Cligs : SEO Friendly URL Shortener

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Cligs : SEO Friendly URL Shortener

Url shortening service – a very well-known among everyone, you might have used it on twitter or when sharing something over social networks. If not let me tell you now, it’s a web based service which shortens your lengthy url to smaller ones. Today adding to the list, we are going to see a new url shortening service Cligs which provides you to track your urls in depth. In their own words ” Cligs Shorten URLs with analytics, social media monitoring and geotargeting.


Cligs : Free URL shortening Service

Cligs is a free url shortening service, which tracks the traffic going through your links and provides Real time analytics, so that you can adjust your settings according to it.

Working with Cligs is very simple, just enter your long url’s and it gives you 3 types of embed codes, a direct link and html code. From there, you can directly post to twitter account etc.

Cligs allows you track statistics for your short URLs. To keep the statistics private, you will need to register for a FREE account. If you register for free, you can get the full benefits of the service

It shows you the traffic chart like a world map (Geographical location of your visitors), there by you can see where your traffic is coming from and who are the people clicking on your links.

It serves as an All in one handy interface where you can not only track the clicks, about also you can see the real-time who tweets your link, who shares it on FriendFeed, who blogs about it etc.

You can redirect the same url with different links to multiple websites like Facebook, twitter and track the traffic.

All the shortened urls are search engine friendly, I mean they use the 301 forward which is recommended by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

You can also have your own custom url like

and Ultimately only on Cligs you have Geotargeting, This means you can target your marketing and promotions on a per-country basis and capture the value of all the traffic going through your links.

SEO Friendly URL Shortener

Cligs provides us few tools, which will make life easier.

Which is your favorite Url shortening service ? and I feel it is the best alternative for If you have any queries regarding cligs, use the comments section

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  1. NpXp says

    Never imagined that the short url services will garner so much attention in such a short period. But I still prefer the good ol’ Tinyurl :D

  2. JamesBorn007 says

    This url shortening is basically to enable you to have more space for writing your tweets since Twitter only allows 140 characters. Cligs works great and I use WP to Twitter wordpress plugin wherein you get Cligs or other url shortener as well. WP to Twitter also allows you to auto update Twitter whenever you have a new post or edit one.

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