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    You Should Probably Stop Drinking Coco Cola After Watching This Video

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    Coco cola evil You Should Probably Stop Drinking Coco Cola After Watching This Video

    When I was a child, I loved the black bottle of coke and thought it’s the best refresher in the summer season. My parents used to tell me, not to drink much as this may not be good for health, but what they didn’t knew that Coco-cola or any other similar soft-drink is more harmful than any good. I won’t say it’s as bad as smoking cigarette but it’s really bad for our health. Specially for a diabetic patient, drinking even one bottle of coke is like a cancer patient drinking smoke.

    I don’t want you to believe my words just like that, but you should watch this video in which English journalist┬áJeremy Dickson Paxman spoke to┬áJames Quincey,┬ápresident of Coca Cola Europe about the sugar level in Coco-cola. What will surprise you is, amount of sugar in a single coco cola glass, which we usually buy at the movies.

    Well, I decided to completely avoid Coco-cola or similar soft drink from my drinking list, and rather replace it with healthier energy drinks. To drink or not to drink is completely your choice, but to know the truth is your right. Also, I suggest you to share this video with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and let them know about what all they are drinking when they take a sip of coco-cola.

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    Rahul Nair

    I knew that Aerated Drinks are bad for you since it was battered down my head from the very beginning and continues to be done, but 30-40 sachets worth sugar is a lot. It’s still very tough to resist the sugary drink that we’re used to, but after knowing this it’s worth making an extra effort to try avoiding it all together.

    The CC boss however mentioned that if had in smaller quantities it’s a different story. Does that mean a smaller can would have lesser amounts of Sugar in it? I don’t see how that’s possible because I am sure the contents are first made and then bottled. So the composition of the ingredients shouldn’t change; this including the sugar levels in a smaller can as well.

    Thanks for this Harsh


    Anchit Shethia

    I used to drink Coca Cola more then Pepsi :P If Coca cola is harmful, so will be Pepsi, don’t you think? Or it can even be a hoax from Cocacola’s competitors? Well you never know.
    But I have started drinking 7 up and Sprite and other light drinks



    I used to drink a lot of it when I was a kid, now not so much, maybe one per month max.


    Akshay Jain

    It’s better to keep away from soft-drinks as it’s harming you more than one shot of Vodka :)

    I was a Pepsi fan but now I left as I moved to Coffee.


    vikas yadav

    When I was a kid, I used to drink coca cola than any other drinks and but after watching this video i changed my mind.. that’ why coca cola is not so good…




    Be careful about those energy drinks too. Some contain high amounts of sugar, loads of caffeine combined with certain herbal compounds that can stress your cardiovascular and nervous systems.

    If you want to drink healthy beverages stick with 100% juices, fruit and/or vegetable, or better yet, the only drink your body needs- plain water.

    All sodas, regardless of the brand are going to have high levels of sweeteners. It’s what makes people enjoy the taste of them. One soda every now and then isn’t detrimental to a healthy person. Just don’t make it a daily habit.


    Afzal Zaheer

    I don’t fully agree with the aforesaid post since soft drinks can’t be generalized. In my opinion, all are just the same. So one should refrain from naming any one specifically.


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