ClickDesk : Add Live Chat Support & Live Calling On your Website

If you are running an e-Commerce site or running a service website or blog, it’s very important to have different options for your customer to get customer support. For a real-time support it’s very useful to have a live support system. Imagine a platform which will allow your customer to make calls from any part of the world as local call charges.

Recently, I came across a web app call ClickDesk, Which is a live chat support service which also supports offline chats. ClickDesk also offers VOIP support and it seamlessly work with your Gtalk and skype. So you need not need to add an extra software on your desktop or on server. All you need to do is create an account, configure it and embed the code on your website.

Clickdesk Live chat software

It’s platform independent, so no matter if you are running a blog, website, service site, e-Commerce site, You can configure ClickDesk with couple of clicks. More over you don’t need to install any 3rd party script on your site, all you need to do is add a tiny piece of code and you are ready to offer VOIP and Live chat support to your clients.

Silent features of Clickdesk Live chat sales tool:

  • Use Gtalk and Skype to answer client chat and calls
  • Local access no. from 40 counties. Your client call call from browser at local call rate from these 40 countries
  • Multiple user management (More after the break)

One thing which I particularly liked about this service is it allows you to add multiple support users, for example you can dedicate a person for sales and other for tech support and so on. This is very useful if you have a team for different purpose. This will help you to manage your service more effectively and instant support to your client.

How to configure ClickDesk Live chat software?

Clickdesk is easy three step process and anyone with basic idea of computing can configure it within seconds. Go to clickdesk homepage and sign  up for a free account. If you planning to do it professionally and for your serious business, I would suggest better subscribe for any higher plan with more features.

Add users/Agent:

Live chat software

First step to configure ClickDesk is by adding users to the system. You can add operators for different department but to get higher number of operator, you need to upgrade your plan from basic to premium. So in simple word, you can have different live operator for sales, billing, support and so on.  You can configure different department in step 3.

Once you add users and preferred mode of chatting (You can configure Google talk, Skype), you will get invitation from Clickdesk on Skype or Gtalk to add as a friend. Accept the friend request and move to next step.

Customize chat design:

There could not be anything better than personalizing look and feel of anything to match your design. In the second step of ClickDesk configuration, you can customize look and feel of chat along with adding branding option like logo. If you are offering a professional service, I would suggest you to customize it precisely and make it look like part of your existing design.

Add embed code:

This is the last and simple most part and all you need to do is grab the codes to embed Clickdesk live chat on your website and within seconds your site is ready for live chat and VOIP.

Why do you need to offer live Chat support on your site?

If you run a service site/Blog/Website, offering live chat support will help you grow your business instantly. More over people like to click less to do things, and adding one click call button or live chat support will help your future client to reach you instantly.

I have used ClickDesk support for 3 days on ShoutMeLoud and due to high volume of support, I removed it. But if it would have been a service only site, I would have definitely used it. If you running a service site or a freelancing personal blog, I would strongly suggest you to try ClickDesk or any other live chat support script on your site to boost your business.

If you are a small business company who is into offering services, I highly recommend to install Click 2 desk on your site. Another software which I use to maintain my client projects is Activ collab, which you might find useful too.

What do you think, how essential live support is for any business? Do you think, using ClickDesk service will help small or large online service providers to boost their business?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Pradeep says

    Hi Harsh,

    Great insight of clickDesk. Live chat is very helpful tool to convert website visitors into customers. We are using Live2Support and closely reviewed, how better conversion is correlated with live chat tool.

    Thanks you so much for your information.

  2. Rocky Gupta says

    Hi Nitin

    No – the free service is still active and so is our super support.

    I have been to your site – the code is missing on your site. Please add it back – it’s beyond our control :)

    Please send me an email directly rocky at 2desk if it requires our attention – I will get back to you.


  3. NITYIN says

    Seems the Clickdesk have removed the free subscription. I added the client to my site and it worked fine for 2 days and then the online chat feature went missing. There helpdesk did not reply to any of my mails.

    It was a good chat client though.

  4. Rocky Gupta says

    Bhaveek – yes, you can implement it using Skype – you can receive calls on Skype too without paying for Skype credits.

  5. Bhaveek says

    Hi Harsh, can we implement this with the help of skype. as i find skype very useful to communicate with my international clients.

  6. Rahul says

    Hello Harsh i really wanna shift to WordPress now so that i can configure my website as i want….like adding clickdesk and lots more. Weebly is not giving me myt blog XML and there is no way i can copy paste all my previous 300-400 posts manually and then arrange them according to date and time. Please help.

  7. Rocky Gupta says

    Harsh – thanks for profiling ClickDesk on your site.

    ClickDesk has three components – live-chat, voip-phone and social capabilities.

    Live-chat allows your users/agents to chat directly from Skype and Google Talk IM on desktop/mobile.

    VoIP-Phone allows your visitors to call you from browser (It has flash phone built-in), Skype and the best part, local access numbers in more than 40 countries. This means that a customer can call from US, UK, Japan, Australia.. and many countries as a local call.

    Social toolbar capabilities adds Twitter and Facebook components to your bar.

  8. Ajay | says

    Detailed and nicely explained article….
    Surely it will come handy for people selling some products on their website as you can convince your customers in a better way by having a direct interaction with them..
    Great post…

  9. salman says

    Thanks Harsh for sharing this useful is also a Good option to add live chat in any website.But if you put this live supports in website then one special person is require to control high volume.