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When we take our first baby step into the world of Blogging, we all start with one blog, and with time we grow from one to many blogs. As soon as we add a new blog in our network, one of the major concern we face is blog management. Creating a new WordPress blog is very easy and any experience person can launch a fully-functional blog in less than 5 hours but the hard part is managing the growing number of blogs. Running a WordPress blog is not only limited to just publishing new posts, but also take care of various tasks like blog security, blog updates, blog optimisation to name a few.

When I started blogging 5 years back, there were literally no tools which will let you bulk manage WordPress blog, and all I had is Windows live writer which helped me to publish on different blogs from my desktop. That was indeed a treat and with evolution of blogging, there are now many tools which we can add in our blogging arsenal to make blogging easier. Today I will be talking about CMS Commander which is a great bulk WordPress management tool, and if you are running more than 1 WordPress blog, this is a product for you.

CMS Commander Features  & How to get started:

One of the biggest challenge that you will always face when running multiple WordPress site is time-management and keeping a track of all your blog from a single place. CMS Commander is not the only player in this category of bulk WordPress remote management tool, but they have certainly made a name for themselves with cutting-edge features. In this review and getting started guide of CMS Commander, I will share all important details that you need to know to get started.

CMSCommander Dashboard

First lets take a look at the features of CMS Commander:

Update WordPress from single stand-point:

With CMSCommander you can quickly update all your WordPress blog, themes and plugins from one place. With recent release of WordPress update feature it might not look such an important feature, but we have already shared some potential issues with WordPress auto-update feature. If like me you have also disabled WordPress auto-update feature, or using WordPress plugins or themes outside WordPress official repo, this feature is going to be a major time-saver for you.


When ever I review any such remote blog management tool, one of main criteria of judging the quality is the security. CMS Commander takes security very seriously, and they have implemented security check point at every level. Along with SSL to ensure your login details are secure, they have implemented 2 factor authentication with Google authenticator to add extra layer of login security . Here is the guide you need to enable 2 factor login authentication.

Database optimisation:

One of the important aspect of WordPress management; which most of the WordPress users misses is database optimisation. There are plugins like WP optimize which let you do it from WordPress dashboard, but when we talk about multiple WordPress blogs (100 or 1000 blogs), it’s a headache. CMSCommander will let you quickly optimise all your WordPress blogs database. Is int it handy?

Content Curation:

Content curation

When you are running a deal site or a shopping site, most of the time you will be getting content from Amazon, ebay, Google news or other shopping sites to add products details. What makes CMSCommander stand out as a content management tool. Specially for companies who are using WordPress as their platform and content production is their bread-and-butter, this feature will make their work piece of cake.  If you are paying a hefty amount for content spinner, with CMS commander you will get this as a free feature.

None the less, if you have read my earlier guide on making money with Content curation, you can use CMSCommander for the same.

One post editor and publish everywhere:

I always wanted a single dashboard from where I can write a blog post, and submit it to any blog under my network. This is one powerful feature of CMSCommander post editor.  Remote image upload is one feature which I will look forward to see in future updates, but for now remote publishing feature is still a treat for users like me and you who have multiple blogs to run.

WordPress Backups:

WordPress backup

Another area where we spend a lot of money is taking backup of our sites. CMS Commander offers feature to take backup of your entire site on various places. If you are managing more than 10 sites on CMS commander, I would recommend to grab an Amazon S3 account (It’s pretty cheap) and use full backup feature ( DB + files).

These are just few of many notable features of this amazing WordPress management tool, and you can see complete list of features over here.

Getting started with CMSCommader:

If you really want to get a hang of this tool, you should go ahead and add your WordPress blog for free, and try it out yourself. Here I’m sharing step by step guide to add your first WordPress site on CMSCommander. CMScommander is a premium too, but you can also try free version with limited capability. This is a good starting point for to evaluate this handy tool.

  • Sign up for a free account here.
  • On your WordPress blog, install and activate CMS commander plugin.
  • Inside CMSCommander Dashboard, Click on Add new website and add details of your site.

using CMS Commander

  • Click on Add Website and your Website will be added in the dashboard.
  • Now you can start managing your WordPress blog from CMSCommander dashboard

This is one quick start guide for you to start managing your WordPress blog remotely. From my experience, it might take 2-3 days for you to get accustomed with their dashboard and after that you will realize CMS Commander is so helpful for you to save-time. More over, once you have configured all important stuff, you don’t have to worry about managing your WordPress sites. Here is a huge video tutorial library to understand CMS Commander better. I do wish if they come up with an iPhone app in future, which will make managing WordPress easier from my iPhone. For now, you can signup for a fully-featured free account on CMS Commander from below link.

Try Fully-features CMSCommander account for free

If you are also using CMS Commander, do let me know your review and feedback about their service. Don’t forget to share this guide with other WordPress users on Google plus and Facebook.

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    Thanks for useful review for new Bulk WordPress Management, I will try it.
    But through those features, I think ManageWP is better for bulk WordPress management solution. Now I’m using it.

  2. Nizam Khan says

    Seems to be an excellent for those who have multiple WordPress blogs and want to manage from a single dashboard. This plugin seems to have tons of great features as you listed, like publishing everywhere from one post editor. Thanks for sharing Harsh :)

  3. Vikas Yadav says

    This is very helpful article for me, as I have 3 blogs on different niche and managing them is a very difficult tasks. By using the cms commander all the 3 blogs can be easily managed. Thanks@Harsh for sharing this important software among us.