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ClickToTweet: Send one Click Retweet Link [Social Media]

ClickToTweet: Send one Click Retweet Link [Social Media]

Retweet is one of the best way to market your blog and posts on twitter. You will notice most of the contests and campaign running around are based on retweets. For ex: Retweet and win ******.

Though when we are sharing tweet request via IM or any other mode of communication, sending complete text and link to tweet is little annoying.

Here I’m talking about a Twitter web service call ClicktoTweet which will help you to give one click link to your friend to easily retweet your request.


How to use Clicktotweet Service?

It’s a free web service  and all you need to do is paste the code inside the box and click on generate link.

For example I will be generating a clicktotweet link using this text:

RT @shoutmeloud 5 Best Free Premium Magazine Style #WordPress Themes


So here is my clicktotweet link:

Now when ever you will click on that link you will be directly taken to twitter website and you can retweet it with a click. This twitter web service is handy when ever you are sharing any link to tweet over IM or Email.


Do let us know if you are using ClicktoTweet or any other similar service to share your retweet request?

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  • Nihar


    Thanks for sharing this service. This is very good service.

  • Pumama

    .. I never try it before. Good suggestion. I will try this new service

  • Kartik@DailyTechPost

    Hi …thanks for sharing this great service..this way we can increase our tweets via email too :)

  • Nick

    The service is great I have not used any thing like this befor.

  • sumanth

    nice find harsh….i thnk by using topsy RT plugin also we can get a direct link.. but we hav shorten it.. chk it here is a RT link which i got from my topsy plugin


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