Co.Cc Free Domain Registrar Down: What to do next? which is one of the free domain registrar and DNS provider is down for some time and all the BlogSpot blogs which are using domain as custom domain is not accessible. Though, you can access the domain by typing your URL, but with domain extension it’s not accessible. Few days back, stopped new domain registration and displayed a message saying “Sorry a new domain cannot be registered“. shut which is a free domain registrarion service and mostly used by spammers for spamming and is already banned by Google search earlier. which is quite famous initially for providing free domain and with their DNS manager, you can do hell lot of bunch of things. But eventually, like any other free stuff, it’s targeted by spammer and due to low spam control, it was first banned by Facebook and later on Google search. They have been heavily used later for hacking and creating splogs.

Few days back they stopped new domain registration and today when I tried accessing the main ( site, it’s down without any notice.

For BlogSpot users using domain:

All the BlogSpot users who are using domain, you should go back to your BlogSpot setting and revert back to old original BlogSpot domain instead of domain. You can also try other free alternatives like, but my suggestion would be opt for paid domain. If pricing is an issue, you can always grab .info and other domain extension which are cheap, but instead of relying upon such free domain registrar and keeping your site for down, a minimum investment of $2-$10 for a domain will not hurt.

You can grab domain from Namecheap or even from Godaddy at minimum price.

There is no official confirmation regarding what could be the reason for down, it could be permanent shut down or just a temporary down time. Since, they have stopped the new domain registration for a while, it looks like they are shutting down for ever and it’s not a good news for all users who were using their free domain or DNS service. They also had a premium service, and there is no update on that.

Though, even comes back, but with this downtime they lost the reliability and trust of the customers who have been using them for long. This is one big limitation of any free service, as they can

We will keep you posted and if you have any query regarding domains, you can ask us on Facebook here. Do let me know if you are using any of services and your service is also affected because of their downtime?

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  1. matt says

    @arn, man, I really really feel sorry for you. there is not much that you can do!

    One thing that I can suggest is that you should always buy a domain name from a trusted provider. I dont mean to advertise, but if you checkout (i dont work there) they are offering a personal .me domain AND email hosting for under $1.

    As to how you can change your accounts over from your old email to your new one, it is nearly impossible. However, some forums if you join with a new account, and contact the admins, you have to prove 100% who you are, and they can “merge” your new accounts together, (so using new login details, but all your post count is merged together)

    I have seen this done before, but yes, it only works if the admins have the time, patience to try to verify you.

    I really dont understand why they couldnt keep runningfor at least 3 more months just to give people time to prepare! If they had sold that to a proper company, they could have changed things around to make it more profitable, whilst clamping down and removing the ones that abused it beyond belief.

  2. Arn says

    I’m mad. My email address is now defunc, since I can’t receive any mail and/or register with this email address. Got all my registration infos here. This happened around end of December 2012. Been using since 2007.
    When registerist at any given site, administrators tell me “the DNS settings are screwed, no response”. Any idea?

  3. Sasha says is down forever; thank you, Google.
    I understand Google reasons a bit, but scammers domains were like the 10% of the 2268 total domains the South-Korean company was hosting; the left 2045 domains belonged to innocent users who lost years of work when the free registrar went down.
    That, to me, is unforgivable: Google can’t blame thousands of innocents for the bad deeds of a few…but alas, they are the top dog, also being paid by GoDaddy and Namecheap and similar to put down dangerous competition.

  4. Mahaveer says

    Free stuff like these can always be dangerous. Some people ask me if it is safe to register a free subdomain like or top-level domains like .tk but I always suggest them them to stay away from it.

    And Harsh, I have found many articles on net about .tk domain SCAMs. They take away your domain once you start getting traffic on it.

    Too bad that these things can’t be used for free.

  5. Jeet says

    Yes, the service is totally down now including all the domains it has given to the users.
    Everyone who were using this free domains need to find another solution. and yes, .tk domain is the best alternative…

  6. Pramod says

    Let me tell you my story.Initially i got a free dot com domain for one year but after some time they banned my account and asked for money in order to reopen my account but i was lucky that i am able to transfer my domain and save my domain.Never trust any free services.

  7. Rajesh Namase says

    I received mail from them before 4-5 days, their sponsor stopped sponsoring, also they asked me to use alternatives like .tk domain, also they provided steps to keep ranking of keywords. Mail was in SPAM so I deleted it :(

  8. Kamlesh Nishad says

    I always trust Godaddy to get the domains at best price with best quality. I never with freebie stuff. free domains have credibility in search engines.

  9. david says

    Wow, Harsh, I didn’t know about this domain registrar. Too bad it was abused by spammers.

    Good that you listed other free domain services. To be safe, I think I will stick with the paid ones. Just to make sure, I don’t have any big problems.

    But if a person has absolutely no money to start their business, I suppose it would be a place to start.

  10. raman bathina says

    Iam in safezone because i have moved my blogspot to paid domain nearly 1 month ago after reading your article on advantages of custom domain.Once again thanks to shoutmeloud.