks like Thesis, Genesis etc. And if the two frameworks would prove to be better than it(Codelight) then which would be a better choice ,thesis or genesis?

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    I think we can pay for this theme, because it has got a lot of features which will be good for business and technology blogs. Good review.

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    Hey Dude ,
    Nice theme for Blog. Do you have any Discount coupon code for it. Please share.

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    Nicely reviewed and I liked the review a lot, well I’m also thinking of buying this theme but confused between NewsSetter from themefuse and this one.
    anyways really nicely done review with detailed information.

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    Yeah it’s really an awesome theme. Also I am using it in one of my tech blog.
    Thanks for the great in depth review.